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Insights into brown spider and loxoscelism

Author(s): MH Appel | R Bertoni da Silveira | W Gremski | SS Veiga
A fucan from the brown seaweed Spatoglossum schröederi inhibits Chinese hamster ovary cell adhesion to several extracellular matrix proteins

Author(s): Rocha H.A.O. | Franco C.R.C. | Trindade E.S. | Carvalho L.C.M. | Veiga S.S. | Leite E.L. | Dietrich C.P. | Nader H.B.
Extracellular matrix molecules as targets for brown spider venom toxins

Author(s): Veiga S.S. | Zanetti V.C. | Braz A. | Mangili O.C. | Gremski W.
Heparan sulfate and control of cell division: adhesion and proliferation of mutant CHO-745 cells lacking xylosyl transferase

Author(s): Franco C.R.C. | Rocha H.A.O. | Trindade E.S. | Santos I.A.N. | Leite E.L. | Veiga S.S. | Nader H.B. | Dietrich C.P.

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