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Fatal Lactic Acidosis in a Kidney Transplant Recipient on Combination Antiretroviral Therapy after Initiation of Tacrolimus Therapy

Author(s): Michael V. Holmes | Ranjababu Kulasegaram | Sebastian B. Lucas | Terry Wong | Rachel Hilton
Anaphylaxis from intravascular rupture of Hydatid disease following liver trauma

Author(s): Paul J Marriott | John Karani | Sebastian B Lucas | Peter L Chiodini | Nigel D Heaton
Severe malaria - a case of fatal Plasmodium knowlesi infection with post-mortem findings: a case report

Author(s): Cox-Singh Janet | Hiu Jessie | Lucas Sebastian | Divis Paul | Zulkarnaen Mohammad | Chandran Patricia | Wong Kum | Adem Patricia | Zaki Sherif | Singh Balbir | Krishna Sanjeev
Genital and cutaneous human papillomavirus (HPV) types in relation to conjunctival squamous cell neoplasia: A case-control study in Uganda

Author(s): de Koning Maurits | Waddell Keith | Magyezi Joseph | Purdie Karin | Proby Charlotte | Harwood Catherine | Lucas Sebastian | Downing Robert | Quint Wim | Newton Robert
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