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Clinical and pharmacokinetic equivalence of original and generic amlodipine in patients with mild-to-moderate arterial hypertension

Author(s): N.A. Belolipetskiy | S.N. Tolpygina | J.B. Zverkov | V.V. Pisarev | I.E. Koltunov | V.G. Belolipetskaya | S.J.Martsevich
Economic reasons for generic choice

Author(s): N.P. Kutishenko | S.Y. Martsevich | S.N. Tolpygina | J.V. Lukina
Estimation of clinical and pharmacokinetic equivalence of original and generic carvedilols in patients with hypertension of 1-2 grades

Author(s): E.I. Bambysheva | S.N. Tolpygina | D.F. Guranda | I.E. Koltunov | V.G. Belolipetskaja | S.J.Martsevich.
Comparative study of efficiency and safety of the new drug of amlodopine – S-amlodopine in patients with arterial hypertension of I-II degree

Author(s): M.A. Maksimova | Y.V. Lukina | S.N. Tolpygina | E.V. Shilova | N.A. Dmitrieva | S.Y. Martsevich
Problem of generic replacement: advantages and disadvantages

Author(s): S.N. Tolpygina | S.Yu. Martsevich
Comparison of new generic and original ramipril in patients with arterial hypertension and high cardiovascular risk (Full english text)

Author(s): S.Yu. Martsevich | Yu.V. Lukina | N.A. Dmitrieva | O.V. Lerman | S.N. Tolpygina | A.A. Serazhim | V.P. Voronina | M.A. Maksimova | L.Yu. Drozdova | A.V. Zakharova
A comparative study of efficacy and tolerability of original and generic simvastatin in patients with hyperlipidemia

Author(s): V.P. Voronina1 | S.N. Tolpygina | N.P. Kutishenko | N.A. Dmitrieva | Yu.V. Lukina | S.Yu. Martsevich
Efficacy and safety of acetylsalicylic acid in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Author(s): S.N. Tolpygina | S.Yu. Martsevich | E.N. Khoseva | N.V. Kiseleva
Up to date antiplatelet therapy in patients with high risk of thrombotic events and real clinical practice

Author(s): S.Yu. Martsevich | V.P. Voronina | M.L. Ginzburg | N.P. Kutishenko | Yu.N. Polyanskaya | T.G. Kheliya | A.M. Malysheva | S.N. Tolpygina | V.S. Kutuzova | E.A. Gofman | A.D. Deev
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