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Avidity Studies in Anisakis simplex-Associated Allergic Diseases

Author(s): Carmen Cuéllar | Ana Valls | Consolación de Frutos | Marta Rodero | Alvaro Daschner
Relationship between behavioural coping strategies and acceptance in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome: Elucidating targets of interventions

Author(s): Rodero Baltasar | Casanueva Benigno | Luciano Juan | Gili Margalida | Serrano-Blanco Antoni | García-Campayo Javier
William H. Waldren (1924-2003)

Author(s): Rodero Riaza, Alicia
Reseñas y libros recibidos

Author(s): Gilman, Antonio | Rodero Riaza, Alicia | Reher Díez, Guillermo Sven
Validation of a Spanish language version of the pain self-perception scale in patients with fibromyalgia

Author(s): García-Campayo J | Rodero B | del Hoyo Y | Luciano JV | Alda M | Gili M
Stages of chronicity in fibromyalgia and pain catastrophising: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Rodero Baltasar | Casanueva Benigno | García-Campayo Javier | Roca Miquel | Magallón Rosa | López del Hoyo Yolanda
Neumotórax Bilateral, Neumomediastino y Enfisema Subcutáneo Progresivo tras Colonoscopia sin Evidencia Quirúrgica de Perforación Intestinal

Author(s): Amaia Quintano Rodero | Maria Soledad Holanda Peña | Alejandro González Castro | Miguel Ángel Hernández Hernández
Validation of the Spanish version of the Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire (CPAQ) for the assessment of acceptance in fibromyalgia

Author(s): Rodero Baltasar | García-Campayo Javier | Casanueva Benigno | del Hoyo Yolanda | Serrano-Blanco Antoni | Luciano Juan
Variation of allozyme frequencies in Spanish field and cellar populations of D. melanogaster

Author(s): Alonso-Moraga Angeles | Munoz-Serrano A | Rodero A
A model for detection of early replication bands in cultured fish

Author(s): Lobillo J | Delgado JV | Alonso J | Rodero A
First report of cytogenetic studies in Spanish breed horses

Author(s): Moreno-Millán M | Rodero A | Alonso FJ | Sanz A
Contribution to the establishment of the R-banded karyotype in dogs

Author(s): Moreno-Millán M | Rodero A | Alonso FJ | Falcón C
Effectiveness of the psychological and pharmacological treatment of catastrophization in patients with fibromyalgia: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): García-Campayo Javier | Serrano-Blanco Antoni | Rodero Baltasar | Magallón Rosa | Alda Marta | Andrés Eva | Luciano Juan | del Hoyo Yolanda
Radiography of Spanish Radio

Author(s): Dra. Emma Rodero Antón
Varicella and Herpes Zoster in Madrid, based on the Sentinel General Practitioner Network: 1997–2004

Author(s): Pérez-Farinós Napoleón | Ordobás María | García-Fernández Cristina | García-Comas Luis | Cañellas Soledad | Rodero Inmaculada | Gutiérrez-Rodríguez Ángeles | García-Gutiérrez Juan | Ramírez Rosa
Humoral immune responses induced by Kudoa sp. (Myxosporea: Multivalvulida) antigens in BALB/c mice

Author(s): Martínez de Velasco G | Rodero M | Zapatero L | Cuéllar C
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