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Selective Cation Recognition by p-Tetranitrocalix[4]arene

Author(s): Imam Bakhsh Solangi | Ashfaque Ali Bhatti | Mansoor Ahmed Qazi | Shahabuddin Memon | M. I. Bhanger
Chemical Compositions of the Essential oil of Aerva javanica Leaves and Stems

Author(s): Muhammad Qasim Samejo | Shahabuddin Memon | Muhammad Iqbal Bhanger | Khalid Mohammed Khan
Bioactivity Assessment of Water Soluble Calix[4]arene Derivative

Author(s): Ali Muhammad Soomro | Raj Kumar Oad | Shahabuddin Memon | Imdadullah Qureshi
Extraction, Identification and Antioxidative Properties of the Flavonoid-Rich Fractions from Leaves and Flowers of Cassia angustifolia

Author(s): Abdul Qayoom Laghari | Shahabuddin Memon | Aisha Nelofar | Abdul Hafeez Laghari
An Overview on Metal Cations Extraction by Azocalixarenes

Author(s): Hasalettin Deligöz | Shahabuddin Memon
Evaluation of Complexation Behavior of Calix[4]arene Derivative

Author(s): Mansoor Ahmed Qazi | Imdadullah Qureshi | Shahabuddin Memon | M. Sharif
The Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Toxic Metals (Cd, Hg and Pb) by Calixarenes

Author(s): D. Max Roundhill | Imam Bakhsh Solangi | Shahabuddin Memon | M. I. Bhanger | Mustafa Yilmaz
Extraction and Binding Efficiency of Calix[8]arene Derivative Toward Selected Transition Metals

Author(s): Imdadullah Qureshi | Shahabuddin Memon | Mustafa Yilmaz
Antioxidative Activity of Extracts from Fenugreek Seeds (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

Author(s): Syeda Birjees Bukhari | Muhammad Iqbal Bhanger | Shahabuddin Memon
Azocalixarene. 5: p-Substituted Azocalix4arenes as Extractants for Dichromate Anions

Author(s): Hasalettin Deligöz | Mine Sulak Ak | Shahabuddin Memon | Mustafa Yilmaz
Computational Evaluation of Methyl (N,N-Dimethylamino)phenyl Ether and Crown Ether for Metal Selective Sensor Development

Author(s): Margarita Dunina-Barkovskaya | D. Max Roundhill | Shahabuddin Memon | M. I. Bhanger | Mustafa YILMAZ
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