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The Pattern, Presentation and Management of Pardah Pin Inhalation: Report from a Single Center in Northern India

Author(s): Mohd Lateef Wani | Farooq Ahmad Ganie | Nasir-ud-din Wani | Abdul Gani Ahangar | Ghulam Nabi Lone | Hafeezulla lone | Abdul Majeed Dar | Mohammed Akbar Bhat | Shyam Singh | Nadeem-ul Nazeer | Shadab Nabi Wani
Lung Contusion: A Clinico-Pathological Entity with Unpredictable Clinical Course

Author(s): Farooq Ahmad Ganie | Hafeezulla Lone | Ghulam Nabi Lone | Mohd Lateef Wani | Shyam Singh | Abdual Majeed Dar | Nasir-u-din Wani | Shadab nabi wani | Nadeem-ul Nazeer
Tumor markers and kinetics in prostate cancer: a mini-review

Author(s): Farooq Ahmad Ganie | Mohd Lateef Wani | Shadab Nabi Wani | Mohd Saleem Wani | Ab Gani Ahangar | Shabir Ahmad Ganie | Nasir-u-din Wani | Mubasher Ahmad Bhat
Pleuropulmonary blastoma in a 3-year-old male child with recurrence in less than two months time

Author(s): Reyaz Ahmad Lone | Mohd Lateef Wani | Shadab Nabi Wani | Abdul Gani Ahangar | Furqan Nizami | Zahur Hussain | Mubasher Ahmad Bhat | Farooq Ahmad Ganie | Nasir-ud-din Wani
Primary Pelvic Hydatid Cyst: A Case Report

Author(s): Fazl Q. Parray | Shadab Nabi Wani | Sajid Bazaz | Shakeel-ur Rehman Khan | Nighat Shaffi Malik
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