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Human Calmodulin-Like Protein CALML3: A Novel Marker for Normal Oral Squamous Mucosa That Is Downregulated in Malignant Transformation

Author(s): Michael D. Brooks | Richard D. Bennett | Amy L. Weaver | Thomas J. Sebo | Steven E. Eckert | Emanuel E. Strehler | Alan B. Carr
Comparative Characterization of Multiscale Carbon Fiber Composite with Long and Short MWCNTs at Higher Weight Fractions

Author(s): Michael Zimmer | Qunfeng Cheng | Shu Li | James Brooks | Richard Liang | Ben Wang | Chuck Zhang
Through-Thickness Thermal Conductivity Prediction Study on Nanocomposites and Multiscale Composites

Author(s): Michael Zimmer | Xinyu Fan | Jianwen Bao | Richard Liang | Ben Wang | Chuck Zhang | James Brooks
Side-Channel Analysis for Detecting Protocol Tunneling

Author(s): Harakrishnan Bhanu | Jason Schwier | Ryan Craven | Richard R. Brooks | Kathryn Hempstalk | Daniele Gunetti | Christopher Griffin
Trends in Decline of Antiretroviral Resistance among ARV-Experienced Patients in the HIV Outpatient Study: 1999–2008

Author(s): Kate Buchacz | Rose Baker | Douglas J. Ward | Frank J. Palella | Joan S. Chmiel | Benjamin Young | Bienvenido G. Yangco | Richard M. Novak | John T. Brooks
Dynamic Agent Classification and Tracking Using an Ad Hoc Mobile Acoustic Sensor Network

Author(s): Friedlander David | Griffin Christopher | Jacobson Noah | Phoha Shashi | Brooks Richard R
Community Acquired Bacteremia in Young Children from Central Nigeria- A Pilot Study

Author(s): Obaro Stephen | Lawson Lovett | Essen Uduak | Ibrahim Khalid | Brooks Kevin | Otuneye Adekunle | Shetima Denis | Ahmed Patience | Ajose Theresa | Olugbile Michael | Idiong David | Ogundeji Damola | Ochigbo Comfort | Olanipekun Grace | Khalife Walid | Adegbola Richard
Security in Sensor Networks

Author(s): Richard R. Brooks
The Sleep Deprivation Attack in Sensor Networks: Analysis and Methods of Defense

Author(s): Matthew Pirretti | Sencun Zhu | N. Vijaykrishnan | Patrick McDaniel | Mahmut Kandemir | Richard Brooks

Author(s): S. S. Iyengar | Richard Brooks | Guenter Karjoth

Author(s): Felix F. Udoeyo, Robert Brooks, Philip Udo-Inyang & Richard O. Nsan
Increased shedding of HU177 correlates with worse prognosis in primary melanoma

Author(s): Hamilton Heather | Rose Amy | Christos Paul | Shapiro Richard | Berman Russell | Mazumdar Madhu | Ma Michelle | Krich Daniel | Liebes Leonard | Brooks Peter | Osman Iman
Estimation of Cachexia among Cancer Patients Based on Four Definitions

Author(s): Kathleen M. Fox | John M. Brooks | Shravanthi R. Gandra | Richard Markus | Chiun-Fang Chiou
Assessing the clinical utility of measuring Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Proteins in tissues and sera of melanoma patients

Author(s): Yu Jessie | Warycha Melanie | Christos Paul | Darvishian Farbod | Yee Herman | Kaminio Hideko | Berman Russell | Shapiro Richard | Buckley Michael | Liebes Leonard | Pavlick Anna | Polsky David | Brooks Peter | Osman Iman
Dynamic Agent Classification and Tracking Using an Ad Hoc Mobile Acoustic Sensor Network

Author(s): Richard R. Brooks | Shashi Phoha | Noah Jacobson | Christopher Griffin | David Friedlander
Primary graft failure associated with epithelial downgrowth: a case report

Author(s): Aldave Anthony | Hollander David | Branco Bruno | Crawford Brooks | Abbott Richard
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