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Isolation, cytotoxic activity and phylogenetic analysis of Bacillus sp. bacteria associated with the red sea sponge Amphimedon ochracea

Author(s): Haiam M. Aboul-Ela | Mohamed A. Shreadah | Nihad M. Abdel-Monem | Galila A. Yakout | Rob W. M. van Soest
Antifungal Activity of (+)-Curcuphenol, a Metabolite from the Marine Sponge Didiscus oxeata

Author(s): Helena Gaspar | Sonia Savluchinske Feio | Ana Isabel Rodrigues | Rob Soest
Alpha-gliadin genes from the A, B, and D genomes of wheat contain different sets of celiac disease epitopes

Author(s): van Herpen Teun | Goryunova Svetlana | van der Schoot Johanna | Mitreva Makedonka | Salentijn Elma | Vorst Oscar | Schenk Martijn | van Veelen Peter | Koning Frits | van Soest Loek | Vosman Ben | Bosch Dirk | Hamer Rob | Gilissen Luud | Smulders Marinus
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