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Back Pain Are Health Care Undergraduates At Risk?

Author(s): Kamran Hafeez | Ayaz Ahmed Memon | Masood Jawaid | Sidra Usman | Sara Usman | Saroona Haroon
Feasibility of Anticoagulation in Patients of Budd-chiari Syndrome with Gastroesophageal Varices and Portal Hypertension

Author(s): Hany Dabbous | Mohammad Sakr | Sara Abdelhakam | Said Youssef | Mohamed Gharib | Mohamed Shaker | Ahmed Eldorry
Contactless Power and Data Transfer for Electric Vehicle Applications

Team Effectiveness in Patient Health Management: An Overview of Reviews

Author(s): Amédé Gogovor | Bernard Burnand | Sara Ahmed | Terrence Montague | Isabelle Peytremann-Bridevaux
Survey on Using GIS in Evacuation Planning Process

Author(s): Sara Shaker Abed El-Hamied | Ahmed Abou El-Fotouh Saleh | Aziza Asem
Managing Evacuation Process in Urban Areas using a GIS System: A Case Study on Mansoura City

Author(s): Sara Shaker El-Heishy | Ahmed A. Saleh | Aziza Asem
Cultivation and Characterization of Microalgae for Wastewater Treatment

Author(s): Ahmed Al Darmaki | L Govindrajan | Sahar Talebi | Sara Al-Rajhi | Tahir Al-Barwani | Zainab Al-Bulashi
Colorectal carcinoma in gharbiah district, Egypt: Comparison between the elderly and non-elderly

Author(s): Ahmed Abdelmabood Zeeneldin | Magdy M Saber | Ibrahim Seif El-din | Sara A Farag
Antioxidant activity of different parts from Annona squamosa, and Catunaregam nilotica methanolic extract

Author(s): Abdalbasit Adam Mariod | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Sara Elkheir | Yousif Mohamed Ahmed | Putri Narrima Mohd Fauzi | Cheah Shiau Chuen
Solid and Hazardous Waste: A Great Threat

Author(s): Sara Perwaiz Ahmed | Samreen Kazmi | Danyal
Epidemiological aspects of Budd-Chiari in Egyptian patients: A single-center study

Author(s): Mohammad Sakr | Eman Barakat | Sara Abdelhakam | Hany Dabbous | Said Yousuf | Mohamed Shaker | Ahmed Eldorry
Synergizing expectation and execution for stroke communities of practice innovations

Author(s): Poissant Lise | Ahmed Sara | Riopelle Richard | Rochette Annie | Lefebvre Hélène | Radcliffe-Branch Deborah
Cyclization of Hydrazones of 2-Acetyl-1-naphthol and 1-Acetyl-2-naphthol with Triphosgene. Synthesis of Spiro Naphthoxazine Dimers

Author(s): Abdullah Saad Al-Bogami | Abdullah Mohammed Al-Majid | Mohammed Ali Al-Saad | Ahmed Amine Mousa | Sara Abdullah Al-Mazroa | Hamad Zaid Alkhathlan
Comparison of dissolved and particulate arsenic distributions in shallow aquifers of Chakdaha, India, and Araihazar, Bangladesh

Author(s): Métral Jerome | Charlet Laurent | Bureau Sara | Mallik Sukumar | Chakraborty Sudipta | Ahmed Kazi | Rahman MW | Cheng Zhongqi | van Geen Alexander
Hyperendemic pulmonary tuberculosis in peri-urban areas of Karachi, Pakistan

Author(s): Akhtar Saeed | White Franklin | Hasan Rumina | Rozi Shafquat | Younus Mohammad | Ahmed Faiza | Husain Sara | Khan Bilquis
"In vitro" activities of antimycobacterial agents against Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis linked to Crohn's Disease and Paratuberculosis

Author(s): Zanetti Stefania | Molicotti Paola | Cannas Sara | Ortu Silvia | Ahmed Niyaz | Sechi Leonardo
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