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Placental expression of pituitary hormones is an ancestral feature of therian mammals

Author(s): Menzies Brandon R | Pask Andrew J | Renfree Marilyn B
Selected imprinting of INS in the marsupial

Author(s): Stringer Jessica M | Suzuki Shunsuke | Pask Andrew J | Shaw Geoff | Renfree Marilyn B
Characterisation of marsupial PHLDA2 reveals eutherian specific acquisition of imprinting

Author(s): Suzuki Shunsuke | Shaw Geoffrey | Kaneko-Ishino Tomoko | Ishino Fumitoshi | Renfree Marilyn
Identification of two distinct genes at the vertebrate TRPC2 locus and their characterisation in a marsupial and a monotreme

Author(s): Frankenberg Stephen | Schneider Nanette | Fletcher Terrence | Shaw Geoffrey | Renfree Marilyn
Transcriptomic analysis supports similar functional roles for the two thymuses of the tammar wallaby

Author(s): Wong Emily | Papenfuss Anthony | Heger Andreas | Hsu Arthur | Ponting Chris | Miller Robert | Fenelon Jane | Renfree Marilyn | Gibbs Richard | Belov Katherine
Differential roles of TGIF family genes in mammalian reproduction

Author(s): Hu Yanqiu | Yu Hongshi | Shaw Geoff | Renfree Marilyn | Pask Andrew
ATRX has a critical and conserved role in mammalian sexual differentiation

Author(s): Huyhn Kim | Renfree Marilyn | Graves Jennifer | Pask Andrew
Comparative analysis of the mammalian WNT4 promoter

Author(s): Yu Hongshi | Pask Andrew | Shaw Geoffrey | Renfree Marilyn
Evolution of the CDKN1C-KCNQ1 imprinted domain

Author(s): Ager Eleanor | Pask Andrew | Gehring Helen | Shaw Geoff | Renfree Marilyn
Expression and protein localisation of IGF2 in the marsupial placenta

Author(s): Ager Eleanor | Pask Andrew | Shaw Geoff | Renfree Marilyn
Differential expression of WNT4 in testicular and ovarian development in a marsupial

Author(s): Yu Hongshi | Pask Andrew | Shaw Geoffrey | Renfree Marilyn

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