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Serum Protein Expression Profiling for Cancer Detection: Validation of a SELDI-Based Approach for Prostate Cancer

Author(s): William E. Grizzle | Bao-Ling Adam | William L. Bigbee | Thomas P. Conrads | Christopher Carroll | Ziding Feng | Elzbieta Izbicka | Moncef Jendoubi | Donald Johnsey | Jacob Kagan | Robin J. Leach | Diane B. McCarthy | O. John Semmes | Shiv Srivastava | Sudhir Srivastava | Ian M. Thompson | Mark D. Thornquist | Mukesh Verma | Zhen Zhang | Zhiqiang Zou
SELDI-TOF Serum Profiling for Prognostic and Diagnostic Classification of Breast Cancers

Author(s): Christine Laronga | Stephen Becker | Patrice Watson | Betsy Gregory | Lisa Cazares | Henry Lynch | Roger R. Perry | George L. Wright | Richard R. Drake | O. John Semmes
Measurement Reproducibility in the Early Stages of Biomarker Development

Author(s): Walter S. Liggett | Peter E. Barker | O. John Semmes | Lisa H. Cazares
Localization and sub-cellular shuttling of HTLV-1 Tax with the RNAi machinery component Drosha

Author(s): Van Duyne Rachel | Guendel Irene | Tyagi Mudit | Narayanan Aarthi | Klase Zachary | Kehn-Hall Kylene | Semmes John | Kashanchi Fatah
Phosphorylation regulates human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 Rex function

Author(s): Kesic Matthew | Doueiri Rami | Ward Michael | Semmes O John | Green Patrick
Human LINE-1 retrotransposon induces DNA damage and apoptosis in cancer cells

Author(s): Belgnaoui S Mehdi | Gosden Roger | Semmes O John | Haoudi Abdelali
The Need for Review and Understanding of SELDI/MALDI Mass

Author(s): William E. Grizzle | O. John Semmes | William Bigbee | Liu Zhu | Gunjan Malik | Denise K Oelschlager | Barkha Manne | Upender Manne
Functional Clustering Algorithm for High-Dimensional Proteomics Data

Author(s): Bensmail Halima | Aruna Buddana | Semmes O. John | Haoudi Abdelali
Proteomics in Health and Disease

Author(s): George L. | Semmes O. John
Retrotransposition-Competent Human LINE-1 Induces Apoptosis in Cancer Cells With Intact p53

Author(s): Haoudi Abdelali | Semmes O. John | Mason James M. | Cannon Ronald E.
Computational protein biomarker prediction: a case study for prostate cancer

Author(s): Wagner Michael | Naik Dayanand | Pothen Alex | Kasukurti Srinivas | Devineni Raghu | Adam Bao-Ling | Semmes O John | Wright George
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