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Thymoquinone Induces Mitochondria-Mediated Apoptosis in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in Vitro

Author(s): Landa Zeenelabdin Ali Salim | Syam Mohan | Rozana Othman | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Behnam Kamalidehghan | Bassem Y. Sheikh | Mohamed Yousif Ibrahim
Smoking Cessation Efforts in Special Population: A Review of Research on Muslim Countries and Communities

Author(s): Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Umar Yagoub | Rashad Al Sunosi | A. Bulgiba | Ahmad Hatim | Anwar Alahmar
Inclusion Complex of Zerumbone with Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin Induces Apoptosis in Liver Hepatocellular HepG2 Cells via Caspase 8/BID Cleavage Switch and Modulating Bcl2/Bax Ratio

Author(s): Nabilah Muhammad Nadzri | Ahmad Bustamam Abdul | Mohd Aspollah Sukari | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Eltayeb E. M. Eid | Syam Mohan | Behnam Kamalidehghan | Theebaa Anasamy | Kuan Beng Ng | Suvitha Syam | Ismail Adam Arbab | Heshu Sulaiman Rahman | Hapipah Mohd Ali
Apoptosis Effect of Girinimbine Isolated from Murraya koenigii on Lung Cancer Cells In Vitro

Author(s): Syam Mohan | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Shiau-Chuen Cheah | Mohd Aspollah Sukari | Suvitha Syam | Noorasyikin Shamsuddin | Mohd Rais Mustafa
A Phenylbutenoid Dimer, cis-3-(3′,4′-Dimethoxyphenyl)-4-[(E)-3′′′,4′′′-Dimethoxystyryl] Cyclohex-1-ene, Exhibits Apoptogenic Properties in T-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells via Induction of p53-Independent Mitochondrial Signalling Pathway

Author(s): Theebaa Anasamy | Ahmad Bustamam Abdul | Mohd Aspollah Sukari | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Syam Mohan | Behnam Kamalidehghan | Mohd Zulkhairi Azid | Nabilah Muhammad Nadzri | A. Reenaa Joys Andas | Ng Kuan Beng | A. Hamid A. Hadi | Heshu Sulaiman Rahman
Toxicological Features of Catha edulis (Khat) on Livers and Kidneys of Male and Female Sprague-Dawley Rats: A Subchronic Study

Author(s): Abdulsamad Alsalahi | Mahmood Ameen Abdulla | Mohammed Al-Mamary | Mohamed Ibrahim Noordin | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Aied M. Alabsi | Abdrabuh Shwter | Mohammed A. Alshawsh
Dentatin Induces Apoptosis in Prostate Cancer Cells via Bcl-2, Bcl-xL, Survivin Downregulation, Caspase-9, -3/7 Activation, and NF-κB Inhibition

Author(s): Ismail Adam Arbab | Chung Yeng Looi | Ahmad Bustamam Abdul | Foo Kit Cheah | Won Fen Wong | Mohd Aspollah Sukari | Rasedee Abdullah | Syam Mohan | Suvitha Syam | Aditya Arya | Manal Mohamed Elhassan Taha | Bushra Muharram | Mohd Rais Mustafa | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab
Effect of germination periods and conditions on chemical composition, fatty acids and amino acids of two black cumin seeds

Author(s): Abdalbasit Adam Mariod | Yasir Ali Edris | Sit Foon Cheng | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab
Antioxidant activity of different parts from Annona squamosa, and Catunaregam nilotica methanolic extract

Author(s): Abdalbasit Adam Mariod | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Sara Elkheir | Yousif Mohamed Ahmed | Putri Narrima Mohd Fauzi | Cheah Shiau Chuen
Cucurbitacin L 2-O-β-Glucoside Demonstrates Apoptogenesis in Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells (HT-29): Involvement of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species Regulation

Author(s): Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Loiy Elsir Ahmed Hassan | Amin M. S. Abdul Majid | Sakina M. Ahmed Yagi | Syam Mohan | Manal Mohamed Elhassan Taha | Syahida Ahmad | Cheah Shiau Chuen | Putri Narrima | Mohd Mustafa Rais | Suvitha Syam | Bushra Abdulkarim Moharam | A. Hamid A. Hadi
Synthesis of Chalcones with Anticancer Activities

Author(s): Suvitha Syam | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Mohammed Ali Al-Mamary | Syam Mohan
Ipomoea aquatica Extract Shows Protective Action Against Thioacetamide-Induced Hepatotoxicity

Author(s): Salim Said Alkiyumi | Mahmood Ameen Abdullah | Ahmed Salim Alrashdi | Suzy Munir Salama | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | A. Hamid A. Hadi
Chloroform Fraction of Centratherum anthelminticum (L.) Seed Inhibits Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha and Exhibits Pleotropic Bioactivities: Inhibitory Role in Human Tumor Cells

Author(s): Aditya Arya | Mouna Achoui | Shiau-Chuen Cheah | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Putri Narrima | Syam Mohan | Mohd Rais Mustafa | Mustafa Ali Mohd
Effects of Pithecellobium Jiringa Ethanol Extract against Ethanol-Induced Gastric Mucosal Injuries in Sprague-Dawley Rats

Author(s): Ibrahim Abdel Aziz Ibrahim | Suhailah Wasmn Qader | Mahmood Ameen Abdulla | Amal R. Nimir | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Fouad Hussain AL-Bayaty
Synthesis, Characterization, X-ray Crystallography, Acetyl Cholinesterase Inhibition and Antioxidant Activities of Some Novel Ketone Derivatives of Gallic Hydrazide-Derived Schiff Bases

Author(s): Nura Suleiman Gwaram | Hapipah Mohd Ali | Mahmood Ameen Abdulla | Michael J. C. Buckle | Sri Devi Sukumaran | Lip Yong Chung | Rozana Othman | Abeer A. Alhadi | Wageeh A. Yehye | A. Hamid A. Hadi | Pouya Hassandarvish | Hamid Khaledi | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab
Acute Oral Toxicity Evaluations of Some Zinc(II) Complexes Derived from 1-(2-Salicylaldiminoethyl)piperazine Schiff Bases in Rats

Author(s): Muhammad Saleh Salga | Hapipah Mohd Ali | Mahmood Ameen Abdulla | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab
Erectogenic Effects of Clerodendron capitatum: Involvement of Phosphodiesterase Type-5 Inhibition

Author(s): Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Abdelwahab Hassan Mohamed | Osama Yousif Mohamed | Mahjoub Oall | Manal Mohamed Elhassan Taha | Syam Mohan | Mohamed Ibrahim Noordin | Mohd Rais Mustafa | Khalid M. Alkharfy
Eleucine indica Possesses Antioxidant, Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Properties

Author(s): Adel S. Al-Zubairi | Ahmad Bustamam Abdul | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Chew Yuan Peng | Syam Mohan | Manal Mohamed Elhassan
The Growth Suppressing Effects of Girinimbine on Hepg2 Involve Induction of Apoptosis and Cell Cycle Arrest

Author(s): Suvitha Syam | Ahmad Bustamam Abdul | Mohd. Aspollah Sukari | Syam Mohan | Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Tang Sook Wah
Antiapoptotic and Antioxidant Properties of Orthosiphon stamineus Benth (Cat's Whiskers): Intervention in the Bcl-2-Mediated Apoptotic Pathway

Author(s): Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab | Syam Mohan | Manal Mohamed Elhassan | Nabil Al-Mekhlafi | Abdelbasit Adam Mariod | Ahmad Bustamam Abdul | Mahmood Ameen Abdulla | Khalid M. Alkharfy
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