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In Vitro and Ex Vivo Evaluation of Smart Infra-Red Fluorescent Caspase-3 Probes for Molecular Imaging of Cardiovascular Apoptosis

Author(s): Manuelle Debunne | Christophe Portal | Bruno Delest | Ebba Brakenhielm | Françoise Lallemand | Jean-Paul Henry | Heidi Ligeret | Pauline Noack | Marc Massonneau | Anthony Romieu | Pierre-Yves Renard | Christian Thuillez | Vincent Richard
A repetitive probe for FISH analysis of bovine interphase nuclei

Author(s): Slimane Wafa | Vaiman Daniel | Godard Sophie | Vaiman Anne | Cribiu Edmond | Renard Jean-Paul
Trichostatin A treatment of cloned mouse embryos improves constitutive heterochromatin remodeling as well as developmental potential to term

Author(s): Maalouf Walid | Liu Zichuan | Brochard Vincent | Renard Jean-Paul | Debey Pascale | Beaujean Nathalie | Zink Daniele
Amplification biases: possible differences among deviating gene expressions

Author(s): Degrelle Séverine | Hennequet-Antier Christelle | Chiapello Hélène | Piot-Kaminski Karine | Piumi Francois | Robin Stéphane | Renard Jean-Paul | Hue Isabelle
Genomic conservation of cattle microsatellite loci in wild gaur (Bos gaurus) and current genetic status of this species in Vietnam

Author(s): Nguyen Trung | Genini Sem | Bui Linh | Voegeli Peter | Stranzinger Gerald | Renard Jean-Paul | Maillard Jean-Charles | Nguyen Bui
AnovArray: a set of SAS macros for the analysis of variance of gene expression data

Author(s): Hennequet-Antier Christelle | Chiapello Hélène | Piot Karine | Degrelle Séverine | Hue Isabelle | Renard Jean-Paul | Rodolphe François | Robin Stéphane
Nuclear transfer: Progress and quandaries

Author(s): Li Xuemei | Li Ziyi | Jouneau Alice | Zhou Qi | Renard Jean-Paul

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