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Two New Aryltetralin Lignans from the Roots of Dolomiaea souliei

Author(s): Hua Wei | Chunnian He | Yong Peng | Sen Zhang | Xiaoguang Chen | Peigen Xiao
One Case of Multiple Inflammatory Pseudotumor in Both Lungs

Author(s): Xin LI | Sen WEI | Qinghua ZHOU | Jun CHEN
Diagnosis and Therapy of Bronchopulmonary Carcinoid Tumors

Author(s): Sen WEI | Xin LI | Jun CHEN | Qinghua ZHOU
Isolation and Purification of Oridonin from the Whole Plant of Isodon rubescens by High-Speed Counter-Current Chromatography

Author(s): Fa He | Yuhua Bai | Jing Wang | Jing Wei | ChunYue Yu | Sen Li | Weili Yang | Chenghua Han
Complement component C5a Promotes Expression of IL-22 and IL-17 from Human T cells and its Implication in Age-related Macular Degeneration

Author(s): Liu Baoying | Wei Lai | Meyerle Catherine | Tuo Jingsheng | Sen H Nida | Li Zhiyu | Chakrabarty Sagarika | Agron Elvira | Chan Chi-Chao | Klein Michael | Chew Emily | Ferris Frederick | Nussenblatt Robert
Primary Leiomyoma of the pleura

Author(s): Qiu Xiaoming | Zhu Daxin | Wei Sen | Chen Gang | Chen Jun | Zhou Qinghua
Physicochemical Characteristics and Immunomodulatory Activities of Three Polysaccharide-Protein Complexes of Longan Pulp

Author(s): Yang Yi | Sen Tai Liao | Ming Wei Zhang | John Shi | Rui Fen Zhang | Yuan Yuan Deng | Zhen Cheng Wei
Privacy Preserving in Ubiquitous Computing: Architecture

Author(s): Tinghuai Ma | Sen Yang | Wei Tian | Wenjie Liu
Prevention and Treatment of Atelectasis after Thoracotomy for Lung Cancer

Author(s): Yongbo YANG | Jun CHEN | Daxing ZHU | Gang CHEN | Zhigang LI | Mei LI | Sen WEI | Xiaoming QIU | Honglin ZHAO | Yi LIU | Qinghua ZHOU
Detection and Its Clinical Significance of EGFR Gene Mutation and Gene Amplification in 187 Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Hongyu LIU | Ying LI | Gang CHEN | Jing WANG | Yongwen LI | Yuli WANG | Sen WEI | Daxing ZHU | Xiaoming QIU | Weiqiang WAN | Zuoqing SONG | Jun CHEN | Qinghua ZHOU
Expression and Clinical Significance of Heparanase and Ki-67 in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Zuoqing SONG | Xiaohong XU | Sen WEI | Jun CHEN | Yi LIU | Xin LI | Honglin ZHAO | Xiaoming QIU | Naikang ZHOU
The expression and clinical significance of heparanase in non-small cell lung cancer

Author(s): Zuoqing SONG | Xiaohong XU | Sen WEI | Jun CHEN | Naikang ZHOU
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