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Giant cystic lymphangioma originating from the lesser curvature of the stomach

Author(s): Thijs Ralf van Oudheusden | Simon Willem Nienhuijs | Thomas Bernard Joseph Demeyere | Michael Derek Philip Luyer | Ignace Hubertus Johannes Theodorus de Hingh
InterVA-4 as a public health tool for measuring HIV/AIDS mortality: a validation study from five African countries

Author(s): Peter Byass | Clara Calvert | Jessica Miiro-Nakiyingi | Tom Lutalo | Denna Michael | Amelia Crampin | Simon Gregson | Albert Takaruza | Laura Robertson | Kobus Herbst | Jim Todd | Basia Zaba
Microbial Carriage of Cockroaches at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Ghana

Author(s): Patience B. Tetteh-Quarcoo | Eric S. Donkor | Simon K. Attah | Kwabena O. Duedu | Emmanuel Afutu | Isaac Boamah | Michael Olu-Taiwo | Isaac Anim-Baidoo | Patrick F. Ayeh-Kumi
Microbial Anaerobic Digestion (Bio-Digesters) as an Approach to the Decontamination of Animal Wastes in Pollution Control and the Generation of Renewable Energy

Author(s): Christy E. Manyi-Loh | Sampson N. Mamphweli | Edson L. Meyer | Anthony I. Okoh | Golden Makaka | Michael Simon
Intraoperative cell salvage during radical prostatectomy: a safe technique for Jehovahs witnesses

Author(s): Alan M. Nieder | Michael A. Simon | Sandy S. Kim | Murugesan Manoharan | Mark S. Soloway
Long-Term Exercise and Risk of Metabolic and Cardiac Diseases: The Erlangen Fitness and Prevention Study

Author(s): Wolfgang Kemmler | Simon von Stengel | Michael Bebenek | Willi A. Kalender
The Potential Role of Lycopene for the Prevention and Therapy of Prostate Cancer: From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Evidence

Author(s): Nina Pauline Holzapfel | Boris Michael Holzapfel | Simon Champ | Jesper Feldthusen | Judith Clements | Dietmar Werner Hutmacher
Reclaiming subjectivity in survey research: insights from a pilot study in a university department'

Author(s): Michael Joseph | Hlulani Mabasa | Thembinkosi Mabila | Simon Mothoa | Esther Ramani
The Next Generation Transit Survey (NGTS)

Author(s): Wheatley Peter J. | Pollacco Don L. | Queloz Didier | Rauer Heike | Watson Christopher A. | West Richard G. | Chazelas Bruno | Louden Tom M. | Walker Simon | Bannister Nigel | Bento Joao | Burleigh Matthew | Cabrera Juan | Eigmüller Philipp | Erikson Anders | Genolet Ludovic | Goad Michael | Grange Andrew | Jordán Andrés | Lawrie Katherine | McCormac James | Neveu Marion
Cabazitaxel for Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer: A Case Presentation

Author(s): Simon Zeichner | Michael Cusnir | Michael Francavilla
The role of molecular strategies in the evaluation of surgical margins in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Anastasios N. Kanatas | Andrew T. Harris | Michael Messenger | David Houghton | Simon N. Rogers
Prognostic Estimator of Survival for Patients with Localized and Extended Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Michael X. Gleason | Tengiz Mdzinarishvili | Chandrakanth Are | Aaron Sasson | Alexander Sherman | Oleg Shats | Simon Sherman,
Growth control of the eukaryote cell: a systems biology study in yeast

Author(s): Castrillo Juan I | Zeef Leo A | Hoyle David C | Zhang Nianshu | Hayes Andrew | Gardner David CJ | Cornell Michael J | Petty June | Hakes Luke | Wardleworth Leanne | Rash Bharat | Brown Marie | Dunn Warwick B | Broadhurst David | O'Donoghue Kerry | Hester Svenja S | Dunkley Tom PJ | Hart Sarah R | Swainston Neil | Li Peter | Gaskell Simon J | Paton Norman W | Lilley Kathryn S | Kell Douglas B | Oliver Stephen G
Routine development of objectively derived search strategies

Author(s): Hausner Elke | Waffenschmidt Siw | Kaiser Thomas | Simon Michael
Seroprevalence of Leptospira Hardjo in the Irish suckler cattle population

Author(s): Ryan Eoin | Leonard Nola | O’Grady Luke | More Simon J | Doherty Michael L
Herd-level risk factors associated with Leptospira Hardjo seroprevalence in Beef/Suckler herds in the Republic of Ireland

Author(s): Ryan Eoin | Leonard Nola | O'Grady Luke | Doherty Michael L | More Simon J
Bovine viral diarrhoea virus seroprevalence and vaccination usage in dairy and beef herds in the Republic of Ireland

Author(s): Cowley D J Bosco | Clegg Tracy A | Doherty Michael L | More Simon J
A HACCP-based approach to mastitis control in dairy herds. Part 2: Implementation and evaluation

Author(s): Beekhuis-Gibbon Lies | Devitt Catherine | Whyte Paul | O'Grady Luke | More Simon J | Redmond Bairbre | Quin Suzanne | Doherty Michael L
A HACCP-based approach to mastitis control in dairy herds. Part 1: Development

Author(s): Beekhuis-Gibbon Lies | Whyte Paul | O'Grady Luke | More Simon J | Doherty Michael L
Considerations on BVD eradication for the Irish livestock industry

Author(s): Barrett Damien J | More Simon J | Graham David A | O'Flaherty Joe | Doherty Michael L | Gunn H Michael
Failure to deactivate the default mode network indicates a possible endophenotype of autism

Author(s): Spencer Michael D | Chura Lindsay R | Holt Rosemary J | Suckling John | Calder Andrew J | Bullmore Edward T | Baron-Cohen Simon
Functional polymorphisms in the TERT promoter are associated with risk of serious ovarian and breast cancer

Author(s): Beesley Jonathan | Pickett Hilda | Johnatty Sharon | Chen Xiaoqing | Li Jun | Rider David | Stutz Michael | Lambrecht Diether | Chang-Claude Jenny | Dork Thilo | Goodman Marc | Kiemmney Bart | Bandera Elisa | Kelemen Linda | Wang-Gorke Shan | Campbell Ian | Gayther Simon | Ramus Susan | Goode Ellen | Reddel Roger | Chenevix-Trench Georgia
HOX genes in ovarian cancer

Author(s): Kelly Zoë L | Michael Agnieszka | Butler-Manuel Simon | Pandha Hardev S | Morgan Richard GL
A global map of dominant malaria vectors

Author(s): Sinka Marianne E | Bangs Michael J | Manguin Sylvie | Rubio-Palis Yasmin | Chareonviriyaphap Theeraphap | Coetzee Maureen | Mbogo Charles M | Hemingway Janet | Patil Anand P | Temperley William H | Gething Peter W | Kabaria Caroline W | Burkot Thomas R | Harbach Ralph E | Hay Simon I
Malaria transmission after five years of vector control on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea

Author(s): Overgaard Hans J | Reddy Vamsi P | Abaga Simon | Matias Abrahan | Reddy Michael R | Kulkarni Vani | Schwabe Christopher | Segura Luis | Kleinschmidt Immo | Slotman Michel A
LDLR-Gene therapy for familial hypercholesterolaemia: problems, progress, and perspectives

Author(s): Al-Allaf Faisal A | Coutelle Charles | Waddington Simon N | David Anna L | Harbottle Richard | Themis Michael
Mining cancer genomes in COSMIC

Author(s): Jia Mingming | Forbes Simon A | Beare David | Bindal Nidhi | Gunasekaran Prasad | Leung Kenric | Kok Chai | Bamford Sally | Cole Charlotte | Ward Sari | Teague Jon | Stratton Michael R | Campbell Peter | Futreal Andrew
Single doses of p38 MAP kinase inhibitors or prednisolone affect CRP and IL-6 in patients with active Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Author(s): Pauline T. Lukey | Hayley C. Perry | Shuying Yang | Simon Parry | Marion C. Dickson | Virginia H. Norris | Paul G. Russell | Marie Watissée | Inmaculada Rioja | Keith P. Ray | Scott Crowe | Michael Binks
Variants in the Signaling Protein TSAd are Associated with Susceptibility to Ovarian Cancer in BRCA1/2 Negative High Risk Families

Author(s): Ludmila Kaplun | Aviva Levine Fridman | Wei Chen | Nancy K. Levin | Sidra Ahsan | Nancie Petrucelli | Jennifer L. Barrick | Robin Gold | Susan Land | Michael S. Simon | Robert T. Morris | Adnan R. Munkarah | Michael A. Tainsky
Author correction: Echocardiographic assessment of pulmonary hypertension: standard operating procedure

Author(s): Luke S. Howard | Julia Grapsa | David Dawson | Michael Bellamy | John B. Chambers | Navroz D. Masani | Petros Nihoyannopoulos | J. Simon R. Gibbs
Molecular Pathogenesis of Neuromyelitis Optica

Author(s): Wajih Bukhari | Michael H Barnett | Kerri Prain | Simon A Broadley
Echocardiographic assessment of pulmonary hypertension: standard operating procedure

Author(s): Luke S. Howard | Julia Grapsa | David Dawson | Michael Bellamy | John B. Chambers | Navroz D. Masani | Petros Nihoyannopoulos | J. Simon R. Gibbs
A De Novo Germline APC Mutation (3927del5) in a Patient with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis: Case Report and Literature Review

Author(s): Simon B. Zeichner | Naveen Raj | Mike Cusnir | Michael Francavilla | Alicia Hirzel
Ultrasound Reference Chart Based on IVF Dates to Estimate Gestational Age at 6–9 weeks’ Gestation

Author(s): Pavitra Delpachitra | Kirsten Palmer | Joseph Onwude | Simon Meagher | Luk Rombauts | Karen Waalwyk | Michael Bethune | Stephen Tong
A Novel Method for Measuring In-Shoe Navicular Drop during Gait

Author(s): Simon L. Kappel | Michael S. Rathleff | Dan Hermann | Ole Simonsen | Henrik Karstoft | Peter Ahrendt
Cutaneous Myiasis: Is Lucilia cuprina Safe and Acceptable for Maggot Debridement Therapy?

Author(s): Howard Joesphia Kingu | Simon Kamande Kuria | Martin Herrer Villet | Jane Nthekeleng Mkhize | Adupa Dhaffala | John Michael Iisa
A Toolkit Modeling Approach for Sustainable Forest Management Planning: Achieving Balance between Science and Local Needs

Author(s): Brian R. Sturtevant | Andrew Fall | Daniel D. Kneeshaw | Neal P. P. Simon | Michael J. Papaik | Kati Berninger | Frédérik Doyon | Don G. Morgan | Christian Messier
Toward an Integrated History to Guide the Future

Author(s): Ida Kubiszewski | Sander van der Leeuw | Catherine Downy | Steve Aulenbach | Simon Brewer | Michael Burek | Sarah Cornell | Robert Costanza | Carole Crumley | John A. Dearing | Lisa J. Graumlich | Michelle Hegmon | Kathy Hibbard | Stephen T. Jackson | Paul Sinclair | Sverker Sörlin | Will Steffen | Scott Heckbert
Racial Differences in the Use of Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer in a Large Urban Integrated Health System

Author(s): Michael S. Simon | Lois Lamerato | Richard Krajenta | Jason C. Booza | Julie J. Ruterbusch | Sara Kunz | Kendra Schwartz
IODP Expedition 331: Strong and Expansive Subseafloor Hydrothermal Activities in the Okinawa Trough

Author(s): Ken Takai | Michael J. Mottl | Simon H.H. Nielsen | the IODP Expedition 331 Scientists
Cardiovascular Development and the Colonizing Cardiac Neural Crest Lineage

Author(s): Paige Snider | Michael Olaopa | Anthony B. Firulli | Simon J. Conway
Effects of Air Pollution on Materials and Cultural Heritage: ICP Materials Celebrates 25 Years of Research

Author(s): Johan Tidblad | Vladimir Kucera | Martin Ferm | Katerina Kreislova | Stefan Brüggerhoff | Stefan Doytchinov | Augusto Screpanti | Terje Grøntoft | Tim Yates | Daniel de la Fuente | Ott Roots | Tiziana Lombardo | Stefan Simon | Markus Faller | Lech Kwiatkowski | Joanna Kobus | Costas Varotsos | Chris Tzanis | Linda Krage | Manfred Schreiner | Michael Melcher | Ivan Grancharov | Nadya Karmanova
Data publication and dissemination of interactive keys under the open access model

Author(s): Lyubomir Penev | Michael Sharkey | Terry Erwin | Simon van Noort | Matthew Buffington | Katja Seltmann | Norman Johnson | Matt Taylor | Chris Thompson | Michael Dallwitz
Revision of Khoikhoiinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae)

Author(s): Michael Sharkey | Simon van Noort | James Whitfield
Minocycline-Associated Pseudotumor Cerebri with Severe Papilledema

Author(s): Simon R. Bababeygy | Michael X. Repka | Prem S. Subramanian
Heterologous prime-boost-boost immunisation of Chinese cynomolgus macaques using DNA and recombinant poxvirus vectors expressing HIV-1 virus-like particles

Author(s): Bridge Simon | Sharpe Sally | Dennis Mike | Dowall Stuart | Getty Brian | Anson Donald | Skinner Michael | Stewart James | Blanchard Tom
Injury in China: a systematic review of injury surveillance studies conducted in Chinese hospital emergency departments

Author(s): Fitzharris Michael | Yu James | Hammond Naomi | Taylor Colman | Wu Yangfeng | Finfer Simon | Myburgh John
Reduction in host-finding behaviour in fungus-infected mosquitoes is correlated with reduction in olfactory receptor neuron responsiveness

Author(s): George Justin | Blanford Simon | Domingue Michael | Thomas Matthew | Read Andrew | Baker Thomas
Multicenter Breast Cancer Collaborative Registry

Author(s): Simon Sherman | Oleg Shats | Elizabeth Fleissner | George Bascom | Kevin Yiee | Mehmet Copur | Kate Crow | James Rooney | Zubeena Mateen | Marsha A. Ketcham | Jianmin Feng | Alexander Sherman | Michael Gleason | Leo Kinarsky | Edibaldo Silva-Lopez | James Edney | Elizabeth Reed | Ann Berger | Kenneth Cowan
Renal Function but Not Asymmetric Dimethylarginine Is Independently Associated with Retinopathy in Type 2 Diabetes

Author(s): Katarzyna Krzyzanowska | Friedrich Mittermayer | Gerit H. Schernthaner | Simon Brunner | Johanna M. Brix | Stefan Aschauer | Florian Höllerl | Michael Wolzt | Guntram Schernthaner
IFN Regulatory Factors 4 and 8 Expression in the NOD Mouse

Author(s): Gilles Besin | Simon Gaudreau | Émilie Dumont-Blanchette | Michael Ménard | Chantal Guindi | Gilles Dupuis | Abdelaziz Amrani
Why don't hospital staff activate the rapid response system (RRS)? How frequently is it needed and can the process be improved?

Author(s): Marshall Stuart | Kitto Simon | Shearer William | Wilson Stuart | Finnigan Monica | Sturgess Tamica | Hore Tonina | Buist Michael
The dominant Anopheles vectors of human malaria in the Asia-Pacific region: occurrence data, distribution maps and bionomic précis

Author(s): Sinka Marianne | Bangs Michael | Manguin Sylvie | Chareonviriyaphap Theeraphap | Patil Anand | Temperley William | Gething Peter | Elyazar Iqbal | Kabaria Caroline | Harbach Ralph | Hay Simon
Biomarkers of oxidative stress and its association with the urinary reducing capacity in bus maintenance workers

Author(s): Sauvain Jean-Jacques | Setyan Ari | Wild Pascal | Tacchini Philippe | Lagger Grégoire | Storti Ferdinand | Deslarzes Simon | Guillemin Michel | Rossi Michel | Riediker Michael
Aspects of bovine herpesvirus-1 infection in dairy and beef herds in the Republic of Ireland

Author(s): Cowley DJ Bosco | Clegg Tracy | Doherty Michael | More Simon
Outdoor host seeking behaviour of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes following initiation of malaria vector control on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea

Author(s): Reddy Michael | Overgaard Hans | Abaga Simon | Reddy Vamsi | Caccone Adalgisa | Kiszewski Anthony | Slotman Michel
Test performance of faecal occult blood testing for the detection of bowel cancer in people with chronic kidney disease (DETECT) protocol

Author(s): Wong Germaine | Howard Kirsten | Chapman Jeremy | Tong Allison | Bourke Michael | Hayen Andrew | Macaskill Petra | Hope Richard | Williams Narelle | Kieu Anh | Allen Richard | Chadban Steven | Pollock Carol | Webster Angela | Roger Simon | Craig Jonathan
Forskning og kommunikation

Author(s): Simon B. Heilesen | Michael Pedersen
A randomized controlled trial investigation of a non-stimulant in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ACTION): Rationale and design

Author(s): Tsang Tracey | Kohn Michael | Hermens Daniel | Clarke Simon | Clark C Richard | Efron Daryl | Cranswick Noel | Lamb Chris | Williams Leanne
Mitogenomic phylogenetic analyses of the Delphinidae with an emphasis on the Globicephalinae

Author(s): Vilstrup Julia | Ho Simon | Foote Andrew | Morin Phillip | Kreb Danielle | Krützen Michael | Parra Guido | Robertson Kelly | de Stephanis Renaud | Verborgh Philippe | Willerslev Eske | Orlando Ludovic | Gilbert M Thomas
Quantitative miRNA Expression Analysis Using Fluidigm Microfluidics Dynamic Arrays

Author(s): Jang Jin | Simon Vernadette | Feddersen Rod | Rakhshan Fariborz | Schultz Debra | Zschunke Michael | Lingle Wilma | Kolbert Christopher | Jen Jin
Gastroesophageal Reflux and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: A Review

Author(s): Ahmed Fahim | Michael Crooks | Simon P. Hart
Extension of Cox Proportional Hazard Model for Estimation of Interrelated Age-Period-Cohort Effects on Cancer Survival

Author(s): Tengiz Mdzinarishvili | Michael X. Gleason | Leo Kinarsky | Simon Sherman
Capecitabine with radiation is an effective adjuvant therapy in gastric cancers

Author(s): Chee Kian Tham, Su Pin Choo, Donald Yew Hee Poon, Han Chong Toh, Simon Yew Kuang Ong, Sze Huey Tan, Michael Lian Chek Wang, Kian Fong Foo
Low-Cost QCM Sensor System for Screening Semen Samples

Author(s): Michael I. Newton | Shaun Atherton | Robert H. Morris | Simon M. Stanley | Carl R. Evans | David C. Hughes | Glen McHale
Multimodality imaging in transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI): comparison between cardiovascular magnetic resonance, cardiac computed tomography and echocardiography

Author(s): Andrew Jabbour | Okoroafor Francois | Park Bradley | Roussin Isabelle | Alpendurada Francisco | Ismail Tevfik | Paes Maria | Davies Simon | Mullen Michael | Delahunty Nicola | Prasad Sanjay | Rubens Michael | Moat Neil | Mohiaddin Raad
Tracking the A2A adenosine receptor

Author(s): Thurner Patrick | Keuerleber Simon | Gsandtner Ingrid | Freissmuth Michael | Zezula Jürgen
The ladies trial: laparoscopic peritoneal lavage or resection for purulent peritonitisA and Hartmann's procedure or resection with primary anastomosis for purulent or faecal peritonitisB in perforated diverticulitis (NTR2037)

Author(s): Swank Hilko | Vermeulen Jefrey | Lange Johan | Mulder Irene | van der Hoeven Joost | Stassen Laurents | Crolla Rogier | Sosef Meindert | Nienhuijs Simon | Bosker Robbert | Boom Maarten | Kruyt Philip | Swank Dingeman | Steup Willem | de Graaf Eelco | Weidema Wibo | Pierik Robert | Prins Hubert | Stockmann Hein | Tollenaar Rob | van Wagensveld Bart | Coene Peter-Paul | Slooter Gerrit | Consten Esther | van Duijn Eino | Gerhards Michael | Hoofwijk Anton | Karsten Thomas | Neijenhuis Peter | Blanken-Peeters Charlotte | Cense Huib | Mannaerts Guido | Bruin Sjoerd | Eijsbouts Quirijn | Wiezer Marinus | Hazebroek Eric | van Geloven Anna | Maring John | D'Hoore André | Kartheuser Alex | Remue Christophe | van Grevenstein Helma | Konsten Joop | van der Peet Donald | Govaert Marc | Engel Alexander | Reitsma Johannes | Bemelman Willem
Occupancy Rates and Emergency Department Work Index Scores Correlate with Leaving Without Being Seen

Author(s): Kulstad, Erik B | Hart, K. Michael | Waghchoure, Simon
Initiatives in the hydro sector post-World Commission on Dams – The Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum

Author(s): Helen Locher | Geir Yngve Hermansen | Gudni A. Johannesson | Yu Xuezhong | Israel Phiri | David Harrison | Joerg Hartmann | Michael Simon | Donal O’Leary | Courtney Lowrance | Daryl Fields | André Abadie | Refaat Abdel-Malek | Andrew Scanlon | Zhou Shichun | Kirsten Nyman
Overview of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors in Haematological Malignancies

Author(s): Mark J. Bishton | Ricky W. Johnstone | Michael Dickinson | Simon Harrison | H. Miles Prince
ChIPpeakAnno: a Bioconductor package to annotate ChIP-seq and ChIP-chip data

Author(s): Zhu Lihua | Gazin Claude | Lawson Nathan | Pagès Hervé | Lin Simon | Lapointe David | Green Michael
Ablation of atrial fibrillation with the Epicor system: a prospective observational trial to evaluate safety and efficacy and predictors of success

Author(s): Schopka Simon | Schmid Christof | Keyser Andreas | Kortner Ariane | Tafelmeier Julia | Diez Claudius | Rupprecht Leopold | Hilker Michael
Maternal inheritance and mitochondrial DNA variants in familial Parkinson's disease

Author(s): Simon David | Pankratz Nathan | Kissell Diane | Pauciulo Michael | Halter Cheryl | Rudolph Alice | Pfeiffer Ronald | Nichols William | Foroud Tatiana
The Puf family of RNA-binding proteins in plants: phylogeny, structural modeling, activity and subcellular localization

Author(s): Tam Patrick | Barrette-Ng Isabelle | Simon Dawn | Tam Michael | Ang Amanda | Muench Douglas
Evaluation of Router Implementations for Explicit Congestion Control Schemes

Author(s): Simon Hauger | Michael Scharf | Jochen Kögel | Chawapong Suriyajan
Control of Intracellular Calcium Signaling as a Neuroprotective Strategy

Author(s): R. Scott Duncan | Daryl L. Goad | Michael A. Grillo | Simon Kaja | Andrew J. Payne | Peter Koulen
The use of a cycle ergometer to calculate myocardial perfusion reserve with k-t sense-accelerated myocardial perfusion MR imaging at 3.0 Tesla

Author(s): Lockie Tim | Ishida Masaki | de Silva Kapla | Williams Rupert | Redwood Simon | Kozerke Sebastian | Marber Michael | Nagel Eike | Plein Sven
Detection of haemodynamically significant coronary stenoses with k-t SENSE-accelerated Myocardial Perfusion MR Imaging at 3.0 Tesla - a comparison with fractional flow reserve

Author(s): Lockie Tim | Perera Divaka | Redwood Simon | Chiribiri Amedeo | de Silva Kalpa | Kozerke Sebastian | Marber Michael | Nagel Eike | Plein Sven
Control of hyperglycaemia in paediatric intensive care (CHiP): study protocol

Author(s): Macrae Duncan | Pappachan John | Grieve Richard | Parslow Roger | Nadel Simon | Schindler Margrid | Baines Paul | Fortune Peter-Marc | Slavik Zdenek | Goldman Allan | Truesdale Ann | Betts Helen | Allen Elizabeth | Snowdon Claire | Percy Deborah | Broadhead Michael | Quick Tara | Peters Mark | Morris Kevin | Tasker Robert | Elbourne Diana
A collection of bioconductor methods to visualize gene-list annotations

Author(s): Feng Gang | Du Pan | Krett Nancy | Tessel Michael | Rosen Steven | Kibbe Warren | Lin Simon
Contribution of job strain to nurses’ consideration of leaving the profession—results from the longitudinal European nurses’ early exit study

Author(s): Hans Martin Hasselhorn | Paul Maurice Conway | Maria Widerszal-Bazyl | Michael Simon | Peter Tackenberg | Sascha Schmidt | Donatella Camerino | Bernd H Müller | NEXT study group
Abscess of adrenal gland caused by disseminated subacute Nocardia farcinica pneumonia. A case report and mini-review of the literature

Author(s): Tachezy Michael | Simon Philipp | Ilchmann Corina | Vashist Yogesh | Izbicki Jakob | Gawad Karim
SUPPORT Tools for evidence-informed health Policymaking (STP) 4: Using research evidence to clarify a problem

Author(s): Lavis John | Wilson Michael | Oxman Andrew | Lewin Simon | Fretheim Atle
SUPPORT Tools for evidence-informed health Policymaking (STP) 5: Using research evidence to frame options to address a problem

Author(s): Lavis John | Wilson Michael | Oxman Andrew | Grimshaw Jeremy | Lewin Simon | Fretheim Atle
Comparison of surveillance methods applied to a situation of low malaria prevalence at rural sites in The Gambia and Guinea Bissau

Author(s): Satoguina Judith | Walther Brigitte | Drakeley Christopher | Nwakanma Davis | Oriero Eniyou | Correa Simon | Corran Patrick | Conway David | Walther Michael
iLAP: a workflow-driven software for experimental protocol development, data acquisition and analysis

Author(s): Stocker Gernot | Fischer Maria | Rieder Dietmar | Bindea Gabriela | Kainz Simon | Oberstolz Michael | McNally James | Trajanoski Zlatko
Antiviral activity of gliotoxin, gentian violet and brilliant green against Nipah and Hendra virus in vitro

Author(s): Aljofan Mohamad | Sganga Michael | Lo Michael | Rootes Christina | Porotto Matteo | Meyer Adam | Saubern Simon | Moscona Anne | Mungall Bruce
Genomic and epigenetic evidence for oxytocin receptor deficiency in autism

Author(s): Gregory Simon | Connelly Jessica | Towers Aaron | Johnson Jessica | Biscocho Dhani | Markunas Christina | Lintas Carla | Abramson Ruth | Wright Harry | Ellis Peter | Langford Cordelia | Worley Gordon | Delong G Robert | Murphy Susan | Cuccaro Michael | Persico Antonello | Pericak-Vance Margaret
Collaborative Depression Trial (CADET): multi-centre randomised controlled trial of collaborative care for depression - study protocol

Author(s): Richards David | Hughes-Morley Adwoa | Hayes Rachel | Araya Ricardo | Barkham Michael | Bland John | Bower Peter | Cape John | Chew-Graham Carolyn | Gask Linda | Gilbody Simon | Green Colin | Kessler David | Lewis Glyn | Lovell Karina | Manning Chris | Pilling Stephen
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