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Open and Arthroscopic Surgical Anatomy of the Ankle

Author(s): Rachel M. Frank | Andrew R. Hsu | Christopher E. Gross | David M. Walton | Simon Lee
Characteristics of Atmospheric Particulate Matter and Metals in Industrial Sites in Korea

Author(s): Rupak Aryal | Aeri Kim | Byeong-Kyu Lee | Mohammad Kamruzzaman | Simon Beecham
Quality of life after laparoscopic vs open sphincter-preserving resection for rectal cancer

Author(s): Simon Siu-Man Ng | Wing-Wa Leung | Cherry Yee-Ni Wong | Sophie Sok-Fei Hon | Tony Wing-Chung Mak | Dennis Kwok-Yu Ngo | Janet Fung-Yee Lee
Polysaccharides from astragali radix restore chemical-induced blood vessel loss in zebrafish

Author(s): Hu Guang | Mahady Gail B | Li Shang | Hoi Maggie | Wang You-Hua | Lee Simon
Osteopontin induces growth of metastatic tumors in a preclinical model of non-small lung cancer

Author(s): Shojaei Farbod | Scott Nathan | Kang Xiaolin | Lappin Patrick B | Fitzgerald Amanda A | Karlicek Shannon | Simmons Brett H | Wu Aidong | Lee Joseph H | Bergqvist Simon | Kraynov Eugenia
Assessing Organ Doses from Paediatric CT Scans—A Novel Approach for an Epidemiology Study (the EPI-CT Study)

Author(s): Isabelle Thierry-Chef | Jérémie Dabin | Eva G. Friberg | Johannes Hermen | Tore S. Istad | Andreas Jahnen | Lucian Krille | Choonsik Lee | Carlo Maccia | Arvid Nordenskjöld | Hilde M. Olerud | Kaddour Rani | Jean-Luc Rehel | Steven L. Simon | Lara Struelens | Ausrele Kesminiene
The Influence of Endothelial Function and Myocardial Ischemia on Peak Oxygen Consumption in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

Author(s): Simon L. Bacon | Andrew Sherwood | Alan Hinderliter | Annik Plourde | Lee Pierson | James A. Blumenthal
From Omics to Drug Metabolism and High Content Screen of Natural Product in Zebrafish: A New Model for Discovery of Neuroactive Compound

Author(s): Ming Wai Hung | Zai Jun Zhang | Shang Li | Benson Lei | Shuai Yuan | Guo Zhen Cui | Pui Man Hoi | Kelvin Chan | Simon Ming Yuen Lee
Glucose Metabolism in Breast Cancer and its Implication in Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Ning Li | Wen Tan | Jing Li | Ping Li | Simon Lee | Yitao Wang | Yuewen Gong
The Importance of Velocity Acceleration to Flow-Mediated Dilation

Author(s): Lee Stoner | Joanna M. Young | Simon Fryer | Manning J. Sabatier
Enzyme replacement therapy and/or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation at diagnosis in patients with mucopolysaccharidosis type I: results of a European consensus procedure

Author(s): de Ru Minke | Boelens Jaap | Das Anibh | Jones Simon | van der Lee Johanna | Mahlaoui Nizar | Mengel Eugen | Offringa Martin | O'Meara Anne | Parini Rossella | Rovelli Attilio | Sykora Karl-Walter | Valayannopoulos Vassili | Vellodi Ashok | Wynn Robert | Wijburg Frits
Comparative study on saponin fractions from Panax notoginseng inhibiting inflammation-induced endothelial adhesion molecule expression and monocyte adhesion

Author(s): Wang Nan | Wan Jian-Bo | Chan Shun-Wan | Deng Yan-Hui | Yu Nan | Zhang Qing-Wen | Wang Yi-Tao | Lee Simon
Implementing collaborative care for depression treatment in primary care: A cluster randomized evaluation of a quality improvement practice redesign

Author(s): Chaney Edmund | Rubenstein Lisa | Liu Chuan-Fen | Yano Elizabeth | Bolkan Cory | Lee Martin | Simon Barbara | Lanto Andy | Felker Bradford | Uman Jane
The Prevalence of Undiagnosed HIV Infection in Those Who Decline HIV Screening in an Urban Emergency Department

Author(s): M. Czarnogorski | J. Brown | V. Lee | J. Oben | I. Kuo | R. Stern | G. Simon
A survey of orthopaedic journal editors determining the criteria of manuscript selection for publication

Author(s): Hing Caroline | Higgs Deborah | Hooper Lee | Donell Simon | Song Fujian
Eriocaulon buergerianum extract protects PC12 cells and neurons in zebrafish against 6-hydroxydopamine-induced damage

Author(s): Wang Meiwei | Zhang Zaijun | Cheang Lorita | Lin Zhixiu | Lee Simon
Protein coalitions in a core mammalian biochemical network linked by rapidly evolving proteins

Author(s): Ainali Chrysanthi | Simon Michelle | Freilich Shiri | Espinosa Octavio | Hazelwood Lee | Tsoka Sophia | Ouzounis Christos | Hancock John
Glucose Metabolism in Breast Cancer and its Implication in Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Ning Li | Wen Tan | Jing Li | Ping Li | Simon Lee | Yitao Wang | Yuewen Gong
Effect of case management on neonatal mortality due to sepsis and pneumonia

Author(s): Zaidi Anita | Ganatra Hammad | Syed Sana | Cousens Simon | Lee Anne | Black Robert | Bhutta Zulfiqar | Lawn Joy
Care during labor and birth for the prevention of intrapartum-related neonatal deaths: a systematic review and Delphi estimation of mortality effect

Author(s): Lee Anne | Cousens Simon | Darmstadt Gary | Blencowe Hannah | Pattinson Robert | Moran Neil | Hofmeyr G | Haws Rachel | Bhutta Shereen | Lawn Joy
Neonatal resuscitation and immediate newborn assessment and stimulation for the prevention of neonatal deaths: a systematic review, meta-analysis and Delphi estimation of mortality effect

Author(s): Lee Anne | Cousens Simon | Wall Stephen | Niermeyer Susan | Darmstadt Gary | Carlo Waldemar | Keenan William | Bhutta Zulfiqar | Gill Christopher | Lawn Joy
Essential oil of Curcuma wenyujin induces apoptosis in human hepatoma cells

Author(s): Yu Xiao, Feng-Qing Yang, Shao-Ping Li, Guang Hu, Simon Ming-Yuen Lee, Yi-Tao Wang
5,6-Didehydroginsenosides from the Roots of Panax notoginseng

Author(s): Jian-Bo Wan | Qing-Wen Zhang | Si-Jia Hong | Jia Guan | Wen-Cai Ye | Shao-Ping Li | Ming-Yuen Simon Lee | Yi-Tao Wang
The Generation Challenge Programme Platform: Semantic Standards and Workbench for Crop Science

Author(s): Richard Bruskiewich | Martin Senger | Guy Davenport | Manuel Ruiz | Mathieu Rouard | Tom Hazekamp | Masaru Takeya | Koji Doi | Kouji Satoh | Marcos Costa | Reinhard Simon | Jayashree Balaji | Akinnola Akintunde | Ramil Mauleon | Samart Wanchana | Trushar Shah | Mylah Anacleto | Arllet Portugal | Victor Jun Ulat | Supat Thongjuea | Kyle Braak | Sebastian Ritter | Alexis Dereeper | Milko Skofic | Edwin Rojas | Natalia Martins | Georgios Pappas | Ryan Alamban | Roque Almodiel | Lord Hendrix Barboza | Jeffrey Detras | Kevin Manansala | Michael Jonathan Mendoza | Jeffrey Morales | Barry Peralta | Rowena Valerio | Yi Zhang | Sergio Gregorio | Joseph Hermocilla | Michael Echavez | Jan Michael Yap | Andrew Farmer | Gary Schiltz | Jennifer Lee | Terry Casstevens | Pankaj Jaiswal | Ayton Meintjes | Mark Wilkinson | Benjamin Good | James Wagner | Jane Morris | David Marshall | Anthony Collins | Shoshi Kikuchi | Thomas Metz | Graham McLaren | Theo van Hintum
OMERACT: An international initiative to improve outcome measurement in rheumatology

Author(s): Tugwell Peter | Boers Maarten | Brooks Peter | Simon Lee | Strand Vibeke | Idzerda Leanne
Paediatric Investigators Collaborative Network on Infections in Canada (PICNIC) study of aseptic meningitis

Author(s): Lee Bonita | Chawla Rupesh | Langley Joanne | Forgie Sarah | Al-Hosni Mohammed | Baerg Krista | Husain Entesar | Strong James | Robinson Joan | Allen Upton | Law Barbara | Dobson Simon | Davies H Dele
Are decisions using cost-utility analyses robust to choice of SF-36/SF-12 preference-based algorithm?

Author(s): Pickard A Simon | Wang Zhixiao | Walton Surrey | Lee Todd
Evaluation of normalization methods for microarray data

Author(s): Park Taesung | Yi Sung-Gon | Kang Sung-Hyun | Lee SeungYeoun | Lee Yong-Sung | Simon Richard
Small-molecule modulators of Hedgehog signaling: identification and characterization of Smoothened agonists and antagonists

Author(s): Frank-Kamenetsky Maria | Zhang Xiaoyan | Bottega Steve | Guicherit Oivin | Wichterle Hynek | Dudek Henryk | Bumcrot David | Wang Frank | Jones Simon | Shulok Janine | Rubin Lee | Porter Jeffery
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