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Progress of temozolomide in the treatment of recurrent high-grade gliomas

Author(s): LI Jin-duo | JIANG Rong | WANG Jin-huan | WANG Bin | MA Chun-hua | SUN Li-wei | LÜ Yuan | HOU Guo-fang
Optimal Investment and Consumption Decisions under the Constant Elasticity of Variance Model

Author(s): Hao Chang | Xi-min Rong | Hui Zhao | Chu-bing Zhang
Integrating the Supervised Information into Unsupervised Learning

Author(s): Ping Ling | Nan Jiang | Xiangsheng Rong
Association of Genetic Variants of BMP4 with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Clinical Traits in a Chinese Han Population

Author(s): Shanshan Tang | Rong Zhang | Weihui Yu | Feng Jiang | Jie Wang | Miao Chen | Danfeng Peng | Jing Yan | Yuqian Bao | Weiping Jia
On Iterative Learning Control for Remote Control Systems with Packet Losses

Author(s): Chunping Liu | Rong Xiong | Jianxin Xu | Jun Wu
Efficient and Secure Resource Management in Home M2M Networks

Author(s): Yue Lai | Jiawen Kang | Rong Yu
Dynamic Mechanical Behaviors of 6082-T6 Aluminum Alloy

Author(s): Peng Yibo | Wang Gang | Zhu Tianxing | Pan Shangfeng | Rong Yiming
EAP-Based Group Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for Machine-Type Communications

Author(s): Rong Jiang | Chengzhe Lai | Jun Luo | Xiaoping Wang | Hong Wang
Clinical observation of two operation methods for neovascular glaucoma

Author(s): Jin-Peng Chen | Rong Wang | Hui-Yong Xu | Peng Zhang | Jian Zhang
Development of our laser fusion integration simulation

Author(s): Li Jinghong | Zhai Chuanlei | Li Shuanggui | Li Xin | Zheng Wudi | Yong Heng | Zeng Qinghong | Hang Xudeng | Qi Jin | Yang Rong | Cheng Juan | Song Peng | Gu Peijun | Zhang Aiqing | An Hengbin | Xu Xiaowen | Guo Hong | Cao Xiaolin | Mo Zeyao | Pei Wenbing | Jiang Song | Zhu Shao-ping
From Imitation to Innovation: A Study of China’s Drug R&D and Relevant National Policies

Author(s): Jinxi Ding | Yajiong Xue | Huigang Liang | Rong Shao | Yongfa Chen
Changes of mouse cytokines and Th1/Th2 balance in acute stress induced by millimeter-wave

Author(s): Rong SUN | Qiong MA | Li DU | Jin-ling CAI | Xiao-yun YANG | Yan GAO | Yu-fang CUI | Jian-ping MAO

Author(s): Yi Li | Ji Wu | Chao Zheng | Rong Rong Huang | Yuhong Na | Fan Yang | Zengshun Wang | Di Wu
Prevalence of asthenopia and its risk factors in Chinese college students

Author(s): Cheng-Cheng Han | Rong Liu | Ru-Ru Liu | Zhong-Hai Zhu | Rong-Bin Yu | Le Ma
Clinical Evaluation and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Serum Tumor Markers in Lung Cancer

Author(s): Rong Wang | Guoqing Wang | Nan Zhang | Xue Li | Yunde Liu
On a Kind of Dirichlet Character Sums

Author(s): Rong Ma | Yulong Zhang | Guohe Zhang
Study on Fractal Characteristics of Hilly City

Author(s): Li Zexin | Liu Bo | Wang Rong | Li Zhi
Screening of Genes Specifically Expressed in Males of Fenneropenaeus chinensis and Their Potential as Sex Markers

Author(s): Shihao Li | Fuhua Li | Yusu Xie | Bing Wang | Rong Wen | Chengsong Zhang | Kuijie Yu | Jianhai Xiang
The pulse pressure in a premature infant less than 37 weeks gestational age with a patent ductus arteriosus

Author(s): Cristina Vega-Barrera | Jonathan Muraskas | Rong Guo | Brooke Ray
Effects of 5-aza-2’-deoxyctidine on the development of porcine parthenogenetic and nuclear transfer embryos

Author(s): Yun Fei Diao | Kenji Naruse | Xiao Xia Li | Rong Xun Han | Dong Kyo Kim | Tao Lin | Dong II Jin
Autophagy induced by glibenclamide serves as a defense against apoptosis in INS-1 rat insulinoma cells

Author(s): Hua Su | Xingyan Liu | Ling Su | Li Zhang | Xiangguo Liu | Hong Ji | Haiqin Rong
Constitutional Mismatch Repair-Deficiency Syndrome Is a Rare Cause of Cancer Even in a Highly Consanguineous Population

Author(s): Rong Bu | Abdul K. Siraj | Prashant Bavi | Asim Belgaumi | Shahab Uddin | Fowzan S. Alkuraya
Molecular Cloning and Functional Analysis of the Duck TLR4 Gene

Author(s): Wenming Zhao | Zhengyang Huang | Yang Chen | Yang Zhang | Guanghui Rong | Chunyu Mu | Qi Xu | Guohong Chen
Fault Location for Resonant Grounded System Based on Zero-Sequence Current Increment Method

Author(s): Lv Jin | Ju Rong | Wu Mingyu | Liu Jiajia | He Xiongfeng
Identification of a novel p.R1443W mutation in RP1 gene associated with retinitis pigmentosa sine pigmento

Author(s): Li Ma | Xun-Lun Sheng | Hui-Ping Li | Fang-Xia Zhang | Ya-Ni Liu | Wei-Ning Rong | Jian-Ling Zhang

Author(s): Rong Ma | Yulong Zhang
Potential Osteoporosis Recovery by Deep Sea Water through Bone Regeneration in SAMP8 Mice

Author(s): Hen-Yu Liu | Ming-Che Liu | Ming-Fu Wang | Wei-Hong Chen | Ching-Yu Tsai | Kuan-Hsien Wu | Che-Tong Lin | Ying-Hua Shieh | Rong Zeng | Win-Ping Deng
Sexual and Reproductive Health among Unmarried Rural-Urban Female Migrants in Shanghai China: A Comparative Analysis

Author(s): Ying Wang | Wen Yao | Meili Shang | Yong Cai | Rong Shi | Jin Ma | Jin Wang | Huijiang Song

Author(s): Cuihua Dong, | Zhiqiang Pang, | Jingwen Xue, | Yu Liu, Jiachuan Chen, | Rong Zhang

Author(s): Lijuan Tang, | Rong Zhang, | Xiaoyan Zhou, | Mingzhu Pan, | Minzhi Chen, | Xuehui Yang, | Ping Zhou, | Zhao Chen
Deqi Sensations of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on Auricular Points

Author(s): Xiaoling Wang | Jiliang Fang | Qing Zhao | Yangyang Fan | Jun Liu | Yang Hong | Honghong Wang | Yunyao Ma | Chunhua Xu | Shan Shi | Jian Kong | Peijing Rong
Effect of Dietary Cocoa Tea (Camellia ptilophylla) Supplementation on High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity, Hepatic Steatosis, and Hyperlipidemia in Mice

Author(s): Xiao Rong Yang | Elaine Wat | Yan Ping Wang | Chun Hay Ko | Chi Man Koon | Wing Sum Siu | Si Gao | David Wing Shing Cheung | Clara Bik San Lau | Chuang Xing Ye | Ping Chung Leung
Role of Autophagy on Cobrotoxin Induced Cell Death of A549

Author(s): Jian SHEN | Jingkang HE | Xing TANG | Rong HAN | Rui LI | Chengcheng XU | Yajuan WU
Renal Protective Role of Xiexin Decoction with Multiple Active Ingredients Involves Inhibition of Inflammation through Downregulation of the Nuclear Factor-B Pathway in Diabetic Rats

Author(s): Jia-sheng Wu | Rong Shi | Jie Zhong | Xiong Lu | Bing-liang Ma | Tian-ming Wang | Bin Zan | Yue-ming Ma | Neng-neng Cheng | Fu-rong Qiu
The research on the strong Markov property

Author(s): Tang Rong | Huang Yonghui
The research on the strong Markov property

Author(s): Tang Rong | Huang Yonghui
Modulation of Dirac points and band-gaps in graphene via periodic fullerene adsorption

Author(s): Xiao Liu | Yanwei Wen | Zhengzheng Chen | Hao Lin | Rong Chen | Kyeongjae Cho | Bin Shan
Controllability of Second-Order Multiagent Systems with Multiple Leaders and General Dynamics

Author(s): Bo Liu | Hongke Feng | Li Wang | Rong Li | Junyan Yu | Housheng Su | Guangming Xie
The Impacts of Along-Channel Acupuncture on the Protein Expressions of the Chloride Channel of the Rats with Myocardial Ischemia

Author(s): Ze-Dong Cheng | Chun-Ri Li | Xiao-Jiao Shao | Pei-Jing Rong | Xiao-Qing Zhang | Fan-Rong Liang | Yuan Li | Yi-Guo Chen
Reconstitution of Kidney Side Population Cells after Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury by Self-Proliferation and Bone Marrow-Derived Cell Homing

Author(s): Hongbao Liu | Weihui Liu | Shuibing Liu | Qiuhong Meng | Ning Zhang | Hanmin Wang | Rong Li | Limin Wang | Peng Zhang | Shiren Sun
Integrative TCM Conservative Therapy for Low Back Pain due to Lumbar Disc Herniation: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Author(s): Wei An Yuan | Shi Rong Huang | Kai Guo | Wu Quan Sun | Xiao Bing Xi | Ming Cai Zhang | Ling Jun Kong | Hua Lu | Hong Sheng Zhan | Ying Wu Cheng
Copper-Catalyzed Allylic Oxidation of Cyclohexene with Molecular Oxygen

Author(s): Xu Zhang | Rong Yi | Tian Chen | Shichun Ni | Genlin Wang | Lei Yu
Simplified Gauss Hermite Filter Based on Sparse Grid Gauss Hermite Quadrature

Author(s): Gao Fu Quan | Chen Li Rong | Ding Chuan Hong | Liu Jian Feng
SOC EKF Estimation based on a Second-order LiFePO4 Battery Model

Author(s): Zheng Zhu | Wei Jin Sun | Yongbing Rong | Dan Liu
Multivariable Predictive Control of the Main Steam Temperature in Power Plant

Author(s): Wang Ting | Feng Xiaolu | Chen Jiangtao | Zhang Rong | Xu Wei
Design of a Docking Wall-Climbing Robot

Author(s): Rong Liu | Ran Liang
Consensus of Mobile Robots Under Markovian Communication

Author(s): Won Il Kim | Rong Xiong | Jun Wu
Impedance Control and its Effects on a Humanoid Robot Playing Table Tennis

Author(s): Rong Xiong | Yichao Sun | Qiuguo Zhu | Jun Wu | Jian Chu
The effect of high birth weight on overweight and obesity in childhood and adolescence. A cohort study in China

Author(s): Jingchao Ren | Junqing Wu | Ming Ji | Fen Rong | Yuyan Li | Ersheng Gao | Honglei Ji
Opportunities for medical students to perform four common ward procedures in a Malaysian teaching hospital

Author(s): Siew Kheong Lum | Wei Rong Lee | Syn Dee Ch’ng | Navin Raj a/l Balachandran | Chee Kit Tee
The protective effect of resveratrol on human lens epithelial cells against ultraviolet-induced apoptosis

Author(s): Xue - Fang Chen | Zhong - Xin Liu | Bing - Rong Chen | Liu Ping | Zheng Yi
Markov Chain and Adaptive Parameter Selection on Particle Swarm Optimizer

Author(s): Chao-Wei Chou | Jiann-Horng Lin | Rong Jeng
Visceral Nociceptive Afferent Facilitates Reaction of Subnucleus Reticularis Dorsalis to Acupoint Stimulation in Rats

Author(s): Liang Li | Lingling Yu | Peijing Rong | Hui Ben | Xia Li | Bing Zhu | Rixin Chen
The Application of SILAC Mouse in Human Body Fluid Proteomics Analysis Reveals Protein Patterns Associated with IgA Nephropathy

Author(s): Shilin Zhao | Rongxia Li | Xiaofan Cai | Wanjia Chen | Qingrun Li | Tao Xing | Wenjie Zhu | Y. Eugene Chen | Rong Zeng | Yueyi Deng
The Effects of Trace Elements on the Lipid Productivity and Fatty Acid Composition of Nannochloropis oculata

Author(s): Xiao Dou | Xiang-Hong Lu | Mei-Zhen Lu | Li-Sheng Yu | Rong Xue | Jian-Bing Ji
Finite Element Simulation and Parametric Studies of Perfobond Rib Connector

Author(s): Suhaib Y. K.  Al-Darzi | Ai Rong Chen | Yu Qing Liu

Author(s): Lei Zhang | Dan Lv | Weijun Su | Yanhua Liu | Yanan Chen | Rong Xiang
Short-Term Chromium-Stress-Induced Alterations in the Maize Leaf Proteome

Author(s): Rong Wang | Fei Gao | Bing-Qian Guo | Ji-Chang Huang | Lei Wang | Yi-Jun Zhou
Determination of Amlodipine in Human Plasma by LC-MS/MS and Its Bioequivalence Study in Healthy Chinese Subjects

Author(s): Chan-Mei Lv | Chun-Min Wei | Fan-Long Bu | Rui Chen | Xiao-Lu Wang | Rong Li | Ben-Jie Wang | Rui-Chen Guo
Prediction of risk factors for lymph node metastasis in early gastric cancer

Author(s): Gang Ren | Rong Cai | Wen-Jie Zhang | Jin-Ming Ou | Ye-Ning Jin | Wen-Hua Li
The relationship between lipid accumulation product, visceral adiposity index and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in healthy adults

Author(s): Yan ZHANG | Su-hua ZHANG | Li-lin GONG | Wei REN | Bao-lan JI | Feng-yi DUAN | Ling-sheng GUI | Rong LI
Early and midterm results of patients above or below 65-year-old undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting combined with valve replacement

Author(s): Yang WU | Chang-qing GAO | Bo-jun LI | Sheng-li JIANG | Cang-song XIAO | Rong WANG
Effects of exosomes derived from MDA-MB-231 on proliferation of endothelial cells and the role of MAPK/ERK and PI3K/Akt pathways

Author(s): Shuang LONG | Yi SHEN | Ying-shan XIE | Wei-ke FAN | Rong JIANG | Li CHEN