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Signaling Networks Controlling HCC Onset and Progression: Influence of Microenvironment and Implications for Cancer Gene Therapy

Author(s): Alessandra Marchetti | Carla Cicchini | Laura Santangelo | Angela Maria Cozzolino | Viviana Costa | Marco Tripodi | Laura Amicone
Appendiceal-sigmoid fistula presenting in a man with ulcerative colitis: a case report

Author(s): Santangelo Marco | Lanteri Raffaele | D'Angelo Maria | Carnazzo Santo | Ragalbuto Agostino | Minutolo Vincenzo | Licata Antonio
Prognostic factors of gastric cancer in the elderly

Author(s): Lanteri Raffaele | Santangelo Marco | D'Angelo Maria | Carnazzo Santo | Di Cataldo Antonio | Licata Antonio
Oesophageal stent in unresectable cancer in elderly

Author(s): Lanteri Raffaele | Naso Pietro | Santangelo Marco | D'Angelo Maria | Di Cataldo Antonio | Licata Antonio
Thermic ablation with RF of liver metastases from colorectal cancer

Author(s): Azzarello Guido | Lanteri Raffaele | Santangelo Marco | D'Angelo Maria | Minutolo Orazio | Licata Antonio
Prostatic mapping in diagnosis and follow-up for prostatic cancer patients treated by CT-RT

Author(s): Azzarello Guido | Minutolo Orazio | Lanteri Raffaele | D'Angelo Maria | Santangelo Marco | Di Cataldo Antonio
Nutritional support in elderly

Author(s): D'Angelo Maria | Lanteri Raffaele | Ventura Laurachiara | Santangelo Marco | Azzarello Guido | Licata Antonio
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