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Muscle Contractility and Cell Motility

Author(s): J.-P. Jin | Robert J. Bloch | Xupei Huang | Lars Larsson
Influences of Desmin and Keratin 19 on Passive Biomechanical Properties of Mouse Skeletal Muscle

Author(s): Sameer B. Shah | James M. Love | Andrea O'Neill | Richard M. Lovering | Robert J. Bloch
Endovascular approach to acute aortic trauma

Author(s): Riyad Karmy-Jones, Desarom Teso, Nicole Jackson, Lisa Ferigno, Robert Bloch
Recruitment and retention of women in a large randomized control trial to reduce repeat preterm births: the Philadelphia Collaborative Preterm Prevention Project

Author(s): Webb David | Coyne James | Goldenberg Robert | Hogan Vijaya | Elo Irma | Bloch Joan | Mathew Leny | Bennett Ian | Dennis Erika | Culhane Jennifer
Nevirapine and Efavirenz Elicit Different Changes in Lipid Profiles in Antiretroviral- Therapy-Naive Patients Infected with HIV-1

Author(s): van Leth Frank | Phanuphak Prahpan | Stroes Erik | Gazzard Brian | Cahn Pedro | Raffi François | Wood Robin | Bloch Mark | Katlama Christine | Kastelein John J. P | Schechter Mauro | Murphy Robert L | Horban Andrzej | Hall David B | Lange Joep M. A | Reiss Peter
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