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A Case of Colic Associated with Streptococcal Disseminated Infection in a Mare

Author(s): Fulvio Laus | Vincenzo Cuteri | Emanuele Paggi | Anna Rita Attili | Matteo Cerquetella | Silvia Preziuso | Beniamino Tesei

Author(s): G. Paci | M. D’Agata | G. Preziuso | D. Gianfaldoni
Microbiological and physicochemical profile of traditional Salsiccia toscana during storage

Author(s): Roberta Nuvoloni | Francesca Pedonese | Filippo Fratini | Beatrice Torracca | Barbara Turchi | Giovanna Preziuso | Andrea Serra
Carcass traits and meat quality of two different rabbit genotypes

Author(s): Gisella Paci | Francesca Cecchi | Giovanna Preziuso | Roberta Ciampolini | Maria D'Agata
Application of a New TherApeutic Protocol Against Neospora Caninum-Induced Abortion in Cattle: A Field Study

Author(s): Cuteri, V. | L. Nisoli | S. Preziuso | A. R. Attili | C. Guerra | D. Lulla | G.Traldi
Ovine Paratuberculosis: A Seroprevalence Study in Dairy Flocks Reared in the Marche Region, Italy

Author(s): Attili Anna Rita | Ngu Ngwa Victor | Preziuso Silvia | Pacifici Luciana | Domesi Anastasia | Cuteri Vincenzo
Effect of slaughter age on meat qualitative traits of veal calves

Author(s): M.I. Tarantola | A. Schiavone | G. Preziuso | C. Russo | D. Bergero
Effect of rearing technique in outdoor floor cage on slow growing rabbit population performance

Author(s): M. D'Agata | G. Paci | C. Russo | G. Preziuso | C. Bibbiani
Performance of Large White x Duroc pigs reared indoors and outdoors: meat and fat quality

Author(s): C. Russo | A. Pistoia | G. Preziuso | M. D'Agata | G. Ferruzzi
Meat traits of rabbits housed outdoors: effect of stocking density

Author(s): Giovanna Preziuso | Antonella Dalle Zotte | Gisella Paci
Effect of Islamic ritual slaughter on beef quality

Author(s): Maria D’Agata | Claudia Russo | Giovanna Preziuso
Genetic variability of meat quality traits in Chianina beef cattle

Author(s): Francesca Cecchi | Claudia Russo | Giovanna Preziuso | Dario Cianci
Association of Maedi Visna virus with Brucella ovis infection in rams

Author(s): S Preziuso | E Sanna | MP Sanna | C Loddo | D Cerri | E Taccini | F Mariotti | G Braca | G Rossi
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