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Author(s): C.C.G.F. Pereira | W.S. Smith | E.L.G. Espu00EDndola
Ansiedad competitiva y clima motivacional en jóvenes futbolistas de competición, en relación con las habilidades y el rendimiento percibido por sus entrenadores

Author(s): Alexandre Garcia-Mas | Pere Palou | R. E. Smith | Xavier Ponseti | Pedro Almeida | Jou00E3o Lameiras | Rafael Jimu00E9nez | Alicia Leiva
Multiplexed Analysis of Cage and Cage Free Chicken Egg Fatty Acids Using Stable Isotope Labeling and Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Richard G. Torde | Andrew J. Therrien | Michael R. Shortreed | Lloyd M. Smith | Shane M. Lamos
Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Pediatric Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Descriptive Review

Author(s): H. Russell Searight | Kayla Robertson | Todd Smith | Scott Perkins | Barbara K. Searight
Effect of Folic Acid Supplementation in Pregnancy on Preeclampsia: The Folic Acid Clinical Trial Study

Author(s): Shi Wu Wen | Josee Champagne | Ruth Rennicks White | Doug Coyle | William Fraser | Graeme Smith | Dean Fergusson | Mark C. Walker
Attitudes toward Genetic Testing for Hypertension among African American Women and Girls

Author(s): Jacquelyn Y. Taylor | Bronwen Peternell | Jennifer A. Smith
The CSFs, Quality Governance, BPR Performance and Gaining Competitive Advantage

Author(s): Anne Smith | Mary Meade | David Wolf | Jerry Song
Revisión del efecto Kerr magneto óptico

Author(s): A.J. Smith | D.E. Jaramillo | J. Osorio
Force Measurement Capability for Robotic Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery Systems

Author(s): Mohsen Moradi Dalvand | Bijan Shirinzadeh | Saeid Nahavandi | Fatemeh Karimirad | Julian Smith
Shock timing on the National Ignition Facility: First experiments

Author(s): Celliers P.M. | Robey H.F. | Boehly T.R. | Alger E. | Azevedo S. | Berzins L.V. | Bhandarkar S.D. | Bowers M.W. | Brereton S.J. | Callahan D. | Castro C. | Chandrasekaran H. | Choate C. | Clark D.S. | Coffee K.R. | Datte P.S. | Dewald E.L. | DiNicola P. | Dixit S. | Döppner T. | Dzenitis E. | Edwards M.J. | Eggert J.H. | Fair J. | Farley D.R. | Frieders G. | Gibson C.R. | Giraldez E. | Haan S. | Haid B. | Hamza A.V. | Haynam C. | Hicks D.G. | Holunga D.M. | Horner J.B. | Jancaitis K. | Jones O.S. | Kalantar D. | Kline J.L. | Krauter K.G. | Kroll J.J. | LaFortune K.N. | Pape S. Le | Malsbury T. | Mapoles E.R. | Meezan N.B. | Milovich J.L. | Moody J.D. | Moreno K. | Munro D.H. | Nikroo A. | Olson R.E. | Parham T. | Pollaine S. | Radousky H.B. | Ross G.F. | Sater J. | Schneider M.B. | Shaw M. | Smith R.F. | Sterne P.A. | Thomas C.A. | Throop A. | Town R.P.J. | Trummer D. | Wonterghem B.M. Van | Walters C.F. | Widmann K. | Widmayer C. | Young B.K. | Atherton L.J. | Collins G.W. | Landen O.L. | Lindl J.D. | MacGowan B.J. | Meyerhofer D.D. | Moses E.I.
GRS 1758–258: RXTE Monitoring of a Rare Persistent Hard State Black Hole

Author(s): M. Obst | K. Pottschmidt | A. Lohfink | J. Wilms | M. Böck | D. M. Smith | J. A. Tomsick | I. Kreykenbohm

Author(s): Marcelo D. Arana | Antonia J. Oggero | Cesar A. Bianco | Gideon F. Smith | Estrela Figueiredo
La investigación narrativa en la educación física y el deporte: qué es y para qué sirve

Author(s): Vu00EDctor M. Peru00E9z Samaniego | Josu00E9 Devu00EDs Devu00EDs | Brett M. Smith | Andrew C. Sparkes
Efectos del glifosato en los musgos chrysoblastella chilensis,ectropothecium leptochaeton y syntrichia bogotensis

Author(s): Eliana X. Narvu00E1ez Parra | Javier H. Jerez Jaimes | Fredy Galvis | Holver Smith Parada
Desarrollo dirigido por modelos para la creación de laboratorios virtuales

Author(s): Yois Smith Pascuas Rengifo | Josu00E9 Joaquu00EDn Bocanegra Garcu00EDa | Edson Johann Ortiz Lozada | Josu00E9 Nelson Pu00E9rez Castillo
Measurements of the High Dose Rate Profiles Inside a Shutdown CANDU® Reactor

Author(s): C. Jewett | J. Chow | D. Comeau | G. Jonkmans | B. Smith | B. Sur | D. Taylor | S. Yue
Career Dilemmas among Diné (Navajo) College Graduates: An Exploration of the Dinétah (Navajo Nation) Brain Drain

Author(s): James McKenzie | Aaron P. Jackson, | Robert Yazzie | Steven A. Smith | Amber K. Crotty | Donny Baum | Avery Denny | Dana Bah'lgai Eldridge
The Crossroads of Social Interest Housing in Bogota: Land Prices

Author(s): Alex Smith Araque Solano | Yadira Caballero Quintero
Tipos y uso de argumentos escépticos en Hume

Author(s): Plínio Junqueira Smith
Making Change From Below

Author(s): Dorothy Smith
Reference genes for quantitative RT-PCR data in gastric tissues and cell lines

Author(s): Fernanda Wisnieski | Danielle Queiroz Calcagno | Mariana Ferreira Leal | Leonardo Caires dos Santos | Carolina de Oliveira Gigek | Elizabeth Suchi Chen | Thaís Brilhante Pontes | Paulo Pimentel Assumpção | Mônica Barauna de Assumpção | Sâmia Demachki | Rommel Rodríguez Burbano | Marília de Arruda Cardoso Smith
Vincristine sulfate liposomal injection for acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Author(s): Soosay Raj TA | Smith AM | Moore AS
Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin: Its Response to Hypoxia and Association with Acute Mountain Sickness

Author(s): Adrian Mellor | Christopher Boos | Mike Stacey | Tim Hooper | Chris Smith | Joe Begley | Jo Yarker | Rick Piper | John O'Hara | Rod King | Steve Turner | David R. Woods
catena-Poly[2,2′,2′′-nitrilotris(ethanaminium) [tri-μ-oxido-tris[dioxidovanadate(V)]] monohydrate]

Author(s): Kelvin B. Chang | Matthew D. Smith | Matthias Zeller | Alexander J. Norquist
Endovascular interventions for traumatic portal venous hemorrhage complicated by portal hypertension

Author(s): Dinesh Kumar Sundarakumar | Crysela Mirta Smith | Jorge Enrique Lopera | Matthew Kogut | Rajeev Suri
Essay on the Geography of Plants

Author(s): Ian C. Smith
Reviewer Acknowledgements

Author(s): Robert Smith
La encrucijada de la Vivienda de Interés Social en Bogotá: Los precios del suelo.

Author(s): Alex Smith Araque Solano | Yadira Caballero Quintero

Author(s): Charles-Victor Boutet | Luc Quoniam | William Samuel Ravatua Smith
Improving the Psychosocial Work Environment at Multi-Ethnic Workplaces: A Multi-Component Intervention Strategy in the Cleaning Industry

Author(s): Louise Hardman Smith | Kirsten Hviid | Karen Bo Frydendall | Mari-Ann Flyvholm
Symbol/Meaning Paired-Associate Recall: An “Archetypal Memory” Advantage?

Author(s): Milena Sotirova-Kohli | Klaus Opwis | Christian Roesler | Steven M. Smith | David H. Rosen | Jyotsna Vaid | Valentin Djonov

Author(s): Lynda Thyer | Emma Ward | Rodney Smith | Jacopo J.V. Branca | Gabriele Morucci | Massimo Gulisano | David Noakes | Stefania Pacini
The Garage (Take One)

Author(s): Sean Smith
The End Times of Philosophy

Author(s): François Laruelle | Drew Burk (trans.) | Anthony Paul Smith (trans.)
Anti-Plasmodial Activity of Some Zulu Medicinal Plants and of Some Triterpenes Isolated from Them

Author(s): Mthokozisi B. C. Simelane | Addmore Shonhai | Francis O. Shode | Peter Smith | Mogie Singh | Andy R. Opoku
Healthcare provider beliefs about exercise and fatigue in people with multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Catherine M. Smith, PhD | Leigh Anne Hale, PhD | Karin Olson, PhD, Distinguished Scholar | G. David Baxter, PhD | Anthony G. Schneiders, PhD
Complexities in the Roles of Reading Specialists

Author(s): Troy Jones | Mary Alice Barksdale | Cheri F. Triplett | Ann Potts | Rosary Lalik | Christine Smith
Association of Interleukin 23 Receptor Gene with Sarcoidosis

Author(s): Hyun Soo Kim | Dongseok Choi | Lyndell L. Lim | Gopal Allada | Justine R. Smith | Carrie R. Austin | Trudy M. Doyle | Kelley A. Goodwin | James T. Rosenbaum | Tammy M. Martin
Stem Cell Biomarkers in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Author(s): Xiaoyan Jiang | Yun Zhao | Donna Forrest | Clayton Smith | Allen Eaves | Connie Eaves
Homogeneous Assay of rs4343, an ACE I/D Proxy, and an Analysis in the British Women’s Heart and Health Study (BWHHS)

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Abdollahi | Shuwen Huang | Santiago Rodriguez | Philip Alexander Isles Guthrie | George Davey Smith | Shah Ebrahim | Debbie A. Lawlor | Ian N. M. Day | Tom R. Gaunt
A Rational Approach for Discovering and Validating Cancer Markers in Very Small Samples Using Mass Spectrometry and ELISA Microarrays

Author(s): Richard C. Zangar | Susan M. Varnum | Chandice Y. Covington | Richard D. Smith
Sea Surface Warming and its Implications for Harmful Algal Blooms off Oman

Author(s): Y.V.B. Sarma | Khalid Al-Hashmi | Sharon L. Smith
Systematic review of clinical studies related to pork intake and metabolic syndrome or its components

Author(s): Stettler N | Murphy MM | Barraj LM | Smith KM | Ahima RS
Clinical Development of a Cytomegalovirus DNA Vaccine: From Product Concept to Pivotal Phase 3 Trial

Author(s): Larry R. Smith | Mary K. Wloch | Jennifer A. Chaplin | Michele Gerber | Alain P. Rolland
Addressing the Complexities of Boundary Work in Sustainability Science through Communication

Author(s): Bridie McGreavy | Karen Hutchins | Hollie Smith | Laura Lindenfeld | Linda Silka
Inter-annual Variability of Chlorophyll-a in the Arabian Sea and its Gulfs

Author(s): Y.V.B. Sarma | Adnan Al Azri | Sharon L. Smith
Seabed topography beneath Larsen C Ice Shelf from seismic soundings

Author(s): A. M. Brisbourne | A. M. Smith | E. C. King | K. W. Nicholls | P. R. Holland | K. Makinson
Influence of ice-sheet geometry and supraglacial lakes on seasonal ice-flow variability

Author(s): I. Joughin | S. B. Das | G. E. Flowers | M. D. Behn | R. B. Alley | M. A. King | B. E. Smith | J. L. Bamber | M. R. van den Broeke | J. H. van Angelen
The Physical Entity of Vector Potential in Electromagnetism

Author(s): Vladimir Alexandr Leus | Ray T. Smith | Simon Maher
Effects of Vitamin E on Bone Biomechanical and Histomorphometric Parameters in Ovariectomized Rats

Author(s): Rafaela G. Feresin | Sarah A. Johnson | Marcus L. Elam | Jeong-Su Kim | Dania A. Khalil | Edralin A. Lucas | Brenda J. Smith | Mark E. Payton | Mohammed P. Akhter | Bahram H. Arjmandi
Interventions to improve daily activity in individuals with COPD and CHF: A systematic review

Author(s): Michael J. Shoemaker | Brian Keenoy | Brad Smith | Patrick Slotman
Changes in Soil Composition and Floral Coverage on a Glacial Foreland Chronosequence in Southern Iceland

Author(s): Lawrence H. Tanner | Ann E. Walker | Morgan Nivison | David L. Smith
Lead poisoning due to appendiceal foreign body

Author(s): Gustavo Stringel | Camelia Lawrence | Richard Noto | Adele Brudnicki | Gwen Smith
Dexmedetomidine Causes Increased Hypotension in Older Adults When Used for Cataract Surgery Compared to Propofol

Author(s): Irwin Gratz | Smith Jean | Edward Deal | Erin Pukenas | Elaine Allen | Marc C. Torjman
Rolling Circle Amplification on Biotin-Streptavidin Complexes Immobilized to Activated Cyclic Polyolefin Surfaces

Author(s): Herin Oh | Alec Cerchiari | Desirée Sørensen | Timothy Mon | Cassandra L. Smith
Phosphorus Mass Balance of the Illinois River Watershed in Arkansas and Oklahoma

Author(s): Bernard Engel | Meagan Smith | John Berton Fisher | Roger Olsen | Laurent Ahiablame
Real-Time Modelling and Optimisation for Water and Energy Efficient Surface Irrigation

Author(s): Kanya L. Khatri | Ashfaque A. Memon | Yasin Shaikh | Agha F. H. Pathan | Sadiq A. Shah | Kanwal K. Pinjani | Rabia Soomro | Rod Smith | Zaheer Almani
Drought and Associated Impacts in the Great Plains of the United States—A Review

Author(s): Jeffrey B. Basara | Joanna N. Maybourn | Casey M. Peirano | Jennifer E. Tate | Parker J. Brown | Jake D. Hoey | Brandon R. Smith
How might epigenetics contribute to ecological speciation?

Author(s): Gilbert SMITH, Michael G. RITCHIE
Water-use efficiency declines during autumn leaf senescence in three deciduous tree species

Author(s): Adriana Sanchez | Nicole M. Hughes | William K. Smith
Dynamic Evaluation and Visualisation of the Quality and Reliability of Sensor Data Sources

Author(s): Ritaban Dutta | Claire D’Este | Ahsan Morshed | Daniel Smith | Aruneema Das | Jagannath Aryal
The Quality of Life of Adults with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families in Calgary Canada: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Mitchell Clark | Ryan Geake | Amanda D. Smith | Mickey Greiner | Elaine Yost
Saúde mental na estratégia saúde da família: revisão da literatura brasileira Mental health in the family health strategy: a review of Brazilian literature

Author(s): Luiz Gustavo Silva Souza | Maria Cristina Smith Menandro | Leandra Lúcia Moraes Couto | Polyana Barbosa Schimith | Rebeca Panceri de Lima
Democracias liberal e iliberal na América Latina

Author(s): Peter H. Smith | Melissa R. Ziegler
Helicobacter pylori detection in gastric biopsies, saliva and dental plaque of Brazilian dyspeptic patients

Author(s): Lucas Trevizani Rasmussen | Roger William de Labio | Luciano Lobo Gatti | Luiz Carlos da Silva | Valdeir Fagundes de Queiroz | Marília de Arruda Cardoso Smith | Spencer Luiz Marques Payão

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