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Intraocular Microsurgical Forceps (20, 23, and 25 gauge) Membrane Peeling Forces Assessment

Author(s): Raul Velez-Montoya | Chirag Patel | Scott C. N. Oliver | Hugo Quiroz-Mercado | Naresh Mandava | Jeffrey L. Olson
Bilateral macular hole formation secondary to sclopetaria caused by shockwaves transmitted by a posterior vector: case report

Author(s): Kunjukunju Nancy | Navarro Alicia | Oliver Scott | Olson Jeff | Patel Chirag | Garcia Gerardo | Mandava Naresh | Quiroz-Mercado Hugo
Suppression of RNA interference increases alphavirus replication and virus-associated mortality in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

Author(s): Cirimotich Chris | Scott Jaclyn | Phillips Aaron | Geiss Brian | Olson Ken
Cancer history and other personal factors affect quality of life in patients with hepatitis C

Author(s): Olson Sara | Iyer Sandy | Scott Jennifer | Erez Orry | Samuel Shelby | Markovits Temima | Schwartz Myron | Toro Charlene | Gambarin-Gelwan Maya | Kurtz Robert

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