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The Association of Postcardiac Surgery Acute Kidney Injury with Intraoperative Systolic Blood Pressure Hypotension

Author(s): Solomon Aronson | Barbara Phillips-Bute | Mark Stafford-Smith | Manuel Fontes | Jeffrey Gaca | Joseph P. Mathew | Mark F. Newman
Traceability of Goods by Radio Systems: Proposals, Techniques, and Applications

Author(s): Iñigo Cuiñas | Robert Newman | Mira Trebar | Luca Catarinucci
Leptin’s Pro-Angiogenic Signature in Breast Cancer

Author(s): Ruben Rene Gonzalez-Perez | Viola Lanier | Gale Newman
Promoting physical activity for elders with compromised function: the Lifestyle Interventions and Independence for Elders (LIFE) Study physical activity intervention

Author(s): Rejeski WJ | Axtell R | Fielding R | Katula J | King AC | Manini TM | Marsh AP | Pahor M | Rego A | Tudor-Locke C | Newman M | Walkup MP | Miller ME | LIFE Study Investigator Group
Movements of Wild Ruddy Shelducks in the Central Asian Flyway and Their Spatial Relationship to Outbreaks of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1

Author(s): John Y. Takekawa | Diann J. Prosser | Bridget M. Collins | David C. Douglas | William M. Perry | Baoping Yan | Luo Ze | Yuansheng Hou | Fumin Lei | Tianxian Li | Yongdong Li | Scott H. Newman
Indução de resistência do mamoeiro à podridão radicular por indutores bióticos e abióticos Resistance induction to root rot in papaya by biotic and abiotic elicitors

Author(s): Giltembergue Macedo Tavares | Delson Laranjeira | Edna Dora Martins Newman Luz | Tacila Ribeiro Silva | Carlos Priminho Pirovani | Mário Lúcio Vilela de Resende | Pedro Martins Ribeiro Júnior
Parent selection for cocoa resistance to witches'-broom Seleção de progenitores de cacaueiro quanto à resistência à vassoura-de-bruxa

Author(s): Stela Dalva Vieira Midlej Silva | Edna Dora Martins Newman Luz | José Luis Pires | Milton Macoto Yamada | Lindolfo Pereira dos Santos Filho
Identificação de resistência genética do cacaueiro à podridão-parda Identification of cacao genetic resistance to black pod disease

Author(s): Elisa Susilene Lisboa dos Santos | Carlos Bernard Moreno Cerqueira-Silva | Didier Pierre Louis Clement | Edna Dora Martins Newman Luz
Phytophthora nicotianae na rizosfera de tomateiro e berinjela no Sudeste da Bahia

Author(s): Marcos Vinícius Oliveira dos Santos | Edna Dora Martins Newman Luz
Biophilic Cities Are Sustainable, Resilient Cities

Author(s): Timothy Beatley | Peter Newman
Lacosamide adjunctive therapy for partial-onset seizures: a meta-analysis

Author(s): Sonja C. Sawh | Jennifer J. Newman | Santosh Deshpande | Philip M. Jones
Pomegranate Polyphenols Lower Lipid Peroxidation in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes but Have No Effects in Healthy Volunteers: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Arpita Basu | Emily D. Newman | Alecia L. Bryant | Timothy J. Lyons | Nancy M. Betts
De Novo Fibrillary Glomerulonephritis (FGN) in a Renal Transplant with Chronic Hepatitis C

Author(s): Edward J. Filippone | Christine Chmielewski | Rakesh Gulati | Eric Newman | John L. Farber
Net influence of an internally-generated QBO on modelled stratospheric climate and chemistry

Author(s): M. M. Hurwitz | L. D. Oman | P. A. Newman | I.-S. Song
Low-Carbon Sustainable Precincts: An Australian Perspective

Author(s): Jessica Bunning | Colin Beattie | Vanessa Rauland | Peter Newman
Why Fast Trains Work: An Assessment of a Fast Regional Rail System in Perth, Australia

Author(s): James McIntosh | Peter Newman | Garry Glazebrook
The Global HIV Archive: Facilitating the Transition from Science to Practice of Efficacious HIV Prevention Interventions

Author(s): Josefina J. Card, Emily N. Newman | Emily N. Newman | Rachel E. Golden | Tamara Kuhn | Carmela Lomonaco
Using PCR to Target Misconceptions about Gene Expression

Author(s): Leslie K. Wright | Dina L. Newman
Mesoscale connectivity through a natural levee

Author(s): A. E. Newman | R. F. Keim
A New Algorithm for Identifying Possible Epidemic Sources with Application to the German Escherichia coli Outbreak

Author(s): Massimo Buscema | Enzo Grossi | Alvin Bronstein | Weldon Lodwick | Masoud Asadi-Zeydabadi | Roberto Benzi | Francis Newman
How effective are reedbeds, ponds, restored and constructed wetlands at retaining nitrogen, phosphorus and suspended sediment from agricultural pollution in England?

Author(s): Palmer-Felgate Elizabeth J | Acreman Mike C | Verhoeven Jos TA | Scholz Miklas | Maltby Edward | Stratford Charlie J | Newman Jonathan | Miller James | Coughlin Deborah
Macrophages and angiogenesis: a role for Wnt signaling

Author(s): Newman Andrew C | Hughes Christopher C W
A population-based audit of ethnicity and breast cancer risk in one general practice catchment area in North London, UK: implications for practice

Author(s): Ferris Michelle | Easton Douglas F | Doherty Rebecca J | Briggs Brian HJ | Newman Michelle | Saraf Ifthikhar M | Scambler Sarah | Wagman Lyndon | Wyndham Michael T | Ward Ann | Eeles Rosalind A
A proteomic approach for the identification of novel lysine methyltransferase substrates

Author(s): Levy Dan | Liu Chih Long | Yang Ze | Newman Aaron M | Alizadeh Ash A | Utz Paul J | Gozani Or
Teaching meta-analysis using MetaLight

Author(s): Thomas James | Graziosi Sergio | Higgins Steve | Coe Robert | Torgerson Carole | Newman Mark
The relationship between basal and squamous cell skin cancer and smoking related cancers

Author(s): Sitas Freddy | Yu Xue | O'Connell Dianne L | Blizzard Leigh | Otahal Petr | Newman Leah | Venn Alison
3D Fluorescence Characterization of Synthetic Organic Dyes

Author(s): Leonard J. Soltzberg | Sandy Lor | Nnennaya Okey-Igwe | Richard Newman
Grade III or Grade IV Hypertensive Retinopathy with Severely Elevated Blood Pressure

Author(s): Amanda D Henderson | Valérie Biousse | Nancy J Newman | Cédric Lamirel | David W Wright | Beau B Bruce
Applications of Hyperbolic Metamaterial Substrates

Author(s): Yu Guo | Ward Newman | Cristian L. Cortes | Zubin Jacob
Hydrochemical processes in lowland rivers: insights from in situ, high-resolution monitoring

Author(s): A. J. Wade | E. J. Palmer-Felgate | S. J. Halliday | R. A. Skeffington | M. Loewenthal | H. P. Jarvie | M. J. Bowes | G. M. Greenway | S. J. Haswell | I. M. Bell | E. Joly | A. Fallatah | C. Neal | R. J. Williams | E. Gozzard | J. R. Newman
Associations of sleep disturbance and duration with metabolic risk factors in obese persons with type 2 diabetes: data from the Sleep AHEAD Study

Author(s): St-Onge MP | Zammit G | Reboussin DM | Kuna ST | Sanders MH | Millman R | Newman AB | Wadden TA | Wing RR | Pi-Sunyer FX | Foster GD
Transforming Educational Societies through Interactive Videoconferencing

Author(s): Patricia Barbanell | John Falco | Dianna Newman
Adult HIV care resources, management practices and patient characteristics in the Phase 1 IeDEA Central Africa cohort

Author(s): Kimon Divaris | Jamie Newman | Jennifer Hemingway-Foday | Wilfred Akam | Ashu Balimba | Cyrille Dusengamungu | Lucien Kalenga | Marcel Mbaya | Brigitte Mfangam Molu | Veronicah Mugisha | Henri Mukumbi | Jules Mushingantahe | Denis Nash | Théodore Niyongabo | Joseph Atibu | Innocent Azinyue | Modeste Kiumbu | Godfrey Woelk
Monitoring the Effect of Metal Ions on the Mobility of Artemia salina Nauplii

Author(s): Varvara Kokkali | Ioannis Katramados | Jeffrey D. Newman
An unusual case of bipolar segmental clavicle fracture

Author(s): Karishma Sethi | Simon D.S. Newman | Rajarshi Bhattacharya
Situation-Based Survey of Avian Influenza Viruses in Possible “Bridge” Species of Wild and Domestic Birds in Nigeria

Author(s): Vakuru Columba Teru | Shiiwua A. Manu | Gashash I. Ahmed | Kabir Junaidu | Scott Newman | Joseph Nyager | Vivian N. Iwar | Gideon M. Mshelbwala | T. Joannis | Junaidu A. Maina | Paul T. Apeverga
The Hausa Lexicographic Tradition

Author(s): Roxana Ma Newman | Paul Newman
Aspects of the biology and ecology of the estuarine cirolanid isopod, Cirolana fluviatilis

Author(s): Brent K. Newman | Tristram H. Wooldridge | Andy C. Cockcroft
The Southern Ocean Observing System

Author(s): Stephen R. Rintoul | Michael P. Meredith | Oscar Schofield | Louise Newman
Social Media in the Changing Ecology of News: The Fourth and Fifth Estate in Britain

Author(s): Nic Newman | William H. Dutton | Grant Blank
Mesoscale connectivity through a natural levee

Author(s): A. E. Newman | R. F. Keim
Inhibitory Effects of Arginine on the Aggregation of Bovine Insulin

Author(s): Michael M. Varughese | Jay Newman
Monitoring the Effect of Metal Ions on the Mobility of Artemia salina Nauplii

Author(s): Varvara Kokkali | Ioannis Katramados | Jeffrey D. Newman
Cost-effectiveness of telehealth in people with social care needs: the Whole Systems Demonstrator cluster randomised trial

Author(s): Catherine Henderson | Martin Knapp | José-Luis Fernández | Jennifer Beecham | Shashivadan Hirani | Michelle Beynon | Martin Cartwright | Lorna Rixon | Stanton Newman | Helen Doll
The effect of Telehealth on disease-specific quality of life in patients with heart failure: the Whole Systems Demonstrator Telehealth Questionnaire Study

Author(s): Martin Cartwright | Shashivadan Hirani | Lorna Rixon | Michelle Beynon | Helen Doll | Stanton Newman
The impact on carers of individuals with social care needs: the Whole Systems Demonstrator study

Author(s): Michelle Beynon | Shashi Hirani | Martin Cartwright | Lorna Rixon | Helen Doll | Catherine Henderson | Stanton Newman
Perceived Barriers to Success for Minority Nursing Students: An Integrative Review

Author(s): Collette Loftin | Susan D. Newman | Bonnie P. Dumas | Gail Gilden | Mary Lou Bond
From existing in situ, high-resolution measurement technologies to lab-on-a-chip – the future of water quality monitoring?

Author(s): A. J. Wade | E. J. Palmer-Felgate | S. J. Halliday | R. A. Skeffington | M. Loewenthal | H. P. Jarvie | M. J. Bowes | G. M. Greenway | S. J. Haswell | I. M. Bell | E. Joly | A. Fallatah | C. Neal | R. J. Williams | E. Gozzard | J. R. Newman
Community Advisory Boards in Community-Based Participatory Research: A Synthesis of Best Processes

Author(s): Susan D. Newman, PhD, RN, CRRN | Jeannette O. Andrews, PhD, APRN-BC, FNP | Gayenell S. Magwood, PhD, RN | Carolyn Jenkins, DrPH, APRN, BC-ADM, RD, LD, FAAN | Melissa J. Cox, MPH | Deborah C. Williamson, DHA, MSN, CNM
The impact of sleep-disordered breathing on body mass index (BMI): the sleep heart health study (SHHS)

Author(s): Brown MA | Goodwin JL | Silva GE | Behari A | Newman AB | Punjabi NM | Resnick HE | Robbins JA | Quan SF
Metabolic Syndrome Derived from Principal Component Analysis and Incident Cardiovascular Events: The Multi Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) and Health, Aging, and Body Composition (Health ABC)

Author(s): Subhashish Agarwal | David R. Jacobs | Dhananjay Vaidya | Christopher T. Sibley | Neal W. Jorgensen | Jerome I. Rotter | Yii-Der Ida Chen | Yongmei Liu | Jeanette S. Andrews | Stephen Kritchevsky | Bret Goodpaster | Alka Kanaya | Anne B. Newman | Eleanor M. Simonsick | David M. Herrington

Author(s): Richard Kho | Mark Hansen | Brian Baker | Joe Newman | Daniel S. Sem | Richard Jack | Hugo Villar
Older Adults Accessing HIV Care and Treatment and Adherence in the IeDEA Central Africa Cohort

Author(s): Jamie Newman | Jeniffer Iriondo-Perez | Jennifer Hemingway-Foday | Anna Freeman | Wilfred Akam | Ashu Balimba | Lucien Kalenga | Marcel Mbaya | Brigitte Mfangam Molu | Henri Mukumbi | Théodore Niyongabo | Joseph Atibu | Innocent Azinyue | Modeste Kiumbu
Diurnal tracking of anthropogenic CO2 emissions in the Los Angeles basin megacity during spring, 2010

Author(s): S. Newman | S. Jeong | M. L. Fischer | X. Xu | C. L. Haman | B. Lefer | S. Alvarez | B. Rappenglueck | E. A. Kort | A. E. Andrews | J. Peischl | K. R. Gurney | C. E. Miller | Y. L. Yung
Collisionless magnetic reconnection in a plasmoid chain

Author(s): S. Markidis | P. Henri | G. Lapenta | A. Divin | M. V. Goldman | D. Newman | S. Eriksson
Targeted delivery of Tet1 peptide functionalized polymersomes to the rat cochlear nerve

Author(s): Zhang Y | Zhang W | Johnston AH | Newman TA | Pyykkö I | Zou J
Resistance to antimicrobial drugs in Ghana

Author(s): Newman MJ | Frimpong E | Donkor ES | Opintan JA | Asamoah-Adu A
Null Geodesic Congruences, Asymptotically-Flat Spacetimes and Their Physical Interpretation

Author(s): Timothy M. Adamo | Ezra T. Newman | Carlos Kozameh
Plasma Cell Cerebrospinal Fluid Pleocytosis Does Not Predict West Nile Virus Infection

Author(s): Michael Jordan | Avish Nagpal | William Newman | Paul A. Thompson | Paul J. Carson
Resistance gradient of black pod disease in cocoa and selection by leaf disk assay

Author(s): Elisa Susilene Lisboa dos Santos | Carlos Bernard Moreno Cerqueira-Silva | Didier Clement | Edna Dora Martins Newman Luz
The Arctic vortex in March 2011: a dynamical perspective

Author(s): M. M. Hurwitz | P. A. Newman | C. I. Garfinkel
Spontaneous immunological targeting of endogenous retrovirus K is directed against the envelope protein in rhesus macaques

Author(s): Léon Enrique | Wallace Lyle | Norante Francesca | Buechler Matthew | Newman Laura | Castrovinci Philip | Jones Brad | Gifford Robert | Sacha Jonah
Modality of wound closure after total knee replacement: are staples as safe as sutures? A retrospective study of 181 patients

Author(s): Newman Justin | Morgan Steven | Resende Gustavo | Williams Allison | Hammerberg E Mark | Dayton Michael
Response of the Antarctic stratosphere to warm pool El Niño Events in the GEOS CCM

Author(s): M. M. Hurwitz | I.-S. Song | L. D. Oman | P. A. Newman | A. M. Molod | S. M. Frith | J. E. Nielsen
Tracking the Autumn Migration of the Bar-Headed Goose (Anser indicus) with Satellite Telemetry and Relationship to Environmental Conditions

Author(s): Yaonan Zhang | Meiyu Hao | John Y. Takekawa | Fumin Lei | Baoping Yan | Diann J. Prosser | David C. Douglas | Zhi Xing | Scott H. Newman
Prevalence of and Barriers to Dual-Contraceptive Methods Use among Married Men and Women Living with HIV in India

Author(s): Venkatesan Chakrapani | Trace Kershaw | Murali Shunmugam | Peter A. Newman | Deborah H. Cornman | Robert Dubrow
The Correlation Between the Percent of CD3- CD56+ Cells and NK Precursor Function

Author(s): Ahmad Gharehbaghian | Craig Donaldson | John Newman | Gordon Bannister | Benjamin A. Bradley
Green Communications: A Call for Power Efficient Wireless Systems

Author(s): An He | Ashwin Amanna | Thomas Tsou | Xuetao Chen | Dinesh Datla | Joseph Gaeddert | Timothy R Newman | Shajedul Hasan | Haris I Volos | Jeffery H Reed | Tamal Bose
The Arctic vortex in March 2011: a dynamical perspective

Author(s): M. M. Hurwitz | P. A. Newman | C. I. Garfinkel
Projections of UV radiation changes in the 21st century: impact of ozone recovery and cloud effects

Author(s): A. F. Bais | K. Tourpali | A. Kazantzidis | H. Akiyoshi | S. Bekki | P. Braesicke | M. P. Chipperfield | M. Dameris | V. Eyring | H. Garny | D. Iachetti | P. Jöckel | A. Kubin | U. Langematz | E. Mancini | M. Michou | O. Morgenstern | T. Nakamura | P. A. Newman | G. Pitari | D. A. Plummer | E. Rozanov | T. G. Shepherd | K. Shibata | W. Tian | Y. Yamashita
Workplace violence and gender discrimination in Rwanda's health workforce: Increasing safety and gender equality

Author(s): Newman Constance | de Vries Daniel | d'Arc Kanakuze Jeanne | Ngendahimana Gerard
Prospective Changes in Health-Related Quality of Life and Emotional Outcomes in Kidney Transplantation over 6 Years

Author(s): Konstadina Griva | Jan Stygall | Juan Hui Ng | Andrew Davenport | Mike J. Harrison | Stanton Newman

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