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Interocular Asymmetry of Foveal Thickness in Parkinson Disease

Author(s): Eric M. Shrier | Christopher R. Adam | Brian Spund | Sofya Glazman | Ivan Bodis-Wollner
Reducing bias through directed acyclic graphs

Author(s): Shrier Ian | Platt Robert
The Cues and Care Trial: A randomized controlled trial of an intervention to reduce maternal anxiety and improve developmental outcomes in very low birthweight infants

Author(s): Zelkowitz Phyllis | Feeley Nancy | Shrier Ian | Stremler Robyn | Westreich Ruta | Dunkley David | Steele Russell | Rosberger Zeev | Lefebvre Francine | Papageorgiou Apostolos
The interpretation of systematic reviews with meta-analyses: an objective or subjective process?

Author(s): Shrier Ian | Boivin Jean-Fran├žois | Platt Robert | Steele Russell | Brophy James | Carnevale Franco | Eisenberg Mark | Furlan Andrea | Kakuma Ritsuko | Macdonald Mary | Pilote Louise | Rossignol Michel
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