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Colorectal carcinomas with microsatellite instability display a different pattern of target gene mutations according to large bowel site of origin

Author(s): Pinheiro Manuela | Ahlquist Terje | Danielsen Stine | Lind Guro | Veiga Isabel | Pinto Carla | Costa Vera | Afonso Luís | Sousa Olga | Fragoso Maria | Santos Lúcio | Henrique Rui | Lopes Paula | Lopes Carlos | Lothe Ragnhild | Teixeira Manuel
Quantitative promoter methylation analysis of multiple cancer-related genes in renal cell tumors

Author(s): Costa Vera | Henrique Rui | Ribeiro Franclim | Pinto Mafalda | Oliveira Jorge | Lobo Francisco | Teixeira Manuel | Jerónimo Carmen

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