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Cambodian women chew tobacco for morning sickness relief

Author(s): Sarah Cumberland | Alice Ghent | Pramil N Singh | Douglas Bettcher
Growth control of the eukaryote cell: a systems biology study in yeast

Author(s): Castrillo Juan I | Zeef Leo A | Hoyle David C | Zhang Nianshu | Hayes Andrew | Gardner David CJ | Cornell Michael J | Petty June | Hakes Luke | Wardleworth Leanne | Rash Bharat | Brown Marie | Dunn Warwick B | Broadhurst David | O'Donoghue Kerry | Hester Svenja S | Dunkley Tom PJ | Hart Sarah R | Swainston Neil | Li Peter | Gaskell Simon J | Paton Norman W | Lilley Kathryn S | Kell Douglas B | Oliver Stephen G
A population-based audit of ethnicity and breast cancer risk in one general practice catchment area in North London, UK: implications for practice

Author(s): Ferris Michelle | Easton Douglas F | Doherty Rebecca J | Briggs Brian HJ | Newman Michelle | Saraf Ifthikhar M | Scambler Sarah | Wagman Lyndon | Wyndham Michael T | Ward Ann | Eeles Rosalind A
ART treatment costs and retention in care in Kenya: a cohort study in three rural outpatient clinics

Author(s): Bruce A Larson | Margaret Bii | Sarah Henly-Thomas | Kelly McCoy | Fredrick Sawe | Douglas Shaffer | Sydney Rosen
Recruiting South Asians to a lifestyle intervention trial: experiences and lessons from PODOSA (Prevention of Diabetes & Obesity in South Asians)

Author(s): Douglas Anne | Bhopal Raj | Bhopal Ruby | Forbes John | Gill Jason | Lawton Julia | McKnight John | Murray Gordon | Sattar Naveed | Sharma Anu | Tuomilehto Jaakko | Wallia Sunita | Wild Sarah | Sheikh Aziz
Use of the evidence base in substance abuse treatment programs for American Indians and Alaska natives: pursuing quality in the crucible of practice and policy

Author(s): Novins Douglas | Aarons Gregory | Conti Sarah | Dahlke Dennis | Daw Raymond | Fickenscher Alexandra | Fleming Candace | Love Craig | Masis Kathleen | Spicer Paul
sGCα1-deficient mice: a novel murine model of spontaneous primary open angle glaucoma

Author(s): Buys Emmanuel | Ko Yu-Chieh | Hayton Sarah | Jones Alexander | Tainsh Laurel | Ren Ruiyi | Giani Andrea | Abernathy Emma | Gong Haiyan | Rhee Douglas | Brouckaert Peter | Gregory Meredith | Pasquale Louis | Bloch Kenneth | Ksander Bruce
Capsule endoscopy in clinical practice: concise up-to-date overview

Author(s): Anastasios Koulaouzidis | Sarah Douglas
Histone H4 acetylation by immunohistochemistry and prognosis in newly diagnosed adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients

Author(s): Advani Anjali | Gibson Sarah | Douglas Elizabeth | Jin Tao | Zhao Xiaoxian | Kalaycio Matt | Copelan Ed | Sobecks Ronald | Sekeres Mikkael | Sungren Shawnda | Hsi Eric
Characterization of a heat resistant ß-glucosidase as a new reporter in cells and mice

Author(s): McCutcheon Susan | Jones Ken | Cumming Sarah | Kemp Richard | Ireland-Zecchini Heather | Saunders John | Houghton Carol | Howard Louise | Winton Douglas
Measuring the impact and costs of a universal group based parenting programme: protocol and implementation of a trial

Author(s): Simkiss Douglas | Snooks Helen | Stallard Nigel | Davies Shan | Thomas Marie | Anthony Becky | Winstanley Sarah | Wilson Lynsey | Stewart-Brown Sarah
Collection of the BD SurePath Pap Test with a broom device plus endocervical brush improves disease detection when compared to the broom device alone or the spatula plus endocervical brush combination

Author(s): Davis-Devine Sharon | Day Sarah | Anderson Amy | French Ashley | Madison-Henness Darcy | Mohar Naomi | Tansy Danielle | Hiremath Adarsh | Douglas Jeffrey | Freund Gregory
Emerging Themes in the Ecology and Management of North American Forests

Author(s): Terry L. Sharik | William Adair | Fred A. Baker | Michael Battaglia | Emily J. Comfort | Anthony W. D'Amato | Craig Delong | R. Justin DeRose | Mark J. Ducey | Mark Harmon | Louise Levy | Jesse A. Logan | Joseph O'Brien | Brian J. Palik | Scott D. Roberts | Paul C. Rogers | Douglas J. Shinneman | Thomas Spies | Sarah L. Taylor | Christopher Woodall | Andrew Youngblood
Pathogenesis of aerosolized Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus infection in guinea pigs

Author(s): Roy Chad | Reed Douglas | Wilhelmsen Catherine | Hartings Justin | Norris Sarah | Steele Keith
Evaluation of a multiple ecological level child obesity prevention program: Switch® what you Do, View, and Chew

Author(s): Gentile Douglas | Welk Greg | Eisenmann Joey | Reimer Rachel | Walsh David | Russell Daniel | Callahan Randi | Walsh Monica | Strickland Sarah | Fritz Katie
Trends in laboratory testing for diabetes in Ontario, Canada 1995–2005: A population-based study

Author(s): Wilson Sarah | Lipscombe Lorraine | Rosella Laura | Manuel Douglas
7 T MRI of macrophages in mouse carotid atherosclerosis using novel nanoparticle platforms

Author(s): Kosuge Hisanori | Terashima Masahiro | Uchida Masaki | Sherlock Sarah | Tsao Philip | Young Mark | Douglas Trevor | Dai Hongjie | McConnell Michael
A conifer genomics resource of 200,000 spruce (Picea spp.) ESTs and 6,464 high-quality, sequence-finished full-length cDNAs for Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis)

Author(s): Ralph Steven | Chun Hye | Kolosova Natalia | Cooper Dawn | Oddy Claire | Ritland Carol | Kirkpatrick Robert | Moore Richard | Barber Sarah | Holt Robert | Jones Steven | Marra Marco | Douglas Carl | Ritland Kermit | Bohlmann Jörg
SWITCH: rationale, design, and implementation of a community, school, and family-based intervention to modify behaviors related to childhood obesity

Author(s): Eisenmann Joey | Gentile Douglas | Welk Gregory | Callahan Randi | Strickland Sarah | Walsh Monica | Walsh David
Prospective study of Outcomes in Sporadic versus Hereditary breast cancer (POSH): study protocol

Author(s): Eccles Diana | Gerty Sue | Simmonds Peter | Hammond Victoria | Ennis Sarah | Altman Douglas
Discrepancies between self-report and objective measures among HIV+ stimulant users: cognitive, psychological, and behavioral health correlates

Author(s): Reinhard Matthew | Hinkin Charles | Barclay Terry | Levine Andrew | Cole Michael | Castellon Steven | Newton Thomas | Longshore Douglas | Durvasula Ramani | Marion Sarah
Immune Activation and CD8+ T-Cell Differentiation towards Senescence in HIV-1 Infection

Author(s): Papagno Laura | Spina Celsa A | Marchant Arnaud | Salio Mariolina | Rufer Nathalie | Little Susan | Dong Tao | Chesney Gillian | Waters Anele | Easterbrook Philippa | Dunbar P. Rod | Shepherd Dawn | Cerundolo Vincenzo | Emery Vincent | Griffiths Paul | Conlon Christopher | McMichael Andrew J | Richman Douglas D | Rowland-Jones Sarah L | Appay Victor
Real-time PCR based on SYBR-Green I fluorescence: An alternative to the TaqMan assay for a relative quantification of gene rearrangements, gene amplifications and micro gene deletions

Author(s): Ponchel Frederique | Toomes Carmel | Bransfield Kieran | Leong Fong | Douglas Susan | Field Sarah | Bell Sandra | Combaret Valerie | Puisieux Alain | Mighell Alan | Robinson Philip | Inglehearn Chris | Isaacs John | Markham Alex
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