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CpG island methylator phenotype and Helicobacter pylori infection associated with gastric cancer

Author(s): Ji-Bin Liu | Xu-Ming Wu | Jin Cai | Jin-Ye Zhang | Jin-Lin Zhang | Shu-Hui Zhou | Min-Xin Shi | Fu-Lin Qiang
Plasma DNA methylation of Wnt antagonists predicts recurrence of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Ji-Bin Liu | Fu-Lin Qiang | Jing Dong | Jin Cai | Shu-Hui Zhou | Min-Xin Shi | Ke-Ping Chen | Zhi-Bin Hu
CpG island methylator phenotype in plasma is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma prognosis

Author(s): Ji-Bin Liu | Yi-Xin Zhang | Shu-Hui Zhou | Min-Xin Shi | Jin Cai | Yan Liu | Ke-Ping Chen | Fu-Lin Qiang
Synthesis of platelet-activating factor and its receptor expression in Kupffer cells in rat carbon tetrachloride-induced cirrhosis

Author(s): Yin-Ying Lu, Chun-Ping Wang, Lin Zhou, Yan Chen, Shu-Hui Su, Yong-Yi Feng, Yong-Ping Yang
Hepatic stellate cells may be potential effectors of platelet activating factor induced portal hypertension

Author(s): Yan Chen, Chun-Ping Wang, Yin-Ying Lu, Lin Zhou, Shu-Hui Su, Hong-Jun Jia, Yong-Yi Feng, Yong-Ping Yang
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