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A TREM-1 Polymorphism A/T within the Exon 2 Is Associated with Pneumonia in Burn-Injured Patients

Author(s): Fernando A. Rivera-Chávez | Ryan M. Huebinger | Agnes Burris | Ming-Mei Liu | Joseph P. Minei | John L. Hunt | Brett D. Arnoldo | Robert C. Barber
Identification and characterization of a spontaneous ovarian carcinoma in Lewis rats

Author(s): Sharrow Allison C | Ronnett Brigitte M | Thoburn Christopher J | Barber James P | Giuntoli Robert L | Armstrong Deborah K | Jones Richard J | Hess Allan D
Whole genome assessment of the retinal response to diabetes reveals a progressive neurovascular inflammatory response

Author(s): Brucklacher Robert M | Patel Kruti M | VanGuilder Heather D | Bixler Georgina V | Barber Alistair J | Antonetti David A | Lin Cheng-Mao | LaNoue Kathryn F | Gardner Thomas W | Bronson Sarah K | Freeman Willard M
The Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease

Author(s): Robert C. Barber
The Relation between Inflammation and Neuropsychological Test Performance

Author(s): Valerie H. Balldin | James R. Hall | Robert C. Barber | Linda Hynan | Ramon Diaz-Arrastia | Sid E. O'Bryant
Biomarkers and Depressive Symptoms in Older Women with and without Cognitive Impairment

Author(s): James R. Hall | Leigh A. Johnson | Hoa T. Vo | Robert C. Barber | A. Scott Winter | Sid E. O’Bryant
Higher Groundwater Selenium Exposure Is Associated with Better Memory: A Project FRONTIER Study

Author(s): James Hall | Melissa Edwards | Robert Barber | Leigh Johnson | Gordon Gong | Sid E. O’Bryant
Biomarkers and Depressive Symptoms in a Sample of Cognitively Intact and Alzheimer’s Disease Elderly Males

Author(s): James R. Hall | Hoa T. Vo | Leigh A. Johnson | Scott Winter | Robert C. Barber | Sid E. O’Bryant
Depression and Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Levels in Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): James R. Hall | Sid E. O'Bryant | Leigh Johnson | Robert C. Barber
Optimizing Nitrogen Management in Food and Energy Production and Environmental Protection: Summary Statement from the Second International Nitrogen Conference

Author(s): Ellis Cowling | James Galloway | Cari Furiness | Mary Barber | Ton Bresser | Ken Cassman | Jan Willem Erisman | Richard Haeuber | Robert Howarth | Jerry Melillo | William Moomaw | Arvin Mosier | Kaj Sanders | Sybil Seitzinger | Stan Smeulders | Robert Socolow | Daniel Walters | Ford West | Zhaoliang Zhu
Identification of SmtB/ArsR cis elements and proteins in archaea using the Prokaryotic InterGenic Exploration Database (PIGED)

Author(s): Michael Bose | David Slick | Mickey J. Sarto | Patrick Murphy | David Roberts | Jacqueline Roberts | Robert D. Barber
High-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) screening and detection in healthy patient saliva samples: a pilot study

Author(s): Turner Deidre | Williams-Cocks Shelley | Bullen Ryan | Catmull Jeremy | Falk Jesse | Martin Daniel | Mauer Jarom | Barber Annabel | Wang Robert | Gerstenberger Shawn | Kingsley Karl
Health equity in the New Zealand health care system: a national survey

Author(s): Sheridan Nicolette | Kenealy Timothy | Connolly Martin | Mahony Faith | Barber P Alan | Boyd Mary Anne | Carswell Peter | Clinton Janet | Devlin Gerard | Doughty Robert | Dyall Lorna | Kerse Ngaire | Kolbe John | Lawrenson Ross | Moffitt Allan
Depressive Symptom Clusters and Neuropsychological Performance in Mild Alzheimer's and Cognitively Normal Elderly

Author(s): James R. Hall | Sid E. O'Bryant | Leigh A. Johnson | Robert C. Barber
Biomolecular Triconjugates Formed between Gold, Protamine, and Nucleic Acid: Comparative Characterization on the Nanoscale

Author(s): Robert K. DeLong | Lisa Cillessen | Chris Reynolds | Adam Wanekaya | Tiffany Severs | Kartik Ghosh | Michael Fisher | Stephanie Barber | John Black | Ashley Schaeffer | Kristin J. Flores
The Link between Cognitive Measures and ADLs and IADL Functioning in Mild Alzheimer's: What Has Gender Got to Do with It?

Author(s): James R. Hall | Hoa T. Vo | Leigh A. Johnson | Robert C. Barber | S. E. O'Bryant
Long-Term Low-Level Arsenic Exposure Is Associated with Poorer Neuropsychological Functioning: A Project FRONTIER Study

Author(s): Sid E. O’Bryant | Melissa Edwards | Chloe V. Menon | Gordon Gong | Robert Barber
Perinatal Bisphenol A Exposure in C57B6/129svj Male Mice: Potential Altered Cytokine/Chemokine Production in Adulthood

Author(s): Steven D. Holladay | Shuo Xiao | Honglu Diao | Jamie Barber | Tomas Nagy | Xiaoqin Ye | Robert M. Gogal
Reduced blood brain barrier breakdown in P-selectin deficient mice following transient ischemic stroke: a future therapeutic target for treatment of stroke

Author(s): Jin Albert | Tuor Ursula | Rushforth David | Kaur Jaspreet | Muller Robert | Petterson Jodie | Boutry Sébastien | Barber Philip
A conifer genomics resource of 200,000 spruce (Picea spp.) ESTs and 6,464 high-quality, sequence-finished full-length cDNAs for Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis)

Author(s): Ralph Steven | Chun Hye | Kolosova Natalia | Cooper Dawn | Oddy Claire | Ritland Carol | Kirkpatrick Robert | Moore Richard | Barber Sarah | Holt Robert | Jones Steven | Marra Marco | Douglas Carl | Ritland Kermit | Bohlmann Jörg
Exhaustive prediction of disease susceptibility to coding base changes in the human genome

Author(s): Kulkarni Vinayak | Errami Mounir | Barber Robert | Garner Harold
Generation, annotation, analysis and database integration of 16,500 white spruce EST clusters

Author(s): Pavy Nathalie | Paule Charles | Parsons Lee | Crow John | Morency Marie-Josee | Cooke Janice | Johnson James | Noumen Etienne | Guillet-Claude Carine | Butterfield Yaron | Barber Sarah | Yang George | Liu Jerry | Stott Jeff | Kirkpatrick Robert | Siddiqui Asim | Holt Robert | Marra Marco | Seguin Armand | Retzel Ernest | Bousquet Jean | MacKay John
High-throughput sequencing: a failure mode analysis

Author(s): Yang George | Stott Jeffery | Smailus Duane | Barber Sarah | Balasundaram Miruna | Marra Marco | Holt Robert
Symptomatic hemorrhage after alteplase therapy not due to silent ischemia

Author(s): Hill Michael | Barber Philip | Demchuk Andrew | Sevick Robert | Frayne Richard | Buchan Alastair
Design and performance of a multi-centre randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation of joint tele-consultations [ISRCTN54264250]

Author(s): Wallace Paul | Haines Andrew | Harrison Robert | Barber Julie | Thompson Simon | Roberts Jennifer | Jacklin Paul | Lewis Leo | Wainwright Paul
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