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Author(s): Aamir Sanaullah | Hina Khan | Humera Ameer Ali | Rajesh Singh
An Accurate and Cost Effective Approach to Blood Cell Count

Author(s): Sanaullah Khan | Aamir Khan | Faisal Saleh Khattak | Arslan Naseem
Hepatitis C virus genotypes in Pakistan: a systemic review

Author(s): Attaullah Sobia | Khan Sanaullah | Ali Ijaz
Rising burden of Hepatitis C Virus in hemodialysis patients

Author(s): Khan Sanaullah | Attaullah Sobia | Ali Ijaz | Ayaz Sultan | Naseemullah | Khan Shahid | Siraj Sami | Khan Jabbar
Response to combination therapy of HCV 3a infected Pakistani patients and the role of NS5A protein

Author(s): Ali Ijaz | Khan Sanaullah | Attaullah Sobia | Khan Shahid | Khan Jabbar | Siraj Sami | Iqbal Aqib | Swati Zahoor | Idrees Muhammad
Prevalence of Hepatitis B virus genotypes in HBsAg positive individuals of Afghanistan

Author(s): Attaullah Sobia | Rehman Saif ur | Khan Sanaullah | Ali Ijaz | Ali Sajid | Khan Shahid
Prevalence of HBV and HBV vaccination coverage in health care workers of tertiary hospitals of Peshawar, Pakistan

Author(s): Attaullah Sobia | Khan Sanaullah | Naseemullah | Ayaz Sultan | Khan Shahid | Ali Ijaz | Hoti Naseruddin | Siraj Sami
Active hepatitis C infection and HCV genotypes prevalent among the IDUs of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Author(s): ur Rehman Latif | Ullah Ihasn | Ali Ijaz | Khan Imtiaz | Iqbal Aqib | Khan Sanaullah | Khan Sher | Uz Zaman Khaleeq | ullah Khan Najib | Swati Zahoor | Jahangiri Anila
Molecular epidemiology of hcv among health care workers of khyber pakhtunkhwa

Author(s): Khan Sanaullah | Attaullah Sobia | Ayaz Sultan | Niaz Khan Shahid | Shams Sumaira | Ali Ijaz | Bilal Muhammad | Siraj Sami
Prevalence of active HCV infection among the blood donors of Khyber Pakhtunkwa and FATA region of Pakistan and evaluation of the screening tests for anti-HCV

Author(s): Khan Najib | Ali Ijaz | Ahmad Naeem | Iqbal Aqib | Rehman Latif | Munir Iqbal | Rehman Muti | Khan Sanaullah | Ali Sajid | Siddique Lubna | Swati Zahoor
Purification and Characterization of Serine Protease from Seeds of Holarrhena antidysenterica

Author(s): Hidayatullah Khan | M. Subhan | Sultan Mehmood | M. Faran Durrani | Saira Abbas | Sanaullah Khan

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