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A clinicopathologic study of odontogenic keratocyst (OKC) and the role of AgNORs in cell proliferation

Author(s): Vindhya Savithri | Sudha S | Shameena P.M | Ipe Varghese
Ameloblastic Fibroma of Anterior Maxilla – A Case Report

Author(s): Shaini Basheer | Shameena P.M | Ipe Varghese | Sudha S | Resmi G. Nair
Safety And First Aid In Laboratory – A Brief Outline

Author(s): Shameena P.M | Dhanalakshmi J | Sudha S
Immunohistochemical evaluation of bcl-2 oncoprotein in oral dysplasia and carcinoma

Author(s): Resmi G Nair | P.M. Shameena | Ipe Varghese | Sudha S
.Unusual Presentation Of Epidermoid Cyst Of The Oral Cavity -A Case Report

Author(s): Resmi. G. Nair | P.M. Shameena | S. Sudha
Amelanotic Melanoma Masquerading as a Granular Cell Lesion

Author(s): Deepak Pandiar | Shaini Basheer | P. M. Shameena | S. Sudha | Lakshmi J. Dhana
A Compact Modified Ground CPW Fed Antenna for UWB Applications

Author(s): V. A. Shameena | S. Mridula | S. Jacob | C. K. Aanandan | K. Vasudevan | P. Mohanan
Necrotizing sialometaplasia of tongue

Author(s): Randhawa Tanu | Varghese Ipe | Shameena P | Sudha S | Nair Resmi
Squamous cell carcinoma of tongue in a 19-year-old female

Author(s): Randhawa T | Shameena P | Sudha S | Nair R
Changing trends in oral cancer

Author(s): Sherin N | Simi T | Shameena P | Sudha S
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