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Efficacy of Modified Cognitive Interviewing, Compared to Human Judgments in Detecting Deception Related to Bio-threat Activities

Author(s): Dr. Charles A. Morgan | Dr. Yaron G. Rabinowitz | Deborah Hilts | Craig E. Weller | Dr. Vladimir Coric
Matching Intelligence Teaching Methods with Different Learners' Needs

Author(s): David L. Blenkhorn | Craig S. Fleisher
Alcances e impactos del Programa Hábitat en comunidades pobres urbanas de México

Author(s): Gerardo ORDu00D3u00D1EZ-BARBA | Tito ALEGRu00CDA-OLAZu00C1BAL | Craig MCINTOSH | Renu00E9 Zenteno-Quintero
Iurii Pavlovich Medvedev: An Obituary

Author(s): Craig Brandist
Iurii Pavlovich Medvedev: um obituário

Author(s): Craig Brandist
Telecare for people with dementia: evaluation of Renfrewshire project

Author(s): Joyce Agnes Craig | Diana Sanderson | Lorna Muir
Land and Forest Degradation inside Protected Areas in Latin America

Author(s): Craig Leisher | Jerome Touval | Sebastiaan M. Hess | Timothy M. Boucher | Louis Reymondin
Manifiesto por las Ciencias Sociales

Author(s): Craig Calhoun | Michel Wieviorka
Can Law Foster Social-Ecological Resilience?

Author(s): Ahjond S. Garmestani | Craig R. Allen | Melinda H. Benson
Seasonal Climate Variation and Caribou Availability: Modeling Sequential Movement Using Satellite-Relocation Data

Author(s): Craig Nicolson | Matthew Berman | Colin Thor. West | Gary P. Kofinas | Brad Griffith | Don Russell | Darcy Dugan
The Economic Impact of Starting, Stopping, and Restarting an Antibiotic Stewardship Program: A 14-Year Experience

Author(s): Mary A. Ullman | Garry L. Parlier | James Bryan Warren | Noe Mateo | Craig Harvey | Christopher J. Sullivan | Robert Bergsbaken | Isaac F. Mitropoulos | John A. Bosso | John C. Rotschafer
Application of Laboratory-Synthesized Ammonium Zeolite LTX as Soil Amendment Additive

Author(s): Bright Kwakye-Awuah | Fred Joseph Komla Adzabe | Isaac Nkrumah | Craig Williams
Video Self-assessment for Language Learners

Author(s): Rob Hirschel | Craig Yamamoto | Peter Lee
Proteomic analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in an equine model of asthma during a natural antigen exposure trial

Author(s): Marybeth Miskovic Feutz | C. Paige Riley | Xiang Zhang | Jiri Adamec | Craig Thompson | Laurent L. Couetil
Evaluation of CO2 Application Requirements for On-Farm Mass Depopulation of Swine in a Disease Emergency

Author(s): Larry Stikeleather | William Morrow | Robert Meyer | Craig Baird | Burt Halbert
Mechanisms of Chemical Carcinogenesis in the Kidneys

Author(s): Robert Radford | Helena Frain | Michael P. Ryan | Craig Slattery | Tara McMorrow
Urine albumin excretion: Characterization of normal variability in healthy children

Author(s): John Robert Brandt | Craig Stephen Wong | Aaron Jacobs | Amy Otten Staples
In vivo evaluation of an experimental root-end filling material versus MTA

Author(s): Paul D. Eleazer | S. Craig Rhodes | David M. Horn | Patricia DeVilliers | Shi Wei | Lea Novak | Erik D. Dohm | Richard A. Weems | Mark S. Litaker
A Study of Zoledronic Acid as Neo-Adjuvant, Perioperative Therapy in Patients with Resectable Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Dominic E. Sanford | Matthew R. Porembka | Roheena Z. Panni | Jonathan B. Mitchem | Brian A. Belt | Stacey M. Plambeck-Suess | Goldie Lin | David G. DeNardo | Ryan C. Fields | William G. Hawkins | Steven M. Strasberg | Craig Lockhart | Andrea Wang-Gillam | Simon Peter Goedegebuure | David C. Linehan
Gape size influences seasonal patterns of piscivore diets in three Neotropical rivers

Author(s): Carmen G. Montaña | Craig A. Layman | Kirk O. Winemiller
Comparison of fish assemblages in two littoral habitats in a Neotropical morichal stream in Venezuela

Author(s): Carmen G. Montaña | Craig A. Layman | Donald C. Taphorn
Movement of Cichla species (Cichlidae) in a Venezuelan floodplain river

Author(s): David J. Hoeinghaus | Craig A. Layman | D. Albrey Arrington | Kirk O. Winemiller
Vaccines against Toxoplasma gondii: challenges and opportunities

Author(s): Erik Jongert | Craig W Roberts | Nicola Gargano | Elisabeth Förster-Waldl | Eskild Petersen
Prevalence of diarrheagenic Escherichia coli in children with diarrhea in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Author(s): Marcia Regina Franzolin | Rosely Cabette Barbosa Alves | Rogéria Keller | Tânia Aparecida Tardelli Gomes | Lothar Beutin | Mauricio Lima Barreto | Craig Milroy | Agostino Strina | Hugo Ribeiro | Luiz Rachid Trabulsi
The Success of Knowledge Sharing Culture: The Leadership Factor

Author(s): Light. Zaglago | Craig. Chapman | Hanifa Shah
Barriers to Nationwide Adoption of the Smart Grid Technology in Ghana

Author(s): Light. Zaglago | Craig. Chapman | Hanifa Shah
The Trust Factor: Design Team Knowledge Sharing Culture

Author(s): Light. Zaglago | Craig. Chapman | Hanifa Shah
The Impact of Culture in Enterprise Resource Planning System Implementation

Author(s): Light. Zaglago | Idisemi. Apulu | Craig. Chapman | Hanifa Shah
Characterization of six microsatellite loci in Myrica faya (Myricaceae) and cross amplification in the endangered endemic M. rivas-martinezii in Canary Islands, Spain

Author(s): Miguel A. González-Pérez | Craig Newton | Pedro A. Sosa | Elizabeth Rivero | Edna A. González-González
Design and development of ankle-foot prosthesis with delayed release of plantarflexion

Author(s): Michael Mitchell, MSc | Katelynn Craig, MSc | Peter Kyberd, PhD | Edmund Biden, DPhil | Greg Bush, CP
An Assessment of Food Safety Needs of Restaurants in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

Author(s): Sylvester N. Onyeneho | Craig W. Hedberg
Structural Characterization of New Microcystins Containing Tryptophan and Oxidized Tryptophan Residues

Author(s): Jonathan Puddick | Michèle R. Prinsep | Susanna A. Wood | Christopher O. Miles | Frode Rise | Stephen Craig Cary | David P. Hamilton | Alistair L. Wilkins
Examining the Infractions Causing Higher Rates of Suspensions and Expulsions: Racial and Ethnic Considerations

Author(s): Craig J. Forsyth | Holly Howat | Lai K. Pei | York A. Forsyth | Gary Asmus | Billy R. Stokes
Influence of coral and algal exudates on microbially mediated reef metabolism

Author(s): Andreas F. Haas | Craig E. Nelson | Forest Rohwer | Linda Wegley-Kelly | Steven D. Quistad | Craig A. Carlson | James J. Leichter | Mark Hatay | Jennifer E. Smith
Swooping in the Suburbs; Parental Defence of an Abundant Aggressive Urban Bird against Humans

Author(s): Daniel Lees | Craig D. H. Sherman | Grainne S. Maguire | Peter Dann | Adam P. A. Cardilini | Michael A. Weston
Learning Assessment: Hyperbolic Doubts versus Deflated Critiques

Author(s): Andrew N. Carpenter | Craig Bach
Case-Control Study of Arsenic in Drinking Water and Lung Cancer in California and Nevada

Author(s): David C. Dauphiné | Allan H. Smith | Yan Yuan | John R. Balmes | Michael N. Bates | Craig Steinmaus
The future is now

Author(s): Craig L Johnstone
Vitamin D Deficiency Is Not Associated with Changes in Retinal Geometric Parameters in Young People with Type 1 Diabetes

Author(s): Myra Poon | Maria E. Craig | Harleen Kaur | Janine Cusumano | Muhammad Bayu Sasongko | Tien Yin Wong | Kim C. Donaghue

Author(s): Michael Schiffers | Dieter Kranzlmüller | Andrea Clematis | Daniele D' Agostino | Antonella Galizia | Alfonso Quarati | Antonio Parodi | Marina Morando | Nicola Rebora | Eva Trasforini | Luca Molini | Franco Siccardi | George Craig | Arnold Tafferner
Challenges and Opportunities for the Future of iCampuses

Author(s): Andrew Thomas | Hanifa Shah | Philip Moore | Cain Evans | Mak Sharma | Sarah Mount | Hai V. Pham | Keith Osman | Anthony J. Wilcox | Peter Rayson | Craig Chapman | Parmjit Chima | Cham Athwal | David While
Peritoneal Tuberculosis in an Immunocompetent, Unknown Risk Patient

Author(s): Yutaka Tomizawa | Emmanuelle B. Yecies | Fiona E. Craig | Adam Sohnen
Survival and behavior of Chinese mystery snails (Bellamya chinensis) in response to simulated water body drawdowns and extended air exposure

Author(s): Kody M. Unstad | Daniel R. Uden | Craig R. Allen | Danielle M. Haak | Robert A. Kill | Kevin L. Pope | Bruce J. Stephen | Alec Wong
La explotación tartésica de la casiterita entre los ríos Tajo y Guadiana: San Cristóbal de Logrosán (Cáceres)

Author(s): Rodríguez Díaz, Alonso | Pavón Soldevila, Ignacio | Duque Espino, David M. | Ponce de León Iglesias, Moisés | Hunt Ortiz, Mark A. | Merideth, Craig
The plasmasphere during a space weather event: first results from the PLASMON project

Author(s): Lichtenberger János | Clilverd Mark A. | Heilig Balázs | Vellante Massimo | Manninen Jyrki | Rodger Craig J. | Collier Andrew B. | Jørgensen Anders M. | Reda Jan | Holzworth Robert H. | Friedel Reinhard | Simon-Wedlund Mea
Acute Myeloid Leukemia Presenting as Acute Appendicitis

Author(s): Sherri Rauenzahn | Caroline Armstrong | Brendan Curley | Sarah Sofka | Michael Craig
Reactivity Study of Kaolinite and Metakaolinite in Fluoride Media under Hydrothermal Conditions

Author(s): Carlos Alberto Ríos Reyes | Craig Williams | Óscar Mauricio Castellanos
Growth and survival of porkfish (Anisotremus virginicus) larvae: comparing rotifers and copepod nauplii during first feeding

Author(s): Eric J. Cassiano | Matthew L. Wittenrich | Gary C. Violetta | Craig A. Watson
Hemodynamic effect of avanafil and glyceryl trinitrate coadministration

Author(s): Dennis Swearingen | Ajay Nehra | Susie Morelos | Craig A Peterson
Improvements to and Comparison of Static Terrestrial LiDAR Self-Calibration Methods

Author(s): Jacky C. K. Chow | Derek D. Lichti | Craig Glennie | Preston Hartzell
Tay-Sachs carrier screening in the genomics age: Gene sequencing versus enzyme analysis in non-Jewish individuals

Author(s): Charles M. Strom | Noh Jin Park | Craig Morgan | Raynah Lobo | Beryl Crossley | Rajesh Sharma | Reuben Bonilla-Guerrero | Denise Salazar
Integration of HIV Care with Primary Health Care Services: Effect on Patient Satisfaction and Stigma in Rural Kenya

Author(s): Thomas A. Odeny | Jeremy Penner | Jayne Lewis-Kulzer | Hannah H. Leslie | Starley B. Shade | Walter Adero | Jackson Kioko | Craig R. Cohen | Elizabeth A. Bukusi
Light-Metal-Based Nanostructures for Energy and Biomedical Applications

Author(s): Jianxin Zou | Craig Buckley | Huaiyu Shao | Gang Ji | Kemin Zhang
Providers’ Perspectives on Provision of Family Planning to HIV-Positive Individuals in HIV Care in Nyanza Province, Kenya

Author(s): Sara J. Newmann | Kavita Mishra | Maricianah Onono | Elizabeth A. Bukusi | Craig R. Cohen | Olivia Gage | Rose Odeny | Katie D. Schwartz | Daniel Grossman
Overcoming Barriers to Family Planning through Integration: Perspectives of HIV-Positive Men in Nyanza Province, Kenya

Author(s): Rachel L. Steinfeld | Sara J. Newmann | Maricianah Onono | Craig R. Cohen | Elizabeth A. Bukusi | Daniel Grossman
The coming vitality of rural places

Author(s): Craig B. HOWLEY
Organ homologies in orchid flowers re-interpreted using the Musk Orchid as a model

Author(s): Paula J. Rudall | Craig D. Perl | Richard M. Bateman
Separating Adaptive Maintenance (Resilience) and Transformative Capacity of Social-Ecological Systems

Author(s): Samuel Wilson | Leonie J. Pearson | Yoshihisa Kashima | Dean Lusher | Craig Pearson

Author(s): Geoffrey Sherington | Craig Campbell
Transmission of the Global Financial Crisis to the East Asian Equity Markets

Author(s): Tran Phuong Thao | Kevin Daly | Craig Ellis
Aligning BIM with FM: streamlining the process for future projects

Author(s): Colleen Kasprzak | Craig Dubler

Author(s): Craig Langston | Rick Best

Author(s): Craig Langston | Rick Best

Author(s): Craig Langston

Author(s): Craig Langston
Estimating Demolition Costs for Single Residential Buildings

Author(s): Chunlu Liu | Benjamin Lyle | Craig Langston
A New Interlink Decision Making Index for Making Multi-criteria Decision

Author(s): Eric Hu | Linda Zou | Craig Langston

Author(s): Craig Langston
Facilities Economics in Australia

Author(s): Craig Langston
City of Sanctuary- a UK initiative for hospitality

Author(s): Jonathan Darling | Craig Barnett | Sarah Eldridge
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