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Cesarean Delivery and Duration of Breast Feeding

Author(s): SH Nabavizadeh | SH Nabavizadeh | M Safari | M Safari
Nonsurgical Endodontic Treatment of a Maxillary Central Incisor with Two Separate Roots: A Case Report

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Nabavizadeh | Mohammad Reza Jouyandeh | Adnan Atbaee | Mahdi Sedigh Shams
Prevalence of fruite (kiwi) allergy in health worker with latex hypersensitivity

Author(s): Nabavizadeh Sayyed Hesamedin | Yazdanpanah Shiva
Antibiotic prescription for endodontic treatment: General dentist knowledge + practice in Shiraz

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Nabavizadeh | Safoora Sahebi | Ilnaz Nadian
Protective Effect of Ghrelin on Isoniazid-induced Liver Injury in Rat

Author(s): Kheyabany, Shadi Sar Kheyr | Nabavizadeh, Fatemeh | Vaezi, Gholam Hassan | Alizadeh, Ali Mohammad | Nahrevanian, Hossein | Moslehi, Azam | Azizian, Saleh
Protective Effect of Ghrelin on Sodium Valproate-induced Liver Injury in Rat

Author(s): Sadeghi Niaraki, Mandana | Nabavizadeh, Fatemeh | Vaezi, Gholam H. | Alizadeh, Ali M. | Nahrevanian, Hossein | Moslehi, Azam | Azizian, Saleh
Retrospective study of factors related to preterm labor in Yasuj, Iran

Author(s): Nabavizadeh SH | Malekzadeh M | Mousavizadeh A | Ghaffarian Shirazi HR | Ghaffari P | Karshenas N | Malekzadeh T | Zoladl M
A Case Report of Acute Hemorrhagic Edema of Infancy

Author(s): M. Safari | H. Bazmamoun | S.H. Nabavizadeh
The Effect of Time Passage on False Positive Urinary Nitrite Test

Author(s): SH Nabavizadeh | M Nabavi | A Habib | Shokoofeh Barazandeh
The effect of herbal drugs on neonatal jaundice

Author(s): SH Nabavizadeh | M Safari | F Khoshnevisan
Primary Success of Bifurcated Vein Patch Arteriovenous Fistula and Brescia-Cimino Methods

Author(s): Jalal Vahedian | Amir Mohsen Jalayifar | Mohammad Reza Keramati | Fatemeh Nabavizadeh | Mohammad Vahedian
Cesarean delivery and duration of breast feeding

Author(s): SH Nabavizadeh | M Safari
The effect of herbal drugs on neonatal jaundice

Author(s): SH Nabavizadeh | M Safari | F Khoshnevisan
The Effect of Time Passage on False Positive Urinary Nitrite Test

Author(s): SH Nabavizadeh | M Nabavi | A Habib | Shokoofeh Barazandeh
The effects of Leptin on gastric ulcer due to physical and psychological stress: Involvement of nitric oxide and prostaglandin E2

Author(s): Soghra Fallahi | Fatemeh Nabavizadeh | Seyed Shahabadin Sadr | Ali Mohammad Alizadeh | Soheila Adeli | Hossein Nahrevanian | Hamid Reza Sadeghipour | Gholamreza Hasanzadeh
Neonatal Mortality Risk Factors in a Rural Part of Iran: A Nested Case-Control Study

Author(s): R Chaman | K Holakouie Naieni | B Golestan | H Nabavizadeh | M Yunesian
Sonographic Measurement of the Inferior Vena Cava as A Marker of Blood Loss

Author(s): A. Sefidbakht | A. Assadsangabi | A. Nabavizadeh
Clinical Manifestations and MRI Findings of Patients with Hydrated and Dehydrated Lumbar Disk Herniation

Author(s): A.R. Rasekhi | A.R Babaahmadi | R. Assadsangabi | A. Nabavizadeh
Hypoparathyroidism and Intracerebral Calcifications in Patients with Beta-Thalassemia Major

Author(s): A. Nabavizadeh | M. Karimi | A. Rasekhi | M. rasekh | R. Assadsangabi | Gh. Amirhakimi
Percutaneous Transhepatic Venous Angioplasty and Stenting in A 9-Months-Old Patient with Hepatic Vein Obstruction after Partial Liver Transplantation

Author(s): A. Rasekhi | P. Varedi | S. A. Nabavizadeh | S. A. Malekhosseini | M. Naderifar | S. Soltani
Prevalence of Cholelithiasis and Biliary Sludge in Thalassemic Patients in Iran: An UIltrasonographic Study

Author(s): M. Lotfi | P. Keramati | R. Assadsangabi | S. A. Nabavizadeh | M. Karimi
Retroesophageal Aortic Arch in A Patient with Pulmonary Embolism

Author(s): S. Sefidbakht | P. Varedi | S. A. Nabavizadeh
Bilateral Pulmonary Artery Involvement in Behcet’s Syndrome (A Case Report)

Author(s): A. Meshksar | S. Farahangiz | R. Assadsangabi | s. A. Nabavizadeh
Bilateral Renal Lymphangiomatosis: Ultrasound, CT, and MRI Findings

Author(s): M. H. Bagheri | Z. Zare | S. Sefidbakht | S. A. Nabavizadeh | J. Roozbeh | M. Salehipour
Synergistic Effect of Intravenous Immunoglobulins and Iodinated Contrast Media on Renal Function

Author(s): Mojgan Safari | Seyed Hesamedin Nabavizadeh | Sara Kashef
Cutaneous Finding in Anti Thymocyte Globulin Induced Serum Sickness

Author(s): Seyed Hesamedin Nabavizadeh | Mehran Karimi | Reza Amin
Hair Loss as a Sign of Kawasaki Disease

Author(s): Sayyed Hesamedin Nabavizadeh | Mojgan Safari | Reza Amin
Natural Rubber Latex Hypersensitivity with Skin Prick Test in Operating Room Personnel

Author(s): Seyed Hessamedin Nabavizadeh | Amir Anushiravani | Reza Amin

Author(s): S. Al-Yasin | S. H. Nabavizadeh | M. Nabavi | M. Kiani | M. Safari O. Zekavat
Lead Exposure Changes Gastric Acid Secretion in Rat: Role of Nitric Oxide (NO)

Author(s): Zakieh Vahedian | Fatemeh Nabavizadeh | Mansoor Keshavarz | Jalal Vahedian | Fatemeh Mirershadi
Aneurysm of Brachial Artery Following Axillary Crutch

Author(s): J Vahedian-Ardakani | M Vahedian | F Nabavizadeh
Physical and psychological stress have similar effects on gastric acid and pepsin secretions in rat

Author(s): Nabavizadeh Fatemeh | Mohammad Vahedian | Hedayat Sahraei | Soheila Adeli | Ehsan Salimi
The Effects of Cholestasis and Cirrhosis on Gastric Acid and Pepsin Secretions in Rat: Involvement of Nitric Oxide

Author(s): Fatemeh Nabavizadeh | Rohallah Moloudi | Ahmad Reza Dehpour | Hossein Nahrevanian | Kaveh Shahvaisi | Ehsan Salimi
Diagnostic Value of Prostate Specific Antigen and Its Density in Iranian Men with Prostate Cancer

Author(s): M Lotfi | R Assadsangabi | M Shirazi | R Jali | A Assadsangabi | SA Nabavizadeh
Hydatidosis of the Pelvic Cavity: A Big Masquerade

Author(s): Peyman Varedi | Seyed Reza Saadat Mostafavi | Rambod Salouti | Daryoush Saedi | Seyed Ali Nabavizadeh | Kaveh Samimi | Tahereh Larijani | Mohsen Darabi | Seyed Mehdi Mousavi | Ahmad Ostadali Makhmalbaf
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