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Author(s): Ian M. Lahart | Andrew M. Lane | Andrew Hulton | Karen Williams | Richard Godfrey | Charles Pedlar | Mathew G. Wilson | Gregory P. Whyte
SELDI-TOF Serum Profiling for Prognostic and Diagnostic Classification of Breast Cancers

Author(s): Christine Laronga | Stephen Becker | Patrice Watson | Betsy Gregory | Lisa Cazares | Henry Lynch | Roger R. Perry | George L. Wright | Richard R. Drake | O. John Semmes
Making sure there's a "give" associated with the "take": producing and using open-source software in big pharma

Author(s): Landrum Gregory | Lewis Richard | Palmer Andrew | Stiefl Nikolaus | Vulpetti Anna
Scalp and Intracranial EEG in Medically Intractable Extratemporal Epilepsy with Normal MRI

Author(s): Tarek Zakaria | Katherine Noe | Elson So | Gregory D. Cascino | Nicholas Wetjen | Jamie J. Van Gompel | W. Richard Marsh | Fredric Bruce Meyer | Caterina Giannini | Robert E. Watson | Gregory A. Worrell
A Novel Antibacterial Dental Resin Composite

Author(s): Yiming Weng | Voon J. Chong | Leah Howard | Ruijie Huang | Richard L. Gregory | Dong Xie
Synthesis and evaluation of a novel antibacterial dental resin composite with quaternary ammonium salts

Author(s): Yiming Weng | Xia Guo | Voon Joe Chong | Leah Howard | Richard L. Gregory | Dong Xie
A PQAS-containing glass-ionomer cement for improved antibacterial function

Author(s): Yiming Weng | Xia Guo | Jun Zhao | Richard L. Gregory | Dong Xie
Prophylactic Bactericidal Orthopedic Implants – Animal Testing Study

Author(s): Richard A. Wysk | Wayne J. Sebastianelli | Rohan A. Shirwaiker | Gregory M. Bailey | Charumani Charumani | Mary Kennett | Amy Kaucher | Rachel Abrahams | Thomas A. Fuller | Patricia Royer | Robert C. Voigt | Paul H. Cohen
Mild Cognitive Impairment: Statistical Models of Transition Using Longitudinal Clinical Data

Author(s): Erin L. Abner | Richard J. Kryscio | Gregory E. Cooper | David W. Fardo | Gregory A. Jicha | Marta S. Mendiondo | Peter T. Nelson | Charles D. Smith | Linda J. Van Eldik | Lijie Wan | Frederick A. Schmitt
Step-Scan Fourier TransformInfrared Absorption DifferenceTime-Resolved SpectroscopyStudies of Excited State DecayKinetics and Electronic Structureof Low-Spin d6 Transition MetalPolypyridine Complexes With 10Nanosecond Time Resolution

Author(s): Gregory D. Smith | Pingyun Chen | James L. Chao | Kristin M. Omberg | Darius A. Kavaliunas | Joseph A. Treadway | Thomas J. Meyer | Richard A. Palmer
Pre-Hospital 12-Lead Electrocardiogram within 60 Minutes Differentiates Proximal versus Nonproximal Left Anterior Descending Artery Myocardial Infarction

Author(s): Robert A Aertker | Colin M Barker | H Vernon Anderson | Ali E Denktas | Gregory M Giesler | Vinay R Julapalli | John F Ledoux | David E Persse | Stefano Sdringola | Mary T Vooletich | James J McCarthy | Richard W Smalling
Electrophysiological Study of Algorithmically Processed Metric/Rhythmic Variations in Language and Music

Author(s): Ystad Sølvi | Magne Cyrille | Farner Snorre | Pallone Gregory | Aramaki Mitsuko | Besson Mireille | Kronland-Martinet Richard
Department of Defense influenza and other respiratory disease surveillance during the 2009 pandemic

Author(s): Burke Ronald | Vest Kelly | Eick Angelia | Sanchez Jose | Johns Matthew | Pavlin Julie | Jarman Richard | Mothershead Jerry | Quintana Miguel | Palys Thomas | Cooper Michael | Guan Jian | Schnabel David | Waitumbi John | Wilma Alisa | Daniels Candelaria | Brown Matthew | Tobias Steven | Kasper Matthew | Williams Maya | Tjaden Jeffrey | Oyofo Buhari | Styles Timothy | Blair Patrick | Hawksworth Anthony | Montgomery Joel | Razuri Hugo | Laguna-Torres Alberto | Schoepp Randal | Norwood David | MacIntosh Victor | Gibbons Thomas | Gray Gregory | Blazes David | Russell Kevin
Elliptically Bent X-Ray Mirrors with Active Temperature Stabilization

Author(s): Sheng Yuan | Matthew Church | Valeriy V. Yashchuk | Kenneth A. Goldberg | Richard S. Celestre | Wayne R. McKinney | Jonathan Kirschman | Gregory Morrison | Tino Noll | Tony Warwick | Howard A. Padmore
Circulation of human influenza viruses and emergence of Oseltamivir-resistant A(H1N1) viruses in Cameroon, Central Africa

Author(s): Njouom Richard | Mba Serge | Noah Dominique | Gregory Victoria | Collins Patrick | Cappy Pierre | Hay Alan | Rousset Dominique
Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging for the assessment of cardiac inflammation and injury following prolonged exercise

Author(s): O' Hanlon Rory | Whyte Gregory | Smith Gillan | Alpendurada Francisco | Wong Joyce | Wilsonl Matthew | Oxborough David | Godfrey Richard | George Keith | Dahl Annette | Gaze David | Pennell Dudley | Prasad Sanjay
Overuse of non-prescription analgesics by dental clinic patients

Author(s): Heard Kennon | Ries Nicole | Dart Richard | Bogdan Gregory | Zallen Richard | Daly Frank
Transcript and proteomic analysis of developing white lupin (Lupinus albus L.) roots

Author(s): Tian Li | Peel Gregory | Lei Zhentian | Aziz Naveed | Dai Xinbin | He Ji | Watson Bonnie | Zhao Patrick | Sumner Lloyd | Dixon Richard
Electrophysiological Study of Algorithmically Processed Metric/Rhythmic Variations in Language and Music

Author(s): Sølvi Ystad | Cyrille Magne | Snorre Farner | Gregory Pallone | Mitsuko Aramaki | Mireille Besson | Richard Kronland-Martinet
Mutational analysis of βCOP (Sec26p) identifies an appendage domain critical for function

Author(s): DeRegis Carol | Rahl Peter | Hoffman Gregory | Cerione Richard | Collins Ruth
Analysis of cDNA libraries from developing seeds of guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub)

Author(s): Naoumkina Marina | Torres-Jerez Ivone | Allen Stacy | He Ji | Zhao Patrick | Dixon Richard | May Gregory
Common carotid artery wall thickness and external diameter as predictors of prevalent and incident cardiac events in a large population study

Author(s): Eigenbrodt Marsha | Sukhija Rishi | Rose Kathryn | Tracy Richard | Couper David | Evans Gregory | Bursac Zoran | Mehta Jawahar
A molecular scheme for improved characterization of human embryonic stem cell lines

Author(s): Josephson Richard | Sykes Gregory | Liu Ying | Ording Carol | Xu Weining | Zeng Xianmin | Shin Soojung | Loring Jeanne | Maitra Anirban | Rao Mahendra | Auerbach Jonathan
Evaluating the quality of interaction between medical students and nurses in a large teaching hospital

Author(s): Nadolski Gregory | Bell Mary | Brewer Barbara | Frankel Richard | Cushing Herbert | Brokaw James
Genetic variability of the envelope gene of Type D simian retrovirus-2 (SRV-2) subtypes associated with SAIDS-related retroperitoneal fibromatosis in different macaque species

Author(s): Philipp-Staheli Jeannette | Marquardt Taya | Thouless Margaret | Bruce A Gregory | Grant Richard | Tsai Che-Chung | Rose Timothy
Health-systems efficiency in the Russian Federation: tuberculosis control

Author(s): Floyd Katherine | Hutubessy Raymond | Samyshkin Yevgeniy | Korobitsyn Alexei | Fedorin Ivan | Volchenkov Gregory | Kazeonny Boris | Coker Richard | Drobniewski Francis | Jakubowiak Wieslaw | Shilova Margarita | Atun Rifat A
Description of the data from the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism (COGA) and single-nucleotide polymorphism genotyping for Genetic Analysis Workshop 14

Author(s): Edenberg Howard | Bierut Laura | Boyce Paul | Cao Manqiu | Cawley Simon | Chiles Richard | Doheny Kimberly | Hansen Mark | Hinrichs Tony | Jones Kevin | Kelleher Mark | Kennedy Giulia | Liu Guoying | Marcus Gregory | McBride Celeste | Murray Sarah | Oliphant Arnold | Pettengill James | Porjesz Bernice | Pugh Elizabeth | Rice John | Rubano Todd | Shannon Stu | Steeke Rhoberta | Tischfield Jay | Tsai Ya | Zhang Chun | Begleiter Henri
Aging and Death in an Organism That Reproduces by Morphologically Symmetric Division

Author(s): Stewart Eric J | Madden Richard | Paul Gregory | Taddei François
Human cytomegalovirus plasmid-based amplicon vector system for gene therapy

Author(s): Mahmood Kutubuddin | Prichard Mark | Duke Gregory | Kemble George | Spaete Richard
Tissue eosinophilia: a morphologic marker for assessing stromal invasion in laryngeal squamous neoplasms

Author(s): Said Mahmoud | Wiseman Sam | Yang Jun | Alrawi Sadir | Douglas Wade | Cheney Richard | Hicks Wesley | Rigual Nestor | Loree Thom | Spiegel Gregory | Tan Dongfeng
Identification of hip fracture patients from radiographs using Fourier analysis of the trabecular structure: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Gregory Jennifer | Stewart Alison | Undrill Peter | Reid David | Aspden Richard
An integrated 4249 marker FISH/RH map of the canine genome

Author(s): Breen Matthew | Hitte Christophe | Lorentzen Travis | Thomas Rachael | Cadieu Edouard | Sabacan Leah | Scott Allyson | Evanno Gwenaelle | Parker Heidi | Kirkness Ewen | Hudson Ruth | Guyon Richard | Mahairas Gregory | Gelfenbeyn Boris | Fraser Claire | André Catherine | Galibert Francis | Ostrander Elaine
A randomised controlled trial and cost effectiveness study of systematic screening (targeted and total population screening) versus routine practice for the detection of atrial fibrillation in the over 65s: (SAFE) [ISRCTN19633732]

Author(s): Swancutt Dawn | Hobbs Richard | Fitzmaurice David | Mant Jonathan | Murray Ellen | Jowett Sue | Raftery James | Bryan Stirling | Davies Michael | Lip Gregory
Identification and preliminary characterization of mouse Adam33

Author(s): Gunn Teresa | Azarani Arezou | Kim Philip | Hyman Richard | Davis Ronald | Barsh Gregory
The transduction properties of intercostal muscle mechanoreceptors

Author(s): Holt Gregory | Johnson Richard | Davenport Paul
Protocol for Birmingham Atrial Fibrillation Treatment of the Aged study (BAFTA): a randomised controlled trial of warfarin versus aspirin for stroke prevention in the management of atrial fibrillation in an elderly primary care population [ISRCTN89345269]

Author(s): Mant Jonathan | Richards Suzanne | Hobbs FD Richard | Fitzmaurice David | Lip Gregory | Murray Ellen | Banting Miriam | Fletcher Kate | Rahman Joy | Allan Teresa | Raftery James | Bryan Stirling
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