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Lifetime total and beverage specific - alcohol intake and prostate cancer risk: a case-control study

Author(s): Barba Maddalena | McCann Susan | Sch√ľnemann Holger | Stranges Saverio | Fuhrman Barbara | De Placido Sabino | Carruba Giuseppe | Freudenheim Jo | Trevisan Maurizio | Russell Marcia | Nochajski Tom | Muti Paola
Beverage specific alcohol intake in a population-based study: Evidence for a positive association between pulmonary function and wine intake

Author(s): Sch√ľnemann Holger | Grant Brydon | Freudenheim Jo | Muti Paola | McCann Susan | Kudalkar Deepa | Ram Malathi | Nochajski Tom | Russell Marcia | Trevisan Maurizio

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