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Morphometric analysis of the reproductive system of African zebu cattle

Author(s): A. Bello | Y.A. Adamu | M.A. Umaru | S. Garba | A.U. Abdullahi | M.K. Adamu | B. Saidu | S. Ukashatu | S.A. Hena | A. Mahmuda
Survey of poultry diseases among exotic breeds of poultry in Katsina metropolis, Katsina state, Nigeria

Author(s): S. Ukashatu | A.S. Magaji | G. Najamuddeen | M.A. Saulawa
Structure and conduct of beef marketing in Sokoto metropolis, Sokoto state, Nigeria

Author(s): N. Garba | M.A. Saulawa | S. Ukashatu | U.B. Kyiogwom | A.L. Ala

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