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Femtosecond Laser Refractive Surgery after Descemet Stripping-Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty

Author(s): Simon Sheung Man Fung | Alfonso Iovieno | Vijay Shanmuganathan | Vicenzo Maurino
Comparative transcriptional profiling of the limbal epithelial crypt demonstrates its putative stem cell niche characteristics

Author(s): Kulkarni Bina | Tighe Patrick | Mohammed Imran | Yeung Aaron | Powe Desmond | Hopkinson Andrew | Shanmuganathan Vijay | Dua Harminder
Text Mining of Medical Records for Radiodiagnostic Decision-Making

Author(s): William Claster | Subana Shanmuganathan | Nader Ghotbi
Progressive varicella syndrome in the setting of pediatric AIDS: An eye opener

Author(s): Adityan Subramania | Nagarajan N | Raja D | Shanmuganathan R | Lakshmipriya G
A superior drug carrier – aponeocarzinostatin in partially unfolded state fully protects the labile antitumor enediyne

Author(s): Shanmuganathan Aranganathan | Kumar Thallapuranam | Huang Chiy-Mey | Yu Chin | Chin Der-Hang
Learning from an outbreak: ESBL- the essential points

Author(s): Shanmuganathan C | Ananthakrishnan A | Jayakeerthi S | Kanungo R | Kumar A | Bhattacharya S | Badrinath S
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