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Using Undergraduate Researchers to Build Vector and West Nile Virus Surveillance Capacity

Author(s): Grant Hokit | Sam Alvey | Jennifer M. O. Geiger | Gregory D. Johnson | Marni G. Rolston | Daniel T. Kinsey | Neva Tall Bear
Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Acromegaly

Author(s): John D. Rolston | Lewis S. Blevins
Thin-film superconducting resonator tunable to the ground-state hyperfine splitting of 87Rb

Author(s): Z. Kim | C. P. Vlahacos | J. E. Hoffman | J. A. Grover | K. D. Voigt | B. K. Cooper | C. J. Ballard | B. S. Palmer | M. Hafezi | J. M. Taylor | J. R. Anderson | A. J. Dragt | C. J. Lobb | L. A. Orozco | S. L. Rolston | F. C. Wellstood
Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Author(s): John D. Rolston | Mark Quigg | Nicholas M. Barbaro
ICWorld: An MMOG-Based Approach to Analysis

Author(s): Kimberly Gill | David Rolston | Wyatt Wong | Robert Pietrusko
Oxidative Stress and its Implications for Future Treatments and Management of Alzheimer Disease

Author(s): George Perry | Raj K. Rolston | Michael W. Marlatt | Rudy J. Castellani | Akihiko Nunomura | Gemma Casadesus | Timothy A. Clark
Tillage Effects on Spatiotemporal Variability of Particulate Organic Matter

Author(s): Juhwan Lee | Emilio A. Laca | Chris van Kessel | Dennis E. Rolston | Jan W. Hopmans | Johan Six
Sublethal RNA Oxidation as a Mechanism for Neurodegenerative Disease

Author(s): Rudy J. Castellani | Akihiko Nunomura | Raj K. Rolston | Paula I. Moreira | Atsushi Takeda | George Perry | Mark A. Smith
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