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The influence of different feed additives in broiler diets on productivity and meat yield

Author(s): Tokić Vesna | Lazarević Miodrag | Sinovec Zlatan | Baltić Milan Ž. | Jokić Živan
Production-economic results in hatching eggs production for Arbor Acres laying hens

Author(s): Blagojević Miroslav | Tešić Milan | Sinovec Zlatan | Palić Todor
Effect of high levels of organic selenium on glutation-peroxidase (GSH-Px) activity in blood plasma of broilers

Author(s): Joksimović-Todorović Mirjana | Jokić Živan | Sinovec Zlatan J.
Role of minerals in animal health disorders

Author(s): Sinovec Zlatan J. | Šefer Dragan | Jokić Živan
Mycotoxicoses in animals caused by secondary metabolites of molds

Author(s): Nešić Ksenija | Mašić Zoran | Sinovec Zlatan J.
Efficiency of zeolite basis preparation in fattening Lamb diets

Author(s): Stojković Jovan | Sinovec Zlatan J. | Adamović Milan | Tomašević-Čanović Magdalena R. | Daković Aleksandra S. | Adamović Ognjen
Effect of vitamin E suplementation on the health status and production capabilities of high producing diary cows

Author(s): Cilev Goce | Šokarovski Jordan | Sinovec Zlatan J. | Palaševski Bone | Nastova-Đorđioska Rodne
The effects of supplementing diet with bacillus cereus on performance and carcass yield of broilers

Author(s): Radaković Radomir | Baltić Milan Ž. | Sinovec Zlatan J.
Additives in swine nutrition

Author(s): Sinovec Zlatan J. | Jokić Živan | Šefer Dragan
Survey of quality of swine feed mixes

Author(s): Mašić Zoran | Jakić-Dimić Dobrila | Stanaćev Vidica | Sinovec Zlatan J.
Mould and mycotoxin contamination of pig and poultry feed

Author(s): Marković Radmila V. | Jovanović Nebojša D. | Šefer Dragan S. | Sinovec Zlatan J.
Prevention and control of mycotoxicoses using modified clinoptilolite

Author(s): Sinovec Zlatan J. | Resanović Radmila D.
Pathohistological changes in kidney and LDH activity in broiler treated with different doses of ochratoxin A

Author(s): Nedeljković-Trailovć Jelena B. | Bočarov-Stančić Aleksandra S. | Sinovec Zlatan J.
Efficacy of different adsorbents in alleviating zearalenone effects on performance of pigs

Author(s): Nešić Ksenija | Pupavac Snježana | Sinovec Zlatan J.
Occurrence of ochratoxin A in feed and residue in porcine liver and kidney

Author(s): Milićević Dragan R. | Sinovec Zlatan J. | Saičić Snežana S. | Vuković Dubravka Ž.
Effects of selenium supplementation as sodium selenite or selenized yeast and different amounts of vitamin E on selenium and vitamin E status of broilers

Author(s): Marković Radmila | Jovanović B.I. | Baltić Ž.M. | Šefer D. | Petrujkić B. | Sinovec Z.
The influence of different feed additives to performances and immune response in broiler chicken

Author(s): Tokić Vesna | Lazarević Miodrag | Sinovec Z. | Tokić A.
Effects of exposure time and dietary ochratoxin A level on broiler performance

Author(s): Nedeljković-Trailović Jelena | Jovanović N. | Sinovec Zlatan J.
Pathomorphological alterations and degree of reparatory processes in the liver of broilers treated with t-2 toxin

Author(s): Šefer Dragan | Knežević Milijana A. | Sinovec Snežana M. | Sinovec Zlatan J.
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