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Molecular Dynamic Simulation and Inhibitor Prediction of Cysteine Synthase Structured Model as a Potential Drug Target for Trichomoniasis

Author(s): Satendra Singh | Gaurav Sablok | Rohit Farmer | Atul Kumar Singh | Budhayash Gautam | Sunil Kumar
Molecular modeling, dynamics studies and virtual screening of Fructose 1, 6 biphosphate aldolase-II in community acquired- methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA)

Author(s): Pramod Kumar Yadav1*, 2, 1,1, Madhu Yadav1, Upasana Srivastav1 & Brijendra Singh3 | Budhayash Gautam | Satendra Singh | Madhu Yadav | Upasana Srivastav | Brijendra Singh
Iterative Method for Recreating a Binary Tree from its Traversals

Author(s): Nitin Arora | Pradeep Kumar Kaushik | Satendra Kumar
Enhanced Digital Image Watermarking Scheme based on DWT and SVD

Author(s): Satendra Kumar | Jaydeep Kishore | Nitin Arora
Scaling Relationships for Input Energy in Electromagnetic Welding of Similar and Dissimilar Metals

Author(s): S. V. Desai | Satendra Kumar | P. Satyamurthy | J. K. Chakravartty | D. P. Chakravarthy
Insight into trichomonas vaginalis genome evolution through metabolic pathways comparison

Author(s): Satendra Singh | Gurmit Singh | Nitin Sagar | Pramod Kumar Yadav | Prashant A Jain | Budhayash Gautam | Gulshan Wadhwa
Metabolic pathway analysis and molecular docking analysis for identification of putative drug targets in Toxoplasma gondii: novel approach

Author(s): Budhayash Gautam1 | Gurmit Singh | Gulshan Wadhwa | Rohit Farmer | Satendra Singh | Atul Kumar Singh | Prashant Ankur Jain | Pramod Kumar Yadav
Hepatoprotective Effects of Propolis Extract: A Biochemical and Histopathological Approach

Author(s): Monika Bhadauria | Satendra Kumar Nirala | Sangeeta Shukla
Prediction and analysis of paralogous proteins in Trichomonas vaginalis genome

Author(s): Satendra Singh | Gurmit Singh | Atul Kumar Singh | Budhayash Gautam | Rohit Farmer | Sharad S Lodhi | Gulshan Wadhwa
Virtual screening of AmpC/β-lactamase as target for antimicrobial resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Author(s): Rohit Farmer | Budhayash Gautam | Satendra Singh | Pramod Kumar Yadav | Prashant Ankur Jain
Congenital duodenal obstruction with situs inversus totalis: Report of a rare association and discussion

Author(s): Sharma Satendra | Rashid Kumar | Dube Ravi | Malik G | Tandon R
Esophageal atresia: Factors influencing survival - Experience at an Indian tertiary centre

Author(s): Tandon R | Sharma Satendra | Sinha Shandip | Rashid Kumar | Dube Ravi | Kureel S | Wakhlu Ashish | Rawat J
Dezincification of Brass in Sulfide Polluted Sodium Chloride Medium: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole

Author(s): Satendra Kumar, T.S.N. Sankara Narayanan, M. Suresh Kumar and A. Manimaran
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