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Immunemorphological aspects of different variants of generalized parodontitis

Author(s): Samoilenko A.V. | Shpon’ka I.S. | Babenko L.M. | Poslavs’ka O.V. | Unin Shi
Hodgkin lymphoma: current conception and unresolved questions

Author(s): Gurtovoj V.A. | Shponka I.S. | Bilenkij I.V. | Gritsenko P.O.
Using of oncomarkers in morphological diagnostics of epithelial tumors of thyroid gland

Author(s): Bondarenko О.О. | Shponka I.S. | Gritsenko P.O.
Possibility of using НЕR-2/NEU & KI-67, as prognostic factors of distal stomach tumor answer for neoadjuvant therapy

Author(s): Dumanskij Yu.V. | Vlasenko D.L. | Balashova O.I. | Shponka I.S. | Berdova D.L.
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