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Role for PKC δ in Fenretinide-Mediated Apoptosis in Lymphoid Leukemia Cells

Author(s): Vivian R. Ruvolo | Kul B. Karanjeet | Todd F. Schuster | Rhoderick Brown | Yibin Deng | Edward Hinchcliffe | Peter P. Ruvolo
Characterization of the Lateral Distribution of Fluorescent Lipid in Binary-Constituent Lipid Monolayers by Principal Component Analysis

Author(s): István P. Sugár | Xiuhong Zhai | Ivan A. Boldyrev | Julian G. Molotkovsky | Howard L. Brockman | Rhoderick E. Brown
Human glycolipid transfer protein (GLTP) genes: organization, transcriptional status and evolution

Author(s): Zou Xianqiong | Chung Taeowan | Lin Xin | Malakhova Margarita | Pike Helen | Brown Rhoderick

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