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Evaluation of nutritional conditions of rose flower in rose farms of northern Khuzestan

Author(s): K. Mirzashahi | Sh. Kiani | S. H. Mahmoodi nezhad dezfully
Effect of Thyroid Dysfunctions on Blood Cell Count and Red Blood Cell Indice

Author(s): Dorgalaleh A MSc | Mahmoodi M BSc | Varmaghani B MSc | Kiani node F MSc | Saeeidi Kia O BSc | Alizadeh Sh PhD | Tabibian Sh MSc | Bamedi T MSc | Momeni M BSc | Abbasian S MSc | Kashani Khatib Z BSc
The Relationship between Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Levels and Metabolic Syndrome

Author(s): Sh. Borzouei | F. Esna Ashari | S.J. Kiani | M.R. Kaveh | M.T. Goodarzi | A.R. Salim Bahrami
Association between Periodontal Disease and serum levels of IL-17 in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author(s): Kiani F. | Setoudeh Maram Sh. | Masoumi S. | Kamali sarvestani E. | Aflaki E.
Comparison of Cerebral Lateralization in Mentally Retarded Children vs. Normal Children

Author(s): S. B. Jaamei | M. Kiani | M. T. Jaghataei | Sh. Sirous | M. Hadadian
Sexual desire changes during menstrual cycle and relationship with premenstrual syndrome

Author(s): Kiani Asiabar A. | Heidari M | Mohammady Tabar SH. | Faghihzadeh S.
Effects of Potassium and Calcium in Nutrient Solution on Susceptibility of Cut Rose Flowers to Gray Mold

Author(s): SH. Kiani | GH. Zadeh Dabagh | M.J Malakouti | A. Alizadeh
Inheritance of Gelatinization Temperature and Gel Consistency in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Author(s): Kiani Sh | G.A. Ranjbar | S.K. Kazemitabar | S.K. Kazemitabar | N. B. Jelodar | M. Nowrozi | N. Bagheri
Study of Genetic Parameters of Endosperm Related- Traits in Crosses of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Author(s): SH Kiani | N Babaeeian Jelodar | Gh Ranjbar | S.K Kazemi Tabar | M Norouzi
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