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Use of direct and iterative solvers for estimation of SNP effects in genome-wide selection

Author(s): Eduardo da Cruz Gouveia Pimentel | Mehdi Sargolzaei | Henner Simianer | Flávio Schramm Schenkel | Zengting Liu | Luiz Alberto Fries | Sandra Aidar de Queiroz
Comparison of statistical procedures for estimating polygenic effects using dense genome-wide marker data

Author(s): Pimentel Eduardo CG | König Sven | Schenkel Flavio S | Simianer Henner
Application of site and haplotype-frequency based approaches for detecting selection signatures in cattle

Author(s): Qanbari Saber | Gianola Daniel | Hayes Ben | Schenkel Flavio | Miller Steve | Moore Stephen | Thaller Georg | Simianer Henner
Haplotype kinship for three populations of the Goettingen minipig

Author(s): Flury Christine | Weigend Steffen | Ding Xiangdong | Täubert Helge | Simianer Henner
Genome-wide linkage analysis of inguinal hernia in pigs using affected sib pairs

Author(s): Grindflek Eli | Moe Maren | Taubert Helge | Simianer Henner | Lien Sigbjørn | Moen Thomas
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