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Application of a Novel Tool for Diagnosing Bile Acid Diarrhoea

Author(s): James A. Covington | Eric W. Westenbrink | Nathalie Ouaret | Ruth Harbord | Catherine Bailey | Nicola O'Connell | James Cullis | Nigel Williams | Chuka U. Nwokolo | Karna D. Bardhan | Ramesh P. Arasaradnam
Insulinemia, HOMA, fibrinógeno, apolipoproteína B y colesterol no-HDL en el síndrome metabólico

Author(s): María Susana Castillo Rascón | Graciela Bonneau | Williams Pedrozo | Augusto Sánchez | Cristina Malarczuk | Blanca Ceballos | Carlos Castro Olivera | María Ester Pianesi | Ruth Leiva | Natalia Blanco | Graciela Dusse
Activity Increase Despite Arthritis (AÏDA): design of a Phase II randomised controlled trial evaluating an active management booklet for hip and knee osteoarthritis [ISRCTN24554946]

Author(s): Williams Nefyn | Amoakwa Elvis | Burton Kim | Hendry Maggie | Belcher John | Lewis Ruth | Hood Kerenza | Jones Jeremy | Bennett Paul | Edwards Rhiannon | Neal Richard | Andrew Glynne | Wilkinson Clare
Grant's Town and the Historical Development of Over the Hill

Author(s): Bowe, Ruth M. L. | Williams, Patrice
Frequency format diagram and probability chart for breast cancer risk communication: a prospective, randomized trial

Author(s): Ghosh Karthik | Crawford Brianna | Pruthi Sandhya | Williams Constance | Neal Lonzetta | Sandhu Nicole | Johnson Ruth | Wahner-Roedler Dietlind | Britain Marcia | Cha Stephen | Ghosh Amit
Malignant colo-duodenal fistula; case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Soulsby Ruth | Leung Edmund | Williams Nigel
Measuring inequality: tools and an illustration

Author(s): Williams Ruth | Doessel DP
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