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Buffer Capacity, Ecosystem Feedbacks, and Seawater Chemistry under Global Change

Author(s): Christopher P. Jury | Florence I.M. Thomas | Marlin J. Atkinson | Robert J. Toonen
Polyphyly and hidden species among Hawaiʻi’s dominant mesophotic coral genera, Leptoseris and Pavona (Scleractinia: Agariciidae)

Author(s): Daniel G. Luck | Zac H. Forsman | Robert J. Toonen | Sarah J. Leicht | Samuel E. Kahng
Genetic Analyses and Simulations of Larval Dispersal Reveal Distinct Populations and Directional Connectivity across the Range of the Hawaiian Grouper (Epinephelus quernus)

Author(s): Malia Ana J. Rivera | Kimberly R. Andrews | Donald R. Kobayashi | Johanna L. K. Wren | Christopher Kelley | George K. Roderick | Robert J. Toonen
Gateways to Hawai‘i: Genetic Population Structure of the Tropical Sea Cucumber Holothuria atra

Author(s): Derek J. Skillings | Christopher E. Bird | Robert J. Toonen
Widespread Dispersal of the Crown-of-Thorns Sea Star, Acanthaster planci, across the Hawaiian Archipelago and Johnston Atoll

Author(s): Molly A. Timmers | Kimberly R. Andrews | Chris E. Bird | Marta J. deMaintenton | Russell E. Brainard | Robert J. Toonen
Creating Effective Partnerships in Ecosystem-Based Management: A Culture of Science and Management

Author(s): Carlie S. Wiener | Malia A. J. Rivera | Robert J. Toonen | Jo-Ann C. Leong | Randall K. Kosaki | Stephen Karl | Kaylene Keller | Hoku Johnson
Defining Boundaries for Ecosystem-Based Management: A Multispecies Case Study of Marine Connectivity across the Hawaiian Archipelago

Author(s): Robert J. Toonen | Kimberly R. Andrews | Iliana B. Baums | Christopher E. Bird | Gregory T. Concepcion | Toby S. Daly-Engel | Jeff A. Eble | Anuschka Faucci | Michelle R. Gaither | Matthew Iacchei | Jonathan B. Puritz | Jennifer K. Schultz | Derek J. Skillings | Molly A. Timmers | Brian W. Bowen
Generalist dinoflagellate endosymbionts and host genotype diversity detected from mesophotic (67-100 m depths) coral Leptoseris

Author(s): Chan Yvonne | Pochon Xavier | Fisher Marla | Wagner Daniel | Concepcion Gregory | Kahng Samuel | Toonen Robert | Gates Ruth
Shape-shifting corals: Molecular markers show morphology is evolutionarily plastic in Porites

Author(s): Forsman Zac | Barshis Daniel | Hunter Cynthia | Toonen Robert
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