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“Jello® Shots” and Cocktails as Ethanol Vehicles: Parametric Studies with High- and Low-Saccharin-Consuming Rats

Author(s): Nancy K. Dess | Chardonnay D. Madkins | Bree A. Geary | Clinton D. Chapman
Modelling Thomson scattering for systems with non-equilibrium electron distributions

Author(s): Chapman D.A. | Vorberger J. | Wünsch K. | Gericke D.O.
The dependence of spatial autoresonance in SRS on kLλD

Author(s): Chapman T. | Hüller S. | Masson-Laborde P.E. | Heron A. | Rozmus W. | Pesme D.
Protective Factors as Measured by the DECA —Interrelations and Predictability of Co-Occurring Behavior Concerns

Author(s): Dylan S. T. Voris | Seema Mahdavi | Kyle H. Davis | Kara L. Constantine | Katelin daCruz | Taylor B. Hicks | Jeffrey D. Shahidullah | Brittany Mash | Nikki Horn | Brittany Brewer | JoLynn Y. Hawkins | Amy Nasamran | Angela Finkbeiner | Madison Chapman | John S. Carlson
The Global Role of Kidney Transplantation

Author(s): Guillermo Garcia GARCIA | Paul HARDEN | Jeremy CHAPMAN
Applied periodization: a methodological approach

Author(s): Fernando Nacleiro | Jeremy Moody | Mark Chapman
Risk Estimation and Pedigree Analysis

Author(s): C. J. Chapman
Modulation of individual components of gastric motor response to duodenal glucose

Author(s): Adam M Deane | Laura K Besanko | Carly M Burgstad | Marianne J Chapman | Michael Horowitz | Robert JL Fraser
Litigios por derecho a la salud en tres países de América Latina: revisión sistemática de la literatura Right-to-health litigation in three Latin American countries: a systematic literature review

Author(s): Ludovic Reveiz | Evelina Chapman | Rubén Torres | James F. Fitzgerald | Adriana Mendoza | Mónica Bolis | Osvaldo Salgado
The Success of Knowledge Sharing Culture: The Leadership Factor

Author(s): Light. Zaglago | Craig. Chapman | Hanifa Shah
Barriers to Nationwide Adoption of the Smart Grid Technology in Ghana

Author(s): Light. Zaglago | Craig. Chapman | Hanifa Shah
The Trust Factor: Design Team Knowledge Sharing Culture

Author(s): Light. Zaglago | Craig. Chapman | Hanifa Shah
The Impact of Culture in Enterprise Resource Planning System Implementation

Author(s): Light. Zaglago | Idisemi. Apulu | Craig. Chapman | Hanifa Shah
Continuous Spikes and Waves during Sleep: Electroclinical Presentation and Suggestions for Management

Author(s): Iván Sánchez Fernández | Kevin E. Chapman | Jurriaan M. Peters | Chellamani Harini | Alexander Rotenberg | Tobias Loddenkemper
N-Palmitoylethanolamine depot injection increased its tissue levels and those of other acylethanolamide lipids

Author(s): Grillo SL | Keereetaweep J | Grillo MA | Chapman KD | Koulen P
eClinics Integration Techniques for Clinical Information Systems Moving in to a National Network

Author(s): Dinusha Vatsalan | Shiromi Arunatilake | Keith Chapman | Saatviga Sudhahar | Chamal Abeywardhana
Understanding Resilient Urban Futures: A Systemic Modelling Approach

Author(s): Pengjun Zhao | Ralph Chapman | Edward Randal | Philippa Howden-Chapman
Challenges and Opportunities for the Future of iCampuses

Author(s): Andrew Thomas | Hanifa Shah | Philip Moore | Cain Evans | Mak Sharma | Sarah Mount | Hai V. Pham | Keith Osman | Anthony J. Wilcox | Peter Rayson | Craig Chapman | Parmjit Chima | Cham Athwal | David While
July 7th 2005 and its Aftermath

Author(s): Elizabeth Chapman
Palaeo-environments of the Balkan Lateglacial and their potential – were humans absent from the Garden of Eden?

Author(s): Enikő Magyari | Bisserka Gaydarska | Paul Pettitt | John Chapman
Provision and Utilization of Routine Antenatal Care in Rural Balochistan Province, Pakistan:Survey of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Pregnant Women

Author(s): Abdul Ghaffar | Sathirakorn Pongpanich | Robert S. Chapman | Alessio Panza | Sheh Mureed | Najma Ghaffar
Hepatitis C treatment - better outcomes through partner support

Author(s): Fleur Chapman | Alexandra McManus
Distinct profiles of systemic biomarkers of oxidative stress in chronic human pathologies: Cardiovascular, psychiatric, neurodegenerative, rheumatic, infectious, neoplasmic and endocrinological diseases

Author(s): Michel Brack | Olivier Brack | Yves Ménézo | Dominique Bonnefont Rousselot | Gerard Dreyfus | M. John Chapman Chapman | Anatol Kontush
Bacterial curli protein promotes the conversion of PAP248-286 into the amyloid SEVI: cross-seeding of dissimilar amyloid sequences

Author(s): Kevin Hartman | Jeffrey R. Brender | Kazuaki Monde | Akira Ono | Margery L. Evans | Nataliya Popovych | Matthew R. Chapman | Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy
Anticipating and Managing Future Trade-offs and Complementarities between Ecosystem Services

Author(s): Mark S. Reed | Klaus Hubacek | Aletta Bonn | Tim P. Burt | Joseph Holden | Lindsay C. Stringer | Nesha Beharry-Borg | Sarah Buckmaster | Dan Chapman | Pippa J. Chapman | Gareth D. Clay | Stephen J. Cornell | Andrew J. Dougill | Anna C. Evely | Evan D. G. Fraser | Nanlin Jin | Brian J. Irvine | Mike J. Kirkby | William E. Kunin | Christina Prell | Claire H. Quinn | Bill Slee | Sigrid Stagl | Mette Termansen | Simon Thorp | Fred Worrall
Successful orthotopic liver transplantation in an adult patient with sickle cell disease and review of the literature

Author(s): Morey Blinder | B. Geng | Mauricio Lisker-Melman | Jeffrey S. Crippin | Kevin Korenblat | William Chapman | Shalini Shenoy | Joshua J. Field
Excess Frequent Insufficient Sleep in American Indians/Alaska Natives

Author(s): Daniel P. Chapman | Janet B. Croft | Yong Liu | Geraldine S. Perry | Letitia R. Presley-Cantrell | Earl S. Ford
Crowdsourcing genomic analyses of ash and ash dieback – power to the people

Author(s): MacLean Dan | Yoshida Kentaro | Edwards Anne | Crossman Lisa | Clavijo Bernardo | Clark Matt | Swarbreck David | Bashton Matthew | Chapman Patrick | Gijzen Mark | Caccamo Mario | Downie Allan | Kamoun Sophien | Saunders Diane GO
A common type system for clinical natural language processing

Author(s): Wu Stephen T | Kaggal Vinod C | Dligach Dmitriy | Masanz James J | Chen Pei | Becker Lee | Chapman Wendy W | Savova Guergana K | Liu Hongfang | Chute Christopher G
Maraviroc (MVC) increases CD4+ and CD8+ cells: long-term data from the MVC clinical development program

Author(s): Lazzarin A | Sierra-Madero JG | Battegay M | Mukwaya G | Burnside R | Chapman D | McCracken J | Portsmouth S | Valluri S | Valdez H | Heera J
Influence of amount and percentage of CXCR4-using virus in predicting week 48 responses to maraviroc in treatment-naïve patients

Author(s): Valdez H | Chapman D | Biswai P | Lewis M | Craig C | Heera J | Ellery S | Swenson LC | Harrigan PR
What is the best Rocker Shoe design?

Author(s): Chapman Jonathan | Preece Stephen | Nester Christopher | Braunstein Bjoern | Höhne Angela | Brüggermann Gert-Peter
Crystal structures of wild-type and mutated cyclophilin B that causes hyperelastosis cutis in the American quarter horse

Author(s): Boudko Sergei P | Ishikawa Yoshihiro | Lerch Thomas F | Nix Jay | Chapman Michael S | Bächinger Hans
An ovary transcriptome for all maturational stages of the striped bass (Morone saxatilis), a highly advanced perciform fish

Author(s): Reading Benjamin J | Chapman Robert W | Schaff Jennifer E | Scholl Elizabeth H | Opperman Charles H | Sullivan Craig V

Author(s): Varndell, Gill | Guilaine, Jean | Harrison, Richard J. | Chapman, Bob | Mataloto, Rui | Chapa Brunet, Teresa
A Group-theoretic Approach to Human Solving Strategies in Sudoku

Author(s): Harrison Chapman | Malcolm E. Rupert
Efectos de la composicion del grupo: "perdido en la multitud", o "centro de atencion"

Author(s): Brian Mullen | Judith Chapman | Eduardo Salas
Savings, subgoals, and reference points

Author(s): Helen Colby | Gretchen B. Chapman
Immunoendocrine responses of male spinal cord injured athletes to 1-hour self-paced exercise: Pilot study

Author(s): Judith E. Allgrove, PhD | Mark Chapman, MSc | Tatiana Christides, MD | Paul M. Smith, PhD
Smoking, Cardiac Symptoms, and an Emergency Care Visit: A Mixed Methods Exploration of Cognitive and Emotional Reactions

Author(s): Karyn A. Tappe | Edwin D. Boudreaux | Beth Bock | Erin O'Hea | Brigitte M. Baumann | Steven M. Hollenberg | Bruce Becker | Gretchen B. Chapman
Estimating 3-Dimensional Structure of Tropical Forests from Radar Interferometry / Estimativa da Estrutura 3-Dimensional das Florestas Tropicais Através de Interferometria de Radar

Author(s): Robert Treuhaft | Bruce Chapman | Luciano Dutra | João Roberto dos Santos | Fábio Gonçalves | José Claudio Mura | Paulo Maurício de Alencastro Graca | Jason Drake
From El to Hell: On Stage in the Urban Underworld

Author(s): William Chapman SHARPE
Family-Witnessed Resuscitation: Perceptions of Nurses and Doctors Working in an Australian Emergency Department

Author(s): Rose Chapman | Rochelle Watkins | Angela Bushby | Shane Combs
Depression as a Major Component of Public Health for Older Adults

Author(s): Daniel P. Chapman, PhD, MSc | Geraldine S. Perry, DrPH
July 7th 2005 and its Aftermath

Author(s): Elizabeth Chapman
Acute Ischemic Stroke Secondary to Iron Deficiency Anemia: A Case Report

Author(s): Preema J. Mehta | Sherita Chapman | Annapurni Jayam-Trouth | Mohankumar Kurukumbi
Pulmonary Toxicity, Distribution, and Clearance of Intratracheally Instilled Silicon Nanowires in Rats

Author(s): Jenny R. Roberts | Robert R. Mercer | Rebecca S. Chapman | Guy M. Cohen | Sarunya Bangsaruntip | Diane Schwegler-Berry | James F. Scabilloni | Vincent Castranova | James M. Antonini | Stephen S. Leonard
The Role of Public Health in Addressing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health and Mental Illness

Author(s): Annelle B. Primm, MD, MPH | Melba J. T. Vasquez, PhD | Robert A. Mays, PhD, MSW | Doreleena Sammons-Posey, SM | Lela R. McKnight-Eily, PhD | Letitia R. Presley-Cantrell, PhD | Lisa C. McGuire, PhD | Daniel P. Chapman, PhD, MSc | Geraldine S. Perry, DrPH, RD
Primary Care, Public Health, and Mental Health

Author(s): Benjamin G. Druss, MD, MPH | Robert A. Mays, Jr, PhD, MSW | Valerie J. Edwards, PhD | Daniel P. Chapman, PhD, MSc
Identification of Cross-Country Skiing Movement Patterns Using Micro-Sensors

Author(s): Finn Marsland | Keith Lyons | Judith Anson | Gordon Waddington | Colin Macintosh | Dale Chapman
Merging Nitrogen Management and Renewable Energy Needs

Author(s): Elizabeth Wilson | Pippa J. Chapman | Adrian McDonald
The Incidence, Prevalence, and Mortality of Stroke in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US: A Literature Review

Author(s): Younan Zhang | Ann-Marie Chapman | Melanie Plested | Daniel Jackson | Francisco Purroy
The CDM-Net Project: The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Broadband-Based Network for Managing Chronic Disease

Author(s): Kay Jones | Trisha Dunning | Beth Costa | Kristine Fitzgerald | Akuh Adaji | Colin Chapman | Leon Piterman | Moira Paterson | Peter Schattner | John Catford
Divergent Selection and Then What Not: The Conundrum of Missing Reproductive Isolation in Misty Lake and Stream Stickleback

Author(s): Katja Räsänen | Matthieu Delcourt | Lauren J. Chapman | Andrew P. Hendry
Effect of HSV-2 Suppressive Therapy on Genital Tract HIV-1 RNA Shedding among Women on HAART: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Author(s): A. E. Nijhawan | A. K. DeLong | S. Chapman | A. Rana | J. Kurpewski | J. Ingersoll | A. M. Caliendo | S. Cu-Uvin
A Nutritious Whey Silage Fed to Beef Cows During Maintenance

Author(s): D.R. ZoBell | K.C. Olson | R.D. Wiedmeier | C. Stonecipher | C. Kim Chapman
The Global Role of Kidney Transplantation

Author(s): Guillermo Garcia Garcia | Paul Harden | Jeremy Chapman
World Kidney Day 2012: The global role of kidney transplantation.

Author(s): Guillermo Garcia GARCIA | Paul HARDEN | Jeremy CHAPMAN
The Genetics of Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation: Comparative Genomics of 14 Rhizobia Strains by Resolution of Protein Clusters

Author(s): Michael Black | Paula Moolhuijzen | Brett Chapman | Roberto Barrero | John Howieson | Mariangela Hungria | Matthew Bellgard
The effects of five different defaunation methods on biogeochemical properties of intertidal sediment

Author(s): T. J. Tolhurst | M. G. Chapman | A. J. Underwood | J. J. Cruz
Postoperative Pain Trajectories in Cardiac Surgery Patients

Author(s): C. Richard Chapman | Ruth Zaslansky | Gary W. Donaldson | Amihay Shinfeld
As clear as mud: Turbidity induces behavioral changes in the African cichlid Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor

Author(s): Suzanne M. GRAY, Laura H. McDONNELL, Fabio G. CINQUEMANI,Lauren J. CHAPMAN
Invasive Fungal Infections after Renal Transplantation

Author(s): S Ezzatzadegan | S Chen | JR Chapman
Using cKASS to facilitate knowledge authoring and sharing for syndromic surveillance

Author(s): Liqin Wang | Mingyuan Zhang | Mike Conway | Peter Haug | Wendy Chapman
The Mating of Diacamma

Author(s): W. M. Wheeler | J. W. Chapman
Neuronal Plasticity in the Entorhinal Cortex

Author(s): C. Andrew Chapman | Roland S. G. Jones | Min Jung
Postsynaptic Signals Mediating Induction of Long-Term Synaptic Depression in the Entorhinal Cortex

Author(s): Saïd Kourrich | Stephen D. Glasgow | Douglas A. Caruana | C. Andrew Chapman
Evaluating syndrome definitions in the extended syndromic surveillance ontology

Author(s): Mike Conway | John Dowling | Wendy Chapman
A web-based platform to support text mining of clinical reports for public health surveillance

Author(s): Annie T. Chen | Wendy Chapman | Mike Conway | Brian Chapman
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