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Effects of flood regime on the diet of Triportheus curtus (Garman, 1890) in an Amazonian floodplain lake

Author(s): Jardely de Oliveira Pereira | Maralina Torres da Silva | Lisandro Juno Soares Vieira | Rosemara Fugi
Alterations on piscivorous diet following change in abundance of prey after impoundment in a Neotropical river

Author(s): Geuza Cantanhêde | Norma Segatti Hahn | Rosemara Fugi | Éder André Gubiani
Diet seasonality and food overlap of the fish assemblage in a pantanal pond

Author(s): Gisele Caroline Novakowski | Norma Segatti Hahn | Rosemara Fugi
Food spectrum and trophic structure of the ichthyofauna of Corumbá reservoir, Paraná river Basin, Brazil

Author(s): Karla D. G. Luz-Agostinho | Luis M. Bini | Rosemara Fugi | Angelo A. Agostinho | Horácio F. Júlio Jr.
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