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Phase I Dose Escalation Study with the Lewis Y Carbohydrate Specific Humanized Antibody IGN311

Author(s): Daniel Oruzio | Günter Waxenecker | Christoph Aulmann | Bruno Märkl | Theodor Wagner | Geert Mudde | Manfred Schuster | Norbert Eller | Andrea Mayer | Stefan Stranner | Gottfried Himmler | Hans Loibner | Günter Schlimok | Ralf Kircheis | Andreas Nechansky
Thermal Imaging as a Noninvasive Diagnostic Tool for Anterior Knee Pain Following Implantation of Artificial Knee Joints

Author(s): Mathias Glehr | Alexander Stibor | Patrick Sadoghi | Christian Schuster | Franz Quehenberger | Gerald Gruber | Andreas Leithner | Reinhard Windhager
Cardiovascular magnetic resonance myocardial feature tracking detects quantitative wall motion during dobutamine stress

Author(s): Schuster Andreas | Kutty Shelby | Padiyath Asif | Parish Victoria | Gribben Paul | Danford David | Makowski Marcus | Bigalke Boris | Beerbaum Philipp | Nagel Eike
Development of a universal dual-bolus injection scheme for the quantitative assessment of myocardial perfusion cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Author(s): Ishida Masaki | Schuster Andreas | Morton Geraint | Chiribiri Amedeo | Hussain Shazia | Paul Matthias | Merkle Nico | Steen Henning | Lossnitzer Dirk | Schnackenburg Bernhard | Alfakih Khaled | Plein Sven | Nagel Eike
Quantitative assessment of myocardial perfusion by magnetic resonance imaging in the isolated porcine heart

Author(s): Schuster Andreas | Chiribiri Amedeo | Ishida Masaki | Paul Matthias | Hussain Shazia | Nooralipour Niloufar | Morton Geraint | Jogiya Roy | Perera Divaka | Schaeffter Tobias | Plein Sven | Nagel Eike
Comparison of different deconvolution algorithms for voxel-wise quantitative MR perfusion assessment

Author(s): Nooralipour Niloufar | Chiribiri Amedeo | Hautvast Gilion | Schuster Andreas | Batchelor Philip | Plein Sven | Nagel Eike
Comparison of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography for the diagnosis and localization of coronary artery disease

Author(s): Morton Geraint | Ishida Masaki | Chiribiri Amedeo | Schuster Andreas | Baker Stacey | Hussain Shazia | Perera Divaka | O'Doherty Michael | Barrington Sally | Nagel Eike
Correlation between an angiographic and a cardiac magnetic resonance score of myocardial jeopardy using standard and high-resolution perfusion sequences

Author(s): Morton Geraint | Ishida Masaki | De Silva Kalpa | Sicard Pierre | Chiribiri Amedeo | Schuster Andreas | Hussain Shazia | Paul Matthias | Perera Divaka | Nagel Eike
High-resolution analysis of transmural myocardial perfusion gradients from first pass perfusion MR data. Diagnostic criteria for the detection of coronary artery disease

Author(s): Chiribiri Amedeo | Hautvast Gilion | Lockie Timothy | Schuster Andreas | Morton Geraint | Hussain Shazia | Breeuwer Marcel | Plein Sven | Nagel Eike
Unravelling the phenotype of cardiovascular inflammation with magnetic resonance imaging: detecting the change with anti-TNF treatment in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Author(s): Puntmann Valentina | Taylor Peter | Gebker Rolf | Schnackenburg Bernhard | Chiribiri Amedeo | Schuster Andreas | Nagel Eike
Impact of an abdominal belt on breathing patterns to improve the quality of whole-heart coronary magnetic resonance angiography: comparison between UK and Japan

Author(s): Ishida Masaki | Schuster Andreas | Takase Shinichi | Morton Geraint | Chiribiri Amedeo | Schaeffter Tobias | Sakuma Hajime | Nagel Eike
Myocardial feature tracking for viability assessment in ischemic cardiomyopathy

Author(s): Schuster Andreas | Paul Matthias | Bettencourt Nuno | Hussain Tarique | Lossnitzer Dirk | Ishida Masaki | Chiribiri Amedeo | Bigalke Boris | Morton Geraint | Perera Divaka | Greil Gerald | Nagel Eike
Endsystolic versus enddiastolic scar imaging for transmurality assessment

Author(s): Schuster Andreas | Chiribiri Amedeo | Morton Geraint | Ishida Masaki | De Silva Kalpa | Paul Matthias | Hussain Shazia | Perera Divaka | Nagel Eike
3D myocardial perfusion-CMR using a multi-transmit coil and k-t PCA reconstruction to detect flow limiting coronary stenosis

Author(s): Jogiya Roy | Chiribiri Amedeo | Schuster Andreas | Jansen Christian | De Silva Kalpa | Perera Divaka | Redwood Simon | Nagel Eike | Kozerke Sebastian | Plein Sven
Dynamic simulation of first pass myocardial perfusion MR with a novel perfusion phantom

Author(s): Chiribiri Amedeo | Schuster Andreas | Ishida Masaki | Hautvast Gilion | Nooralipour Niloufar | Paul Matthias | Hussain Shazia | Batchelor Philip | Breeuwer Marcel | Schaeffter Tobias | Nagel Eike
A comparison of single-channel and multi-channel RF transmit coil for SSFP cine imaging at 3 Tesla

Author(s): Hussain Shazia | Chiribiri Amedeo | Ishida Masaki | Morton Geraint | Wiethoff Andreas | Schuster Andreas | Nagel Eike
An isolated perfused pig heart model for the development, validation and translation of novel cardiovascular magnetic resonance techniques

Author(s): Schuster Andreas | Grünwald Inga | Chiribiri Amedeo | Southworth Richard | Ishida Masaki | Hay Gunnar | Neumann Nicole | Morton Geraint | Perera Divaka | Schaeffter Tobias | Nagel Eike
Supercritical Fluid Parameters in Organic Rankine Cycle Applications

Author(s): Sotirios Karellas | Andreas Schuster
Simulation of an Innovative Stand-Alone Solar Desalination System Using an Organic Rankine Cycle

Author(s): Andreas Schuster | Jürgen Karl | Sotirios Karellas
First pass perfusion MRI identifies microvascular anatomical damage in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Author(s): Chiribiri Amedeo | Bongioanni Sergio | Leuzzi Stefano | Di Bella Paolo | Cacherano Simone | Jansen Christian | Schuster Andreas | Bonamini Rodolfo | Cesarani Federico | Gaita Fiorenzo | Conte Maria | Nagel Eike
Detection of intracoronary thrombus by magnetic resonance imaging in patients with acute coronary syndrome

Author(s): Jansen Christian | Perera Divaka | Makowski Marcus | Wiethoff Andrea | Schuster Andreas | Lockie Timothy | Razavi Reza | Greil Gerald | Nagel Eike | Redwood Simon | Botnar Rene
An isolated pig heart for the development, validation and translation of novel magnetic resonance techniques

Author(s): Schuster Andreas | Chiribiri Amedeo | Southworth Richard | Ishida Masaki | Indermühle Andreas | Jansen Christian | Razavi Reza | Grünwald Inga | Nagel Eike
Automatic Speech Recognition Systems for the Evaluation of Voice and Speech Disorders in Head and Neck Cancer

Author(s): Andreas Maier | Tino Haderlein | Florian Stelzle | Elmar Nöth | Emeka Nkenke | Frank Rosanowski | Anne Schützenberger | Maria Schuster
Second hit influences the interaction between tumor cells and the immune system in a murine model of Burkitt's lymphoma

Author(s): Schuster Christian | Frenzel Anna | Hölbl Andrea | Simma Olivia | Müller Mathias | Villunger Andreas | Sexl Veronika | Stoiber Dagmar
2001 Effects on myocardial perfusion at 3 and 15 months in recanalized chronic total occlusions – randomized comparison of blood-derived progenitor cells and inactive serum

Author(s): Thiele Holger | Andreas Schuster | Erbs Sandra | Adams Volker | Lenk Karsten | Linke Axel | Gutberlet Mathias | Hambrecht Rainer | Schuler Gerhard
The full-ORF clone resource of the German cDNA Consortium

Author(s): Bechtel Stephanie | Rosenfelder Heiko | Duda Anny | Schmidt Christian | Ernst Ute | Wellenreuther Ruth | Mehrle Alexander | Schuster Claudia | Bahr Andre | Blöcker Helmut | Heubner Dagmar | Hoerlein Andreas | Michel Guenter | Wedler Holger | Köhrer Karl | Ottenwälder Birgit | Poustka Annemarie | Wiemann Stefan | Schupp Ingo
Kinetics of maternal immunity against rabies in fox cubs (Vulpes vulpes)

Author(s): Müller Thomas | Selhorst Thomas | Schuster Peter | Vos Ad | Wenzel Ulf | Neubert Andreas
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