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Safety of gastric lavage using nasogastric ryle’s tube in pesticide poisoning

Author(s): Uday Bhan Bhardwaj | Anand Subramaniyan | Ashish Bhalla | Navneet Sharma | Surjit Singh
FPGA Based Secure System Design-an Overview

Author(s): Gurjit Singh Walia | Gajraj Kuldeep | Rajiv Kapoor | A K Sharma | Navneet Gaba
Dystocia Due to Relative Oversized Fetus and fetal maldisposition in a Buffalo

Author(s): Pravesh Kumar | Amit Sharma | Navneet Vasishta | Shama Khan | Purabi Barman
Citation analysis of Journal of Documentation

Author(s): Neeraj Kumar Singh | Jyoti Sharma | Navneet Kaur
Comparative analgesic efficacy of buprenorphine or clonidine with bupivacaine in the caesarean section

Author(s): Agarwal Kiran | Agarwal Navneet | Agrawal Vijender | Agarwal Ashok | Sharma Mahender | Agarwal Kanupriya
Acute febrile encephalopathy in adults from Northwest India

Author(s): Bhalla Ashish | Suri Vika | Varma Subhash | Sharma Navneet | Mahi Sushil | Singh Paramjeet | Khandelwal Niranjan
Spectrum of emergency department presentation in patients of acute intermittent porphyria: Experience from a North Indian tertiary care center

Author(s): Kumar Susheel | Sharma Navneet | Modi Manish | Sharma Aman | Mahi Sushil | Varma Subhash
Methanol poisoning

Author(s): Vyas Sameer | Kaur Neeraj | Sharma Navneet | Singh Paramjeet | Khandelwal Niranjan
Amoebic liver abscess in the medical emergency of a North Indian hospital

Author(s): Sharma Navneet | Sharma Aman | Varma Subhash | Lal Anupam | Singh Virendra
The role of Coenzyme Q10 in statin-associated myopathy

Author(s): Sanjay Kalra | Navneet Agrawal | Bharti Kalra | Amit Sharma | Ritu Kamboj
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis after treatment of severe falciparum malaria

Author(s): Sharma Navneet | Varma Subhash | Bhalla Ashish
Implantation Serine Proteinases heterodimerize and are critical in hatching and implantation

Author(s): Sharma Navneet | Liu Shiying | Tang Lin | Irwin Jackie | Meng Guoliang | Rancourt Derrick
Concurrent infection with dengue and malaria

Author(s): Bhalla Ashish | Sharma Navneet | Sharma Aman | Suri Vikas
Organo-phosphate induced delayed neuropathy: Report of two cases

Author(s): Singh Surjit | Ranjit Arun | Parthasarathy S | Sharma Navneet | Bambery Pradeep

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