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Financial Strain Is Associated with Malnutrition Risk in Community-Dwelling Older Women

Author(s): Laura J. Samuel | Sarah L. Szanton | Carlos O. Weiss | Roland J. Thorpe | Richard D. Semba | Linda P. Fried
Elevated Serum Carboxymethyl-Lysine, an Advanced Glycation End Product, Predicts Severe Walking Disability in Older Women: The Women's Health and Aging Study I

Author(s): Kai Sun | Richard D. Semba | Linda P. Fried | Debra A. Schaumberg | Luigi Ferrucci | Ravi Varadhan
Vitamin A deficiency and inflammatory markers among preschool children in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

Author(s): Maqsood Maria | Dancheck Barbara | Gamble Mary | Palafox Neal | Ricks Michelle | Briand Kennar | Semba Richard
Micronutrient malnutrition and wasting in adults with pulmonary tuberculosis with and without HIV co-infection in Malawi

Author(s): van Lettow Monique | Harries Anthony | Kumwenda Johnny | Zijlstra Ed | Clark Tamara | Taha Taha | Semba Richard
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